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At First I Thought It Was My Husband


I've been a fan of this site for a long time but I've never taken the time to write about any of my own experiences. I have a little free time right now so I thought I'd finally share. This is not a scary ghost story; just a strange experience that happened to me. A few years ago when I was around six months pregnant, I was sleeping in bed with my husband and our cat.

We live in Norway and in the summertime the sun doesn't go all the way down. So, although it was middle of the night or early morning (not exactly sure as I didn't check the time) it wasn't completely dark in our bedroom. I woke up from sleep because I felt my husband standing at his side of the bed. Which is not unusual because he wakes up early to get ready and go to work. But he never just stands there until I wake up. Anyway, I watched him (a dark shadow shaped as a man) move from his side of the bed and walk over to where the dresser is near the foot of the bed. Since it was dark in our room but not pitch black, I could see the shadow and realized very quickly that it wasn't my husband. It was a man, but not the build of my husband. The shadow man was tall and thin. My husband is big like a body builder and not as tall. I looked over to my right and my husband was there sleeping. I looked back at where the shadow was standing at the foot of the bed. At that moment, the shadow made a startled jerking movement. Shoulders went up and arms kind of flailed. Like it was surprised that I saw him and was startled. Immediately the shadow quickly disappeared into the wall behind it. More like quickly evaporated.

This shadow man had no features, just looked like a regular shadow you would see of yourself on the pavement during a sunny day. It all happened quickly. And the strange thing is that I looked down at my cat who was lying near my big pregnant stomach. She had watched the whole thing and was looking directly toward the shadow too. When the shadow disappeared, she jumped off the bed and ran toward that wall, which is right next to the bedroom door. She then exited the room and I rolled over and went back to sleep. Sleep was no joke when I was pregnant. I am not sure but to me, the shadow didn't feel attached to our house but more like it was checking up on me, maybe because I was pregnant. The reason why I think this is because I didn't feel scared or uncomfortable. In fact, it seemed so startled by me instead.

This isn't the only experience I've had in my lifetime or in this residence. Another quick experience in this condo was when my mom was visiting after our baby was born. She told me she was awake in the living room late one night, texting on her phone and the baby's floor gym flew across the floor. No explanation as to how since we were all asleep and everything was still.

I don't know the exact history of our condo but I think it was built early 90's and no deaths in our residence. It is a really small, quiet and safe neighborhood so I think we would have heard if something strange had happened here that would result in a haunting. But the history of the town we live in is ancient. It was founded by Vikings in 997AD. Not sure about the exact area that we live in though. I guess what I'm mostly wondering about is the vibe of shadow people in general. I've read stories on here where they are menacing or creepy, yet I've also read stories similar to mine where they were no bother at all. Strange how that is.

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Kest (10 stories) (52 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-30)
I expect there are different types of shadow beings. I have come in contact with a few. One startled and scared me some and the other one did not. I got a little bit of a feeling from one as I came close to it, but the other one I did not get a feeling from even though it was close to me at one point. I would guess there are different kinds.
unforgiven1 (1 stories) (6 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-23)
To terranigma- thank you for that insight. I have only seen human shadow figures. And none with red eyes, thankfully.
unforgiven1 (1 stories) (6 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-23)
To Kindly refrain and MrsRamsay - Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. Actually, I am not Norwegian at all. But my husband and daughter are. 😊
unforgiven1 (1 stories) (6 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-23)
Maria -
Thank you for taking the time to read it. Glad you enjoyed it. It is definitely something I will never forget.
Kindly_refrain (14 stories) (179 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-22)
MrsRamsay, there are certainly some parallels to my wife's occurrence, with yours, though my wife does not often remember her dreams (I do mine).

Our house also does not appear to be haunted but we have had a few transitory visits from unknown entities over the years and also from recently passed loved ones.

Coincidentally my great great great grand mother is from Norway.
MrsRamsay (8 stories) (151 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-22)
To Kindly refrain: When I first moved into my current house, about 8 years ago, I had a dream like I'd never had before. It was a guy, a monsterous, evil guy, trying to get in my front door. I had gotten there just before he did and locked it and was yelling, "NO WAY are you getting in." And I woke up just shaking.

I've never had the dream again, but I think I can say it was the first in a series of somewhat disturbing dreams and visuals I had while sleeping here that I just refuse to attribute to my brain. My dreams are often vivid, but normally not scary. I rarely watch violent television. Every now and then I'll wake up with these bad things -- usually quick, ugly images -- and just say the Lord's Prayer and tell myself, NO WAY. It is worth noting that, while I don't think my house is haunted, I do sense visits from dead loved ones and my dogs are scared to death to go outside in our backyard at night. We were possibly a Civil War encampment at one time, so there could be stuff lingering "out there."

To Unforgiven: My great grandmother was from Norway, by the way, and I just love being 22 percent Norwegian! Waking up to what you did must've been incredible, but to notice a reaction like that is even more crazy. "Shoulders went up"... I'm not sure I would recognize the shoulders of a shadow man going up! So you were really reading his body language and that probably helped you determine he wasn't dangerous (thus you could go back to sleep). Thank you for sharing your story.
Kindly_refrain (14 stories) (179 posts)
3 months ago (2020-08-19)
Hello Lealeigh.

My wife experienced the shadow man only the one night and she did not write down any of the details.

When I said that she made sure the windows were secure, this was also part of the same dream.

To her it was a bad but very real feeling dream. It was only later, when we realized that the shadow man (sometimes with red eyes) was reported by many others as well, that additional gravity was placed on the event.

My wife does not recall many of her dreams but I do recall many of mine. I do not journal them as they are usually just inane curiosities.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (502 posts)
4 months ago (2020-08-18)

Was this experienced by your wife only that night?

I have been documenting my own dreams (and anyone else who will talk to me about their's) since 2009 in various handwritten journals - with early morning illustrations. Well, your wife's dream seems like it really wasn't one because she ran around the house making sure the windows were locked. The fact that you and your wife were not acquainted with "shadow people" is another thing that is curious.

As much as I dislike derailing the subject in unforgiven1's narrative, I wonder what your wife would say if she would put her experience into her own words. Did she write it down after it happened to her?

- Maria
Kindly_refrain (14 stories) (179 posts)
4 months ago (2020-08-17)
Since a red eyed shadow person was mentioned by terranigma I thought I would throw this into the mix.

At least 20 years ago, before my wife or I had ever heard of a shadow person, my wife had a strange and unsettling dream.

A red eyed shadow man was wanting to get into the house. It was at the front door and asking my wife to let it in. When my wife's instincts told her this was a bad idea, she told it that it was not allowed in. It then began many attempts at subtle persuasion to be let in but my wife was firm that it was not allowed in.

The shadow man became enraged and charged the door, which my wife quickly shut, and then attempted to get into any door or window that might be open. My wife ran to the different windows and made sure they were shut as this thing tried them all.

Although this presented as a dream I wonder if this was actually an entity's attempt at trying to gain entry into her life or our home. Again, neither of us had ever heard of a shadow man at that time.

As a side note, my wife was experiencing frequent out of body experiences around the same time period of this occurrence.
terranigma (9 stories) (69 posts)
4 months ago (2020-08-16)
I am not sure but maybe the shadow people can be like people I mean benevolent and malevolent. I have seen human shadow people, some with glowing red eyes, some child size and some even dog and cat size and one time I even saw one the size of a mouse whoosh across the floor:)
Lealeigh (5 stories) (502 posts)
4 months ago (2020-08-14)
Hello unforgiven1,

I think that your instincts were good. The shadow in your bedroom was probably attracted or watching over you for good reasons. It didn't continue to show up over and over again once it was shown that you could see it. Also, your cat didn't become frightened or angry; only curious.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it.

- Maria

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