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My First House


So, I've never experienced anything like this in my life and I wasn't prepared for what took place. I had just moved in to my first place, in the summer with my friend. It was an old house, about 200 years old, I knew that people had died there before, it never really bothered me. I never believed in ghosts. The first night wasn't really that bad, my friend and I had separate bedrooms right across from each other and a long hallway leading up to the basement, the door to the basement hadn't been opened in a long time so it was hard to get it open.

That night, around 8:30 I decided to go to bed as I had to get up early for work the next morning. You see, I'm a VERY heavy sleeper and in my old house not even shaking me would wake me up. But in this house, I kept tossing and turning all night long. It's like when you wake up in the morning and can't go back to sleep, you can get comfortable, lay your head down but it won't go anywhere. Finally, when I fell asleep it felt like it was only 10 minutes I was sleeping and I woke up around 3:00am to the sound of music. It sounded like the old cutesy tunes from the 1930's played on piano. I didn't really want to get out of bed but I had to or else I wouldn't ever go back to sleep. I walked down the hallway leading wherever the sound of it took me, which lead to the basement. I walked up the stairs put my ear up to the door. It stopped, as if it knew I was there. I heard somebody get up and slowly walk toward the door. I got an eerie cold feeling and decided whatever was in there was better off not known, at least not now. I never got any sleep that night. I was late to work the next morning.

The next experience happened about 2 days since that one. Again, I went to bed early because of work the next morning. I put my glasses down on the nightstand beside my bed and drifted off to sleep. It had been the best sleep I had ever had since we moved in. I had this feeling of being carried. The next morning, my friend woke me up asking me why I was not in my bed. I reached over to where my nightstand would have been to get my glasses, but I wasn't in my room. She assumed I must of sleep walked, but I've never sleep walked in my life.

Another time, I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup for work, since the lights didn't want to work all the light I got out of was from the open windows. I glanced over at the toilet seat because I thought I had seen movement. I just shook it off as my paranoia. About 5 minutes later, I saw a figure of a woman sitting on the toilet seat, her legs crossed and she was looking up at me. To explain this, she had a white face, her skin was wrinkly. But what stood out the most was her sinister grin. It reached all the way up to her cheekbones curved up, as if she had no bones in her face at all. Her eyes were a yellowish colour. I can't describe how much it frightened me. Even though I'd just seen her a split second, making eye contact with her and looking back at it still puts me in that moment.

If you're wondering, no, I do not live in that same house. My friend and I went our separate ways, and I got out of the house as soon as I could. I'd LOVE an explanation, just to know I'm not crazy.

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Aubrina (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-28)
Sorry for the late response I haven't been able to get on, and my friend never experienced anything really, other than footsteps she had told me about. & the woman, she did not have any bruises/cuts or anything that I saw. The house is about 200 years old. Thanks for the comments.:)
Neertzy (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-27)
Explaination... Uhmm... This is a tough call without knowing the history of the house itself. It could be a variety of things. First off, the music, this is a common occurence in old homes, and it may just be an imprint that was placed in that room from let's say... Parties... Or sorrowful moments of a lonely man or woman... So full of emotions that it is permanetatly imprinted in our plane. That's one explaination.

Second, the sleep walking. That... I can honestly say I have no idea. You might just be a sleep walker and not know it. Because spirits/ghosts cannot "enter" your body without your full consent.

Lastly, the woman, that would frighten me quite a bit... Especially just picturing that grin of hers. Sounds like a ghost, does she have any bruises? Cuts? Gun shot wounds? Anything like that? How old is this house?

Let me know and I can certainly look into it for you:)
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-25)
I love the detailed description of the woman you saw, sounds quite freaky. Did your friend ever experience anything whilst living there at all? Seems like an intelligent haunting I think a lot could be found out if you research the history of the home and its land.

Thank you for sharing.

Codd2712 (2 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-25)
Wow that sounds like an amazing house. My Nan had a similar thing with my Papas ghost 😲

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