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This is an experience that both me and my older brother have had to live through for the last 16 years of our lives. We have both experienced the same phenomenon whilst both being in the same area or in separate counties.

I suppose its best to start with the first encounter we had with the thing that could only be described as a black mass. Me and my older brother had been sharing a room since I was born and were therefore used to each others company by this point. We had both been allocated one bed each in the bunkbed. Mine was on the bottom whilst my brothers was above me. The night in question was when I was 3 and my brother, Reece, was 7. The day had been regular with us both going along with our normal routines until bed time in which we both promptly fell into a deep sleep. I suppose it was around 1 in the morning when we began to realize that there was a strange presence in the room. The probability of both of us waking up at the same time is so small but this time it happened and we both looked at the doorway that was located at the end of our bed.

The white door was always closed when the light was turned off in order to ensure that we could get a full nights sleep, however, as we both looked across to the door, it began to swing open and a figure moved through. It was not a regular movement as it was more hovering than walking as there was no movement in the shoulders at all. As we both stared, it turned and walked next to our beds and first stared at the top bunk. I was at this point petrified as it seemed like as this thing came closer, whispering could be heard and it got louder as it approached. It was a constant stream but all of the whispers were mixed, I couldn't make heads or tails of them. Then it looked down at me. I have never been so scared in my life, its eyes were like a red I have never seen since. It was like staring into a bright red flame. It then moved its head down and almost touched me before I shouted and screamed. Once I had done this, it stood bolt upright and moved towards the door at lightening pace.

Since then, both me and my brother have noticed its presence and it has often visited the both of us in our sleep. More recently, I have started to be able to make out a word from the whispers but it sounded like the being had said them. It had said 'Welcome'. I still have not heard anything else yet but that same word repeated over and over. However, this is not just restricted to when we are sleeping as both of us have experienced some kind of interaction with it outside of the bedroom. It has, on more than one occasion, defended both me and my older brother from things like bullies or certain other mishaps. A perfect example was that my older brother was chopping up some veg and looked away. The knife was going to cut his hand when the being appeared and stopped it with its own. Both me and my brother were startled to say the least but it seemed like it wouldn't let him hurt himself.

The same instance has happened to me but in a more intimate way. I get into fights quite a lot due to the fact I'm very formal and opinionated, however, when the fists start flying its like I am not in control of my body. I know that several people call this the red mist and that it happens to everyone but I am clear on what I can see and hear but my body moves on its own accord. When this happens it feels like my body becomes very tight and cold. I believe this is infact the thing possessing me to ensure that I do not get hurt in any fashion. I also had a crash half a year back, the airbags did not go off and my seatbelt snapped. I should have gone flying through the windscreen but instead I felt two hands hold me firmly back to ensure I did not get hurt. When I looked up, I caught a glimpse of its face before it faded out and saw its teeth and it seemed to be smiling.

Both me and my brother are puzzled by this and are starting to wonder whether this is an old family member trying to protect us or whether it is infact some sort of demon from the other world that is playing us.

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Ashes_B_2341 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-06-11)
Reading this has actually given me chills. I have had the same experiences, the only differences being of when I first saw Jack (because I named him), he had eyes that changed colour, and when I saw him, yes I was terrified at first but then I felt very calm. The only reason I was scared at all was because I was surprised.

I think that you should be cautioned no matter what at it being evil, but at the same time due to my experience with Jack that this being isn't necessarily evil.
Jeddums (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2012-11-13)
and malechi, Your very close with that picture only that as of late it has been more of a human form although from what I have seen in the past, its form is something that this thing chooses not what its restricted to...
Jeddums (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2012-11-13)
Hi, guys! Sorry for a late reply I forgot how to get to the site. I will try to answer as many of these questions as clearly as I can. When you ask if my friends have ever noticed it, yes several times it has made an appearence behind me. The way that they describe it, its like a flash of two blood red eyes above my head with a shadowy figures hand resting on my shoulders. There has been evidence of this sort of thing happening in my family before, one of my grandads had been shot at by a sniper and something moved him out of the way. As for what its said, I see it more frequently than I did before. Does that mean its getting stronger? Also, I have had it continually protect me but when I managed to get the full sentence from it all I got was 'Welcome, This Is Only The Beginning!'. I have asked it several questions since this point but they have all ended up with it answering the same way. None of my family seems to have made any sort of contribution to a pact with any entity that I can find evidence of. I have recently moved away from home to another part of the country and it has followed me here and left my older brother alone, does this mean that I and this thing are intune? Or does it just mean that I need protecting? His son has also said that some nights it has seen the entity follow me around the house but once again just twin red orbs floating and flashing for a second. The only complaint that I can have at the present moment in my physical state is that I am seeming to have instances where my chest feels like something has just pushed a lot of pressure on it causing my ribs to feel like they are concaving. The only other problem I have had apart from these is that it has managed to stop me from either retaining relationships (when they see it, they tend to freak out or when it looks over me) and start relationships apparently giving me a feeling of cold air towards others... Any help on identifying it?
Kryodrache (3 stories) (108 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-27)
I dunno... I rather liked the story that came across, here. I found it more endearing than I did threatening. I'm a person who always believes it viable that the sinned can redeem themselves... Who are we to say that spirits, souls, maybe even demons don't get deployed into 'community service?' 😆 I ended up finding this story heartwarming, actually... Despite all the comments saying otherwise.
ghostboi (22 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-01)
i would say it is more than likely a family member or a guardian angel
Warrior_Troy (42 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-12)
Evil spirits are deceivers and liars. They will 'court' you and let you see their 'good' side in an attempt for you to let your guard down. This wicked spirit has evil intentions.

(Joh 10:10) The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, until it overflows).

(Joh 10:11) I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd risks and lays down His [own] life for the sheep. [Ps. 23.]

What you need to do is turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and allow him to become Lord of your life. Learn to close the demonic doorways that have been opened in your life and learn how to bind and take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus Christ. You will start having to read and learn your bible. You still will have a fight on your hands but through Jesus you will overcome.

As God to send His Holy Angels to protect you. (Psa 34:7) The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe] and each of them He delivers. [Ps. 18:1; 145:20.]

Check out a book called
HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE by Dr. Rebecca Brown. You can find it on amazon and watch some videos on youtube
Adolphos (62 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-02)
Anything other than a daemon it can't be. Angels are recognized by their pure and noble forms. Ghosts by their unpalpable figures. And daemons too by their pithy frames and crimson eyes.

Command it to do your bidding in plain sight, as the Genie did grant Aladdin wishes. Punish it for every fault and transgression, and lead it like Prospero led his little airy spirit possession. You're quite a lucky one indeed!

But at length, do not sign a pact with blood, as did the damned and miserable Faust.

Enjoy its pleasures while you may. But remember, at death, to go not the Devil's Way!
RyaanTheBlueAngel (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-02)
I read somewhere about demons that were actually very nice, but people were too scared to let them help. I don't remember what they are called though... It could also be a spirit that died in that house, or was close to you family, like maybe a family member or a family friend. If it was, then they might be trying to protect you. I don't believe that ALL dark masses are demons, but instead a very sad or determined spirit, that could've died a horrible death.
TimeBandit13 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-31)
You may very well have a demon on your hands. Though why it would protect you (no offense) is a mystery. 😕
Rashidah (guest)
10 years ago (2010-12-29)
Ok I have to say something here.

Now please note this is just my opinion.

I believe demonic beings are souls of the dead who have lost there way because of the life they lived or the violent way they died.

That is where mediums come into play. They guide these lots souls to the light, peace and rest from all their hurt and pain.

If we as living beings can be 'redeemed', why can't these lost souls be redeemed also? After all, we all experience different situations in life that make us who we are. Be it good or evil.

Someone maybe bad because they had the misfortune to experience things where normal people who had decent lives did not.
Jitow (362 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-29)
That has to be the most rediculous irresponsable statement that I have seen on here in a long long while. I hope that you are joking and I just missed something a few post down. The type of spirit that you mention has zero redemptive qualities. Even if one does something that you perceive as good someone will pay exponentially for it. They only time they are helpful is over the course of deceiving someone but you can put in the bank that they will turn eventally and collect.
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
like I've said before some demons are nice... You may have a helpful demon who has taken a liking to you. 😁
CallieandJaydaAge11 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
I have been involved with the Ouija board thousands of times. Everytime someone brings it up and wants to try it out I always say no but something in my mind tells me yes. Thats how it all started last night on Dec.27th.2010. I was hanging out with my friends (Tailor,Kylin,Jessica) and we were at kylins house doing the Ouija board. Of course you know boys, They like to fool around sometimes. Well Kylin doesn't take the Ouija board seriously so when we were asking the ghost a question... Kylin threw his sweater on top of it, The ghost got mad and spelled us to fck off. Than I knew it was mad and I started to yell at the Kylin. We left the Ouija board alone after that... (Our Ouija board was homemade by cardboard). A half hour later Tyson (Kylins brother) and Kaleb (Tysons friend) came over to Kylins house. Their both 13. Tyson never believed in the Ouija board! So we wanted to show him that we wouldn't lie about something like this... So TYson and Kaleb were talking to Kaitlyn (The ghost /Demond who haunts kylins house ever since last night) Tyson being a jerk like always... Messed with the ghost and started calling her a "Biotch". I took the Ouija board away from them... I was mad. Kaleb and Tyson left... After that we started experienceing things moving, Noises, Doors slamming. It all started after the 2 boys left. We all went upstairs to play COD. (Call of Duty.) We heard a big SWISH. Me (Callie) and Tailor slowly made our way down... Kylins house is three floors. We were on the very top floor. We noticed the football had been thrown from one end to the kitchen to the other. Than we started hearing noices from kylins hallway on the second floor. From the very top flooor stairs we can see the whole second floor... Their was a empty fruittopia juice jug laying in the middle of the hall infront of the bathroom. The jug moved infront of my eyes! Tailor slowly walked down the hallway past the washroom past Tysons room. He got PULLED by the arm from something we could not see and into kylins room... The door slammed behind him. 10 minutes later Tailor comes out in shock. Knifes were moving, Cans were moving, Doors were opening and closing and we all got brave enough to go downstairs and we saw the punching bag swinging as high as the sealing. This is definatly a demond. We can't see it, Its using negative energy, And wanted to hurt us. We were basicly trapped upstairs after that. We were too scared to go downstairs. I called Tyson our only hope to get out of the house and Tyson and Kaleb came upstairs. I knew they t
Were a bad desicion... They decided to turn off all the lights and do the Ouija board again! I tried to stop them... I couldnt. Kaleb asked if their was a ghost here and Kaitlyn moved the chip thingy spelling fck off yes! After that all we heard was noises gradually getting louder. And louder. And LOUDER. Doors were SLAMMING. I was almost crying... Kaleb asked Kaitlyn who her first victom was and she spelled Callie... Which is ME. Probably because my sweater was the sweater that got thrown at the Ouija board: (... I slep with my sister last night and stared at the door all night. I could not get to sleep. I really need someones help to try to help me end this shiat. Add either Me (Callie) or Jayda at Callie Daawn and Jayda April Hales... I haave black glasses and jayda had short kind of dirty blonde hair. Please add us and give us advice on what to do!
joshuakent414 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
don't trust anyone except yourself... Our world is full of unexplained mysteries... Always have faith in God,,... Always pray... Jesus Christ will always be there for us no matter what... Always pray...
AliciaAndMarisa (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
We believe this thing has got to be a demon... It may have protected you and your brother BUT you also have to remember that some demons try to trick people into trusting them and depending on them. We've never ever heard of a black mass with red eyes that is an angel... Unless its a fallen angel--which is a demon anyways.
malechi (3 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
IT IS A SHADOW DEMON! I've heard of these before. They a like gaurdians, but they actually do more good than an angel. But, they are very misunderstood. That makes them sad, no kidding.
SageWolf (10 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
I have heard of "angels" that look evil and seem horrid but in all actuality are the most protective. The reason why they have such distance and horrid appearance is simply because they have seen too much evil and are losing faith in humanity. I'm not christian but the crosses do work... Also use crushed turquoise on all doors and entrances to your home.
ambercrystal (23 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-27)
ok whatever is "protecting" you is not good. If it says the word 'welcome' then I agree with 'Guardian' what on earth did it welcome you into? Also I too think that you should ask your parents or grandparents if they made an agreement with any being or entity because I don't think it would've just showed up in YOUR bedroom and would've tried to protect YOU if it hadn't any purpose or reason. Besides I have never in my life heard or read about a good entity with glowing red eyes. Listen to Jitow's, Guardian's and princessLotus' advice but if you're not sure try to find out about beings like that.

Take care (hope you won't be spun into some kind of nasty deal with a demon)

P.S. If you really got possessed while fighting maybe you got possessed other times as well so if it'll be of any help try to sit down everyday for five or so minutes and try to remember averything that you did and felt that day.
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-24)
BlanknameSpace - It may take a lot of energy to stop it but according to some research I have don't spirits, etc. Can take energy from the motion of something around them and use it. Just putting my two cents in. Not saying that's what happened, but throwing out the possibility.

BlanknameSpace (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-24)
I don't mean to be a downer, but this seems a little to good to be true, okay there's two scenarios here. You are either lieing, or you have one of the most powerful spirits (whether it be angel or demon) to ever walk upon the earthly plane protecting you, because for a spirit to manifest itself in such a way as to stop a knife would take a lot of energy ALOT.
drawitbig (4 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-24)
put up crosses. Wear a cross necklace and get your house blessed. You cannot tell if it's a demon or an angel just by looking at it. Was it trying to protect you? I have a guardian, but it's a black hooded figure. There were 2 entities in my house at one time, a white one and a black one. The white one was the demon, the black one was the angel.
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-23)
I just have a few questions I hope you don't mind me asking: and I am not sure if any of these were asked already.

Has it shown up while hanging out with friends (and if so have they noticed anything)?

Have you visited any mediums or anything to hear what they say about it?

If I was in your situation I would try and find out something about the spirit/demon/whatever it is before getting rid of it.

I know that if it appears to be evil or something you may want to try and get rid of it, but that's up to you to decide.

Hope something works out soon!

hagi (1 stories) (53 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-23)
Classic description of jinn and their activities, giving bad dreams.
Serenity (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-23)
I wonder if it's protecting you because it owns you in some way. I have a feeling that if you die naturally it won't get dibs on your soul, but if you come to trust it, and it makes you kill yourself, it will own you - like a prize or something.

Lol, that sounds really dramatic but it's what popped into my head. I agree with the others that soemthing seems a bit 'off' about the whole thing.
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-22)
This story is very interesting and intriguing (can't spell), I think that this being was evil to start with, but maybe now is trying to be good and protect you. Or maybe this being is playing with you so it can 'worm' its way into your life so when you accept it into your life, it will cause major harm.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
JimD (431 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-21)

It sounds demonic. It also sounds as if it's slowly embedding itself in your life, episode by episode. The feeling of fright and cold both indicate a demon, who're experts at psycohlogical warfare.

I concur with princess lotus, and add the use of Catholic Holy water, especially on the beds and at night, and the use of the phrase "Jesus and Mary help me", which, I promise, will generate a response. Email me, should you require more. God bless you.
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-21)
I'm so sorry you're goin through through this. I pray the Holy Spirit will show Him self to you & end this. I agree with all GUARDIAN has to say. Honestly, with that comment I'm with out words. I think it might be in your best interest to study Jesus so you can know Him more, so you don't feel like you're holding so many cards in your hand. Hope that makes sense. Bless you & yours, MCL<3

MMAHMED611 (16 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-20)
If this entity has not harmed you in any way at all and has indeed protected you from harm, here's my understanding - talk to your parents and/or grandparents and see if there was ever a pact or agreement between them (or their forefathers) and the jinn (we call them ancestral jinns, where these entities will pass on from generation to generation and protect the members of a family since there was a pact) for protection.

And these kinds are very hard to get rid of because they are honoring the pact and they take it upon themselves as a duty to stick around and help the family and their generations to come, even if you want them to just go away and free them from the pact. The jinn live for hundreds of years and some even thousands of years, and it is possible for just one of them to be protecting several of your generations.
Zorforler (1 stories) (55 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-20)
I never liked those black massed beings with red eyes. My brother and his wife are fighting against one right now. Weird part is this is the second time they have fought it. I mean like they fought it for one week before and trapped it with some sort of spell but it got out and now wants revenge. It is a large 8ft tall black mass with glowing red eyes and has hooks for hands. I'm going to go over there and take care of it soon. Now as for yours I am not sure about it? Can you give me some better detail on it?

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