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I only just recently moved into my new home in Victoria, Australia. I just turned 23 when I moved in. I have always felt really independent and I am not afraid of monsters,ghosts, etc... I finally moved in a month after paying my first payment for the rent.

I had a truck deliver my belongings and everything was perfect. They placed my things where I asked and it was tip top! I went out for dinner with my best friend Sharnie, who was actually living with me and helping pay the rent in our last home. I dropped Sharnie home and then decided once I got home to have a soak in my new tub. My bathroom had a really cold sort of feeling to it but I didn't mind. I quite enjoy the cold. And I also happened to like the fact it was an onsweet! I finally hopped in and it was just so relaxing, like I could soak forever.

I was in the tub for about 11 minutes when the light flickered. It was only a little flicker. When it did it again I sat up and the whole light turned off. I jumped out really fast getting a little scared and wrapped the towel around me and ran into my new room. I flicked the bedroom switch but it was so black the only light was from the shining of the moon through my curtains. I went to my bedside table and grabbed my cell and found my way to a box full of candles. I was struggling to find the matches when the light turned on again. I prepared myself with all the candles lined up on the floor but it didn't happen at all for the rest of the night.

The next day I had the movers come in with the rest of my belongings and I just emptied out the boxes for the rest of the day. It was night again when I had a shower and the lights flickered again. I hopped out straight away getting scared about the other night and I ran into my room. The lights went out again and at this point I had just had enough with it! So this happened continuously throughout the week. I contacted the owners and told them about the lighting, and they referred to me that they experienced the horrid flickering too. But they also told me that it happens the same time every night. I wanted to look into it more because it was just so annoying/scary! I asked about the most recent owners and they explained that he was electrocuted in the ceiling, in 1989! I almost cried. It had just come to me that I was in a haunted house experiencing the death of an elderly man!

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Cookiegal96 (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-30)
Thank you so much for your concern, It really makes me so greatful to hear your responses. The appliance is still blacking out a lot but my Boyfriend stays over alot, and we just light candles up before hand. I haven't yet spoke to an electrician It hasn't bothered me so much any more! Hopefully It isn't haunted it is just the lighting. I'll get it checked out soon and Talk to you then. Thankyou SO much xoxo ❤
Loganz_sis (1 stories) (150 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
I have a theory - what happens in my house is that at certain times of the day some electrical appliances are used all at the same time and hence a lot of energy is used up and sometimes when the power usage is unusually high and goes over limit the fuse just trips. Like when I have the hair dryer on, with all the lights, with the heater/boiler (usually mornings) and my neighbor also is using the same things (mornings everyone is using most of these things.
This is a routine so it happens everyday... Is it something similar, I wonder?
Elephante81 (2 stories) (59 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
I am with BearsEatBeets on this one... I would wait to see if anything more happens before I ruled it as paranormal. Definitely call an electrician. Also, although it can be uneasy and creepy to live somewhere a person has died, it doesn't always mean the place is haunted.
Thanks for sharing ❤
BearsEatBeets (5 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
If it is a ghost, which I am not so sure it is, it doesn't sound harmful but more or less annoying.

There are so many things that can go wrong in a house and electrical problems are very common. It could be a bad circuit. It is hard to say. Maybe have an electrician check it out.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
This sounds like a residual haunting. The truama of the man's death left an imprint in the house. Every night the event that took place re-plays itself. Have you experienced anything else besides the lights? I think being a little extra careful with your electronic appliances for the time being couldn't hurt. Thanks for sharing your story. 😊

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