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---Note--- these are taken from my social media account and I'll be posting a few of them.

I've lived in my house for 3 or 4 years now (time flies) and I know that there are 2 spirits in my house that are not harmful. For a while I thought it was just spirits that are more memories, if that makes sense, but the other day my wife was breastfeeding our kid and I was in the front room. I sensed something and turned facing the hallway going to the baby's room. Out of the corner of my eye when I was turning I saw a figure move from kitchen to the hallway, down to the baby's room where my wife was. So I put down my stuff and my wife was sitting in the nursing chair (it swivels and stuff). She said right before I looked in the room the chair swiveled her just a little bit (she was nursing with her knees up on the chair). I now know that the spirits in my house are interactive.

The interesting thing is I'm 80% sure who the spirits are. The owner back in the 90s passed away in the house and I'm pretty sure his wife is here also. The house was built in the 50s. Anyways... There's my intro... I have been sensitive to spirits my whole life and I find it fun.

----story 2 since I have to do a minimum of 1500 words---

The story I told last night happened a few months ago. This just barely happened a hour or 2 ago.

I went out fishing with my brothers tonight so the wife was hanging out at home with our son. She was microwaving some dinner and she went out of the room to check on our kid. Then when the food was finished she went and opened the microwave and when she did the fuse for the kitchen blew. We normally have the oven going and the microwave at the same time and never have that issue.

That was the first weird thing... Next she called her mom to chit chat. They were talking and she thought she heard her dad pop in and say something but couldn't understand it so she said "oh hey dad!" At that moment her mom paused and said "uhhh, who are you talking to dad isn't even home".

A little while later she is in my son's room nursing him and everything is dark and calm. She heard what sounded like a rock hit the window then roughly a minute later she saw a dark wisp (no formed shape) of air go from the edge of the crib to the external wall where the window is. Out of caution she armed the alarm system (its Ogden you gotta be cautious! Haha)

I then finished fishing and called her to tell her I was 20 minutes out. When I was outside the house pulling the trash to the curb, she saw the same wisp of air pass in front of her but in our family room.

I'm actually really kind of jealous because the most I've seen is shapes move in the hallway going towards my kids room. She was kind of freaked out but she didn't sense any danger the whole time.

Anyways that's our adventure for the night.

---story 3---

So... Crazy stuff has started to happen at our house... We recently moved our renter out of the basement. We have been deep cleaning and getting it ready for the next renter. We haven't been tearing out anything yet but we have been talking about it.

So that's the background...

Since our renter moved out our activity level on the house has dramatically increased but mostly in the basement. My wife has been seeing a shadowy figure in the basement and she would catch the motion out of the corner of her eye or sensing that there was something behind her. I have started hearing voices when I'm in the basement, they sound like male voices but I cannot make out what they are saying... Normally with me it's when there is background noise going on and it will sounds like it's coming through the vents but upstairs.

Last night was the craziest experience we have had yet. I set the house alarm last night before going to bed. 249am I woke up with a start to the alarm system going off, alerting us that someone was opening doors. While exiting my room with a weapon in hand, I took a look at the alarm panel and it said garage door. The garage door is not the actual garage door, it's the separation between the main level where we live and the basement then there is the garage door in the same section. So I go and check the door and its closed and the actual garage door was locked.

We have never had any problems with our alarm system ever and since the activity in our house has picked up, we suspect that a spirit has been getting angry and messing with things.

Anyways sorry about the long story hope yall enjoyed.

---Story 4---

Update since cleansing:

We haven't seen anything in a little bit. The house has been calm, peaceful and almost lighter its seems like.

2 days ago I was getting ready for work. I went in my son's room (we have to turn off and on a water valve to use the shower because I hate leaks) and leaning over the side of my son's crib was the lady whose husband died in the house. Her name is Rula, her husband is Ron. Then she did her normal thing and disappear but we are glad that she's at least here because we feel she is watching over our son. Ron hasn't shown up yet since the cleansing but I'll give it time. He showed up more than Rula in the past.

---Story 5--- (today's story)

Ok, so now that I have updated everyone on how my whole house interactions have gone. If your still reading, awesome! Today is January 28,2021.

So, the other day my wife put our son in our bed and she went down to our basement to do some cleaning or whatever it was. During that time frame it was just her in the house and my son, the house was locked up and we weren't expecting anyone.

She's cleaning, then she heard footsteps in the room above her (our room where our son is asleep), since he had only been asleep for 10 minutes she went to go check and possibly put him to bed (2 year olds, they can be frustrating haha). She gets upstairs and he is dead asleep. So, she goes back downstairs and continues cleaning. She then hears the footsteps again and it sounds like its walking around our bed in a pacing fashion. So my wife checks again and my son is still asleep. At this point, she figured it was a spirit. She continues cleaning the basement and didn't get any negative feelings from it. She eventually checked again but it was the same result.

My son sleeps for almost exactly 1 hour and that entire time he was asleep the pacing was happening. My wife is unable to see spirits but she can hear them and get a general sense if they are good or bad.

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Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-25)
You seem to have quite a full house there 😁 you did mention the two spirits of the previous owners, but do you think there's more? I'm particularly curious and interested those dark wisps that your wife saw, I wonder what it could be.
I'm really sorry about your tennant from hell, some people are just ungrateful.
nchristensen (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-21)
[at] MrsRamsay,

So, I actually had a really bad experience with the renter, he trashed the place by letting his dog urinate and defecate all over the floor. Would leave the dog locked in the basement for days without letting it go outside. I do not know if he left food and water out for it but I do know that the carpet was ruined. He started dating a girl at the beginning of last year who started to shoot up heroine in our basement, he broke up with her and we said she cannot come back. 6 months later " after being clean for a year", she came back and started spending the night again. We told him it was either her or him leaving. So, he got mad at us and said we are extremely bad examples of Mormons (we live in Utah, and I stopped being Mormon 10 years ago) (He also was baptist, and Mormons and Baptist bump heads a lot) and that we need to be forgiving of an individual who "had been clean of heroine for a year" even though it was only 6 months. Blah blah blah, tons of drama. A week later we gave him notice that he is going to need to pack up and leave. So after renting our basement to him for 4 years we kicked him out, he trashed the place like pissed renters do and we never saw him or communicated with him again. We should of kicked him out a long time ago because he was smoking weed and cigarettes down there which were against the contract we had with him. Ultimately we were too nice to kick him out. He spent a lot of time breaking rules that were in the contract and I can go into detail but there are a lot of reasons why we kicked him out.
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-04)
Hi there, fun stories!
Have you asked your renter if he/she ever got any feelings or saw anything unusual in your basement? I'd be interested in knowing.

Also, we moved into our home about 8 years ago. It's a 30 year old, very beautiful place and we know from neighbors how meticulous the former (only) owners were about it. They were both very loved, one of the original couples here in the neighborhood, and I've felt them since moving in. I try to do things here that I think they would like, and it was really sad for me the day I removed all the custom window treatments. Without knowing, I just knew how proud Florence had been about those curtains, and I apologized quietly as I removed them, even explaining (as silly as I felt) that it just wasn't my style and I hoped she might enjoy something new. Sounds silly, I know. I also believe that whoever is here sometimes cooks. In various videos I've made, there is the sound of the gas range clicking (you know the sound made when someone starts a gas burner?) when it was NOT clicking in real time, only on the video! I also had the refridgerator dinging (except the door was never opened) in the middle of the night. Sounds like your previous owners care about your little guy. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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