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Hey, Mom. Mom?


This is yet another story that comes from experiences gathered at my grandma's house.

One weekend, my dad and mom were visiting my grandma's to help with various yard work. She is an avid gardener and grows many of her own vegetables. To this day, she spends most of her time out there reading or planting.

To give a little more detail on the layout of the house without giving too much, my grandma always had the front door locked to the house. The only entrance was through the side door which led to the kitchen. This is where she and my step-grandpa would spend all of their indoor time. Connecting the kitchen to the living room was a short hallway that had a bathroom to the left. At the end of the hall on the right was the living room doorway. There was about a foot or so of space at the very end of this hallway that allowed for a small bookcase of encyclopedias to be placed. My dad sat, thumbing through the pages in a few, trying to find the answer he was looking for so he could prove he was right about something he was arguing my grandma about. As he was doing that, my mom was standing at the kitchen sink, doing dishes (right next to the doorway of the hallway my dad was in. As dad sat there, he saw my grandma walk past him out of the corner of his eye and brush against him as she continued on toward the kitchen.

Dad: "Mom, where is your E encyclopedia?"

No response.

He turned his head to try and get her attention but did not see her. He took a few steps to the kitchen doorway where my mom was doing the dishes.

Dad: "Did you just see mom walk past here?"

Mom: "No one came through here."

Perplexed, my dad walked to the garden and asked my grandma if she was just inside.

Grandma: "I haven't been inside for about two hours."

He said that one still gives him the chills since it even brushed up against him.

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