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This is an ongoing story really, I've lived in this house for around 5/6 months now, nothing notable has happened, bangings around the house that I've just passed off as being the neighbours when my children aren't home or the children if they are home, even if they're in the same room as me, easier to ignore that way. There have been a few loud ones that I couldn't pretend we're either the neighbours or children though.

It's not felt creepy or anything so I've just been getting on with it, but recently I've had to accept that my peace from ghosties and ghoulies may not exist. Myself and both my daughters have had an experience now.

First experience was mine, this happened about a month ago. It was bedtime, I like to lay in bed and procrastinate (I can't sleep as I'm heavily pregnant at the moment) it's quite late, both the girls are snoring away in their bedroom and I'm just relaxing messaging friends and watching true crime videos. I have my back to the bedroom door and landing and suddenly I feel a pressure on my bed, even though it's a memory foam, it has a distinctive feel when someone sits on the edge of the bed and even the noise of someone sitting down. I just laid staring at my phone thinking "nope, not today" put my phone down and forced myself to go to sleep.

The next night I felt the bottom of my bed being lightly kicked (again it's distinctive, I have a young daughter who kicks the bottom of the bed when trying to get into my bed) again, I noped.

Then a few weeks ago, my eldest daughter (6 years old) and for the purpose of this story I'll call her Bonnie, said she woke up one morning and me and her sister were still asleep, so she decided to lay in bed and read (she's oddly mature for her age lol) she said she heard someone whisper "Bonniiiiiiie" in her ear, she said she knew 100% it wasn't me or her sister, but she also said she wasn't really scared. She was just confused.

Then a week ago, my youngest we'll call her Emily had her experience...

On Thursdays it is just me and her as Bonnie is at school. I'll explain the layout of my downstairs a little for context; from the front door there is a corridor on the left is the front room door, in front there is the door to the dining room which opens up to the kitchen which is narrow.

I'm at the end of the kitchen doing pots, Emily is at the other end of the kitchen talking away to me, all of a sudden she swings her body all the way around and says "Bonnie?" I remind her that Bonnie is still at school and she looks at me confused saying "but I just heard and saw something crawling" she wanders off to the front room and after a couple of seconds she let\'s out a shriek like she'd seen a spider and came running back to the kitchen where I was still doing pots. She told me "it" was in the front room. I asked her what it was and she said she doesn't know but it was pink (for the record, she thinks Caucasian skin tones are pink) and that it was crawling around, I said I couldn't see it and she questioned how I couldn't see it because it was there (in the dining room).

I'm inwardly having a mild heart attack now, but try not to bring it up so she forgets and hope it's just her imagination gone wild.

We are having our dinner in the living room a little while later and she tells me "it's gone to the neighbors' now I think" and that it was "scary".

Later in the day after her sister was home, I'm back in the kitchen making tea when Emily crawls into dining room from the front room like a creepier version of Gollum, she stands up and tells me that's how it moved, she said "did you see it Mummy?" and I said no again, again met with confusion. Then she repeats herself that it was scary. I don't know what compelled me to ask but I said "did it see you" and she looked me right in the damn soul and said "No, he didn't have any eyes"

So I just have images of a bald, eyeless, Gollum-esque invisible creature crawling around my downstairs.

She keeps reassuring me it's not back... So...there's that.

I'm hoping the thing sitting on my bed was just a family member who has passed away just checking on me.

And that the whisperer was just keeping Bonnie company.

And whatever Emily saw stays at the neighbors' house haha

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Breaghboo (2 stories) (15 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-22)
That's one creepy story. I hope it stays at the neighbour's too!
Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-19)
Hi RoseyWren

Firstly congratz on your pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly

Since your youngest has seen this gollum as you call it, I wonder if your eldest girl has seen this as well? Here we have a belief that children under the age of 13 can see and hear things we cannot, I think just for peace of mind you should do a home cleansing.

All the best and keep us posted.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-18)
Hi Rosey.

Perhaps it's time for you to try a cleansing of your home or ask for the help of a priest/rabbi/ spiritual leader of your faith. It seems like the activity is easy to ignore right now, but this could change once your little one is born. One cannot be sure if it will feed on the stress that having a new baby could bring to your life.

Good luck.

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