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Bathrooms,hallways, And Dogs


First is the creepy hallway ghost. I was staying up late and needed to go to the bathroom, so I got up out of my Grandparents' bed. When I exited their room, I saw this guy. It looked like my Grandpa, but it was grey/black. It had glowing red eyes and there was a cloud underneath/over him and he had grey skin, grey shirt, black boots. It was creepy. It stayed there until I looked away. Then it left. It was extremely creepy. And it happened when I was sleeping over at my grandparents' house.

Story 2: The ghost that watched me change. So I had just finished swimming and I needed to change into my clothes. I went to my old room. While changing, I saw a Pomeranian scratching its ear. Like the hallway one, when I looked away it left. And about like a few months later I found out they had a Pomeranian that died that was female and she named Sassy.

Lastly, The Bathroom Ghost.

I once again, was staying up late and had to go to the bathroom. I walked to the bathroom and while I was peeing, I peeped through the cracks to see a greenish/grey business lady. She looked like my grandma but with no glasses and different outfit. I looked away once again and she was gone. That was probably the weirdest of them all.

I'm sorry if they are too short. I just used the ones that I liked best. I have some more that aren't as interesting which I really don't want to use because the other ones are just "Hallucinations". I'll probably submit the next encounter that happens. But yeah, that's most of my stories! I hope you like them!

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Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-11)

I'm with RCRuskin on this, why do you believe your other stories to be "just hallucinations", what differentiates these experiences from those you believe to be hallucinations?

RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-09)
Fascinating story, and I think it is interesting that you say your other experiences are just hallucinations. I'm curious how you know they are?

Thanks for your story.
permramaan (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-09)
maybe you are gifted to see the dead people. But be careful and stay away.

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