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When I was younger the paranormal interested me then, and still does to this day. My grandparents were gyspies and used to travel all over Canada when my mom was just a little one. Some of the stories she and my grandmother used to share leave me in stock, thinking to myself. Thank God this does not happen to me. I have had my own experiences but nothing that comes close to any of these.

Years ago my grandparents used to work in a tobacco field in Ontario and at this time my mom and uncle used to live on an old bus that they used to travel back and forth from Nova Scotia on. One day my mom and I were talking about hauntings and she had told me about the bus. She said when it was just her on it and it was parked for a few days while her parents worked in the fields, things used to move. Spoons on the table used to spin in circles, other times the whole bus would shake violently. She said these two big dogs (living) used to always circle the bus barking non stop and then just sit and watch it. She told me this would happen on many ocasions.

When they returned to Nova Scotia they had bought this old house which they had lived for a few years until building a new one. My grandmother had told me stories about this house as a child. It used to be an old chicken barn years and years before and had been rebuilt and added on I'm sure many times over. The story goes that whoever lives in the house will not stay long and will end up leaving their significant other for reasons unknown. When my grandparents lived there, this is the story she told me. One night after having an arguement with my grandfather she had awoke out of her sleep and had seen an old farmer and his wife standing at the foot of her bed. The wife came over, touched my grandmothers hand and she fell back asleep. The next day my grandmother packed up the kids and got on a plane back to Vancouver. Thank goodness my grandfather jumped on an earlier plane and met her there:).

Also, in that house my mother swears in her bedroom corner she had seen a little figure that she can only describe as resembling Budha. The house is still standing to this day and is now being rented out. I have noticed over the years that it has had a lot of owners that do not stay long and has had its fair share of police at the house.

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jzinck (4 stories) (54 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-07)
Hey Dan. I honestly don't know if they have dabbled or not. I will ask them. But I do know my grandmother is a strong believer. Again like my last story the house took place on an area in Nova Scotia where they say are many indian burial grounds. Even at my grandmothers new house they built across the steet I would get eerie feelings like someone was watching me while I was sleeping on their couch.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
Hi jzinck: Can ask did your grandparents ever dabble in the occult at all? Romany's or Gypsy's have a long history of this sort of practice so I would not be surprised if they did experience a lot of things like this. I'm glad your own experiences are not quite as frightning.

Thanks for sharing.


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