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My Creepy Experience


My experience is from when I was a little girl.

I lived in a place called Micklefield from the age of six until I was about sixteen. When we first moved in I never had any trouble or experiences, but as the years went on, they developed and activity got more and more. It only seemed to be me that was noticing the happenings. During this time I was going through a lot of family problems, which my family and I believe may be what caused the spiritual activity.

The first thing I remember is when it all started it happened at night time. I would feel like a presence was in my room, but mainly in my brother's room and it didn't feel nice. I then proceeded to start hearing whispers but couldn't make out what they were saying, mainly because I used to get so scared I would hide under my covers.

The voices eventually got louder and I could hear them saying my name and used to feel like someone was sitting on my bed. At this point I then used to see a shadow at the window in my brother's room. An image which still makes me shudder is when the one night I looked from under my covers when I heard the whisperings there were two red eyes staring at me, I couldn't sleep in my room for weeks! My mother blamed it on watching too many episodes of Goose Bumps.

After months of hearing a voice it eventually turned into much louder and bigger activity, of which my mother couldn't blame it on television or my imagination anymore. The following happenings I cannot remember at what point it was when I was living in this particular house, they also didn't all happen in one evening, it was over a period of time. I am going to bulletin them as there was so much that happened;

* I had a sliding door, it used to fly open by itself and close again

* Saw shadows at my door

* Felt someone stroking my hair

* Shouts in my ear

* I had a built in cupboard of which one night there was a great big bang from within and someone shouting, "let me out!"

* Wasn't a shadow in the window anymore, it was a figure, tall and very pale. Wearing darkened clothes, and that's all I remember.

My mother had a friend who was a medium. She used to visit us and always say there was some sort of presence in the house. My mother has told me that one night in particular about two years before we moved that her friend and her husband visited for the evening and completely surprised her. My mother has said that she, my stepfather and their two friends were sitting on the sofas just generally talking. All of a sudden her medium friend stood up and started shouting in the corner, "leave them alone! Go away! Leave them alone!" My mother then asked her what was wrong and she obviously said it was the spirit that had been bothering me (as she knew all about it as I used to confide in her). She then described the spirit to my mother and it was a spitting image on my granddad on my father's side of the family, who died when my father was sixteen.

My family and I believe that my granddad was trying to force us to move from our house because of all the bad feelings and goings on. I don't know if a spirit can come to a certain person or place, I have no explanation myself.

Thank you for reading my experience.

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