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My Sister's First Encounter


It's been awhile! Today's story is from my sister's own experience. So here it goes.

Before I start the story, this happened in her bedroom, her bed is located in the center of the room (she sleeps on the left side of the bed, near the front door); on the right there is a window, and the left is the bedroom door and where her night lamp is located.

I am pretty sure most gamer knows COD Mobile (Call Of Duty), it is very addicting, and my sister often plays a few session before bed, and sometimes she would fall asleep.

One night, she had a dream that she woke up in the middle of the night realizing that she fell asleep again after playing COD, with the night lamp still on, she looks around the room half awake. When she glanced to her right, she saw a very tall and dark figure standing beside the window pane. Curious, she blinks her eyes, and the tall figure has become a lady with long black hair. Standing still at the same position, looking at my sister, "Miss, do you know how to install the Internet?" the lady figure asked.

"Oh, give me a few minutes. The room is too dark for me to see, let me turn on the lights," my sister replied. Still laying down, she turned to the left and somehow forgot what she wanted to do, so she lay down for awhile and realized she was supposed to turn the lights on. As she sat up and turn her head back at to the lady, she saw the figure was trying to climb up her bed, but when my sister turned over to look at her that moment, her action stopped. The next thing my sister remembers was she went back to sleep, and then she woke up (in present time).

She realized that she was actually awake in her room, curious about her dream, she turned over to the right and to her shock, the lady figure was actually standing at the same position waiting and staring at her. She pretends she did not see anything and walked out of her room to use the toilet in the other room. When she was in the bathroom washing her face and body, she heard a soft female voice saying "AHH" from outside of the bathroom. She immediately rushed back to her room and went straight inside her blanket until the sun rises.

The weird thing about the voice was that it was as if it came from just outside the window, but she was at the second floor of the house, so it does not make sense for a person to be hanging around at the second floor rooftop in the middle of the night. Up until today, my sister is still confused with her experience and it was her first encounter with a ghost.

She told me she can see the lady's face very clear in her dream but the first glance at the lady's face after she's awake was blurred, which I can imagine why she went straight out of there.

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robo (15 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-25)
u in Malaysia Once I wake up in middle of night I saw man dress like doctor he was too short for human look like white man he put pillow to my head then I got angry take off pillow from head he was too short 4 feet tall still don't know what it was Europe Man wain for you replay
Rajine (14 stories) (831 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-04)
Hi ssexyca

Now it makes sense, perhaps something did follow her from her workplace.
ssexyca (3 stories) (6 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-03)
Hi Rajine! So a few months before this experience, she encountered a sleep paralysis episode where she saw a big black figure climbed inside the room from the window in her room. She immediately try to break free as soon as she saw the figure climbed in the room and walked towards her, but she fell on to the floor and broke free from the sleep paralysis. After she was awake, she did not see anybody or anything in the room, so she thought it was just a dream.

My sister works in a Telecommunication Centre where they would promote Internet Installation to customer, so I am not sure if the spirit followed her from the workplace or was it just a coincidence that she wants to install Internet too? Hahaha
Rajine (14 stories) (831 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-03)
Hi ssexyca

I've came across many strange things and a ghost or spirit asking for help with the Internet definitely makes the list. Has your sister experienced this again after the first time?

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