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Hey everyone, this is my first story, hopefully you will all enjoy it and can provide me with some feedback.

I moved to Quebec a little while ago and found a terrific apartment in an Old Church (Roughly 100 years old) that had been converted into a condo building. Shortly after moving into this apartment, I started hearing bumps and knocks quite frequently which I simply passed as your normal new home sounds which you kind of just get used to.

Shortly after I started hearing these sounds, I noticed some new ones. From time to time it sounded as if someone was walking across the hardwood floor in my living room as well, someone walking up my stairs to my loft/bedroom. It's not loud per se, but you can definitely describe it as someone walking. As well, there are many instances where I definitely feel 'watched'. Like there is definitely someone there just staring down at me from my loft.

Probably the weirdest thing that happened to me was when my girlfriend was staying at her mom's house one night and I was home alone. It was around 1:30am and I had just started falling asleep when I heard something walking up my stairs slowly. I just listened. It was then that I could hear this 'thing' reach the top of the stairs and walk towards the head of my bed. I wasn't going to open my eyes out of fear. The noise stopped right beside my head and I could feel something (an energy) right in front of my face. You know the feeling when someone puts their face in yours? Like, less than an inch from your face? That is EXACTLY what I felt. It felt as if it was just looking at me, wanting me to open my eyes and look back...wasn't happening. At this point, I simply could not move, couldn't turn to my other side, move my legs or arms, nothing. I could breathe fine though. It's never happened again though.

Now for the past couple months, my girlfriend's dog has been freaking out from time to time, perhaps once or twice a week. The dog will be lying on the floor and will suddenly train its eyes on something, start to tremble and then run to hide in the bathroom or beside my girlfriend and I out of fear. The most recent being last week when my girlfriend and I were just waking up in the morning and talking in bed when the dog, which had just gone downstairs to get a drink of water, came sprinting at us full-on up the stairs, jumped between us and had its eyes trained on the bottom of the stairs and started trembling out of fear. Obviously nothing was there.

A very bizarre thing happened too. I was video chatting with a friend of mine back home in late spring when I told her I was going to go for a smoke (There's no smoking in the building so I have to go outside and I live on the top floor) and I left the MSN Video chat on. I grabbed my cigarettes and Blackberry and went outside when she called me 2 minutes later. She asked me why I was so angry and what pissed me off. I laughed and told her I had no idea what she was talking about since I was in a really good mood. I laughed again and asked "why do you ask that?" and she said "Well, you were just growling and swearing like crazy in your apartment and I was wondering what happened". To this day, I can't explain what happened.

Another weird experience, which I just chalked up as my imagination was when I had just came home from the gym, unlocked my door and was a foot inside the door when I heard a strong whisper "it's him".

As well, there are times where I can hear someone breathing, not often, but often enough.

I'm pretty sure there's a ghost in my apartment so I've just said out loud "Hi, my name is _____, is there someone there?" "Is there something I can do for you?", "I don't mean you any harm, I'm a nice guy, maybe I can help you with something?" As well, I ask for signs of a presence but I don't get anything that I can chalk up as a valid response.

Any ideas, suggestions, answers, or questions?

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troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-27)
Very creepy story! Guess I shouldn't be reading this at 2 a.m. The video thing was very weird but what got me is when you came home and heard, "It's him". Very strange stuff. Thanks for sharing this with us.
23_Chantelle_23 (84 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-27)
heeby jeebies lol you are brave! I definitley couldn't live amongst that!
DCinAZ (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-26)
Solik may have hit on something with the church reference. That could explain the words you heard when returning home "It is Him", those could have been residual from the years as a church. The other sounds and experiences could have a completely different explanation alltogether. A double haunting maybe? Very interesting story and thanks so much for sharing it.
kingoftheuniverse14 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
[at] Solik - I've done a bit of research on the apartment but couldn't find anything spooky about it. It was converted into a condo building about 10 years ago and it was vacant for awhile before that. Living the Old Quebec City there are many churches around (This one was Catholic) and it was shut down because it wasn't really being used since there was a way bigger church only a couple blocks away.
With all that being said, Quebec City is about 402 years old and is known to have a number of haunted places. I'm still looking into the history to find anything 'special' about it.
I'll keep posting on here.
kingoftheuniverse14 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. I'm going to record my saturday night on my laptop. My laptop is in one corner of my living room and can see most of my apartment. If something takes place, I'll upload it on here.

Something happened last night, might've just been nothing but maybe you guys can offer your input.

Last night I was watching The Ultimate Fighter from my bed in my loft which overlooks my living room. The dog was sleeping beside me when it looked up and trained it's eyes on something at the bottom of the stairs. At this time, I felt a change of mood in the apartment. It went from being comfortable to uneasy, uncomfortable, and kind of negative. I was looking downstairs for a shadow, light, orb, something and didn't see anything but I was watching the dog more so and saw it following something in my living room move from left to right. I tried getting the dogs attention by petting it, talking to it and pulling the dog a bit so she would lie back down but she wouldn't budge and just kept watching something. This went on for about 5 minutes. Then I could feel the mood lift and go back to normal and that's when the dog looked at me and then laid back down.
The dog is pretty small (German Schnauzer) and it's easy to move her but last night she simply would not budge. She was intent on watching whatever it was and I'm pretty sure she's not a fan of the UFC so it wasn't that. Lol.

Another thing that happened about four nights ago was at 3:40am. My girlfriend and I and the dog were all sleeping when my girlfriend woke up at the same time to the blinds in the window making a noise (like when you run your hands up really quickly and you hear the metallic snapping). My girlfriend got a little freaked out but I told her it was just the wind getting through the window. It was really weird because this has NEVER happened before and the other blinds on the other window were perfectly fine.

We'll see what happens this weekend I guess. Should be fun since this is my first.

More stories to come...
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
kingoftheuniverse14: I agree with everybody who have told you that it sounds like you have more than one ghost in your apartment. It sounds to me like you walked in on a conversation for one of them to say it is him. I would go ahead and try removing them from your apartment. They are invading your space and I have had a spirit or two stand in my face and it was very uncomfortable. I hope you can get some help with getting rid of them.
Thank you for your story!
SoliK (13 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
You said this place used be an old church? Maybe you can read up on the history of this church. Was it a Catholic church? Churches have a lot of activity-funerals, baptisms, marriages...etc. Do you know why it shut down? The video part was creepy... Makes you wonder what you could record if you set a video camera while you are gone and then go back and check. I agree you should try that... Or see if you can find a paranormal organization in your city to investigate too. You did what I do when I move into a new place... Introduce yourself. I usually say "I don't know if anyone is here but I won't bother you if you don't bother me" and I never have issues... And my home is over 100 years old. Anyway keep us posted what happens.
GreatMilenko (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-25)
Best way to hear them, a digital recorder. Flat out ask them questions like you just did as you posted your story while you have it on record and play it back after. From observing the Ghost Adventures investigation team on Travel channel; I can also recommend to articulate that the device you hold will help them communicate with you and if they would like to, to speak into said device so that they may be heard. Just be careful with taunting or provoking them as sometimes they may not be too friendly as seen on Ghost Adventures.
reneespring (148 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-24)
Definetly something is going on in the spiritual realm of your home... Pets can sense/see such things and get frightened. That's a very strong indicator. And besides that, your own experiences point to something as well.
jzinck (4 stories) (54 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-24)
If you are not too bothered by it, I think taping it is a great idea... Just leave a recorder or a camera running while you sleep. See if you catch anything. If so I would love to see it! Creepy!
snowhite (203 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-24)
Well, definately there are more than 1 ghost in your apartment because you heard a voice said IT IS HIM. I think 2 ghosts were having a conversation.

I like your sense of humor. If you want to hear the ghosts, tape it.

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