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Granny X And The Demon Teddy Bear


My background/ethnicity is a little complicated! How's this for a mixture - takes a deep breath - Irish, Romany, English, Scottish, Norwegian and a little Jewish blood all mixed up in little old me! I was reassured by my maternal grandmother (the youngest daughter of a youngest daughter) that as I am the youngest girl in my generation and my mother was also the youngest girl (as is my daughter) that having 'the gift' was a perfectly normal thing and that I should accept it with open arms. Our family traditions say that the youngest female in each generation is gifted with the spirit world, each in their own way. I accepted the 'gift' I really did, but to be honest I didn't have much choice in the matter, I seemed to live in a world full of people, animals and buildings (see my previous story 'I See Dead Houses') that other people couldn't see. I have been visited since I was a toddler (can't remember before that, obviously!) by my paternal grandmother who died when my dad was 12 - many, many years before I was born! She has guided me through my life as did my maternal grandmother.

My mother never really accepted her gift, but she did accept that she saw things and heard things that other people didn't.

My maternal granny said that I was both a 'conjurer' and a 'conduit'. The means that I can 'summon' other worldly things as well as try to guide the spirits that are attracted to me. I often meet with spirits in my everyday life (including a couple of times arriving suddenly in the passenger seat when I'm driving!)

This story is about me when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I was playing in the downstairs hall of our house (a three storey Victorian town house in London, which we moved from when I was about 10). I had what my mum always referred to as my 'imaginary' friends (although in later life she admitted she would see them from time to time) with me - a little girl the same age as me whose name I can't remember, but it was a long time ago, my two white bunnies with red eyes and my little monkey with a long tail and a smiley face - when I thought I needed someone else to play with me. I did what I always did (totally untrained and unrestrained at this point) and told the empty air around me that I would like a big white teddy to play with me, as well as my friends. I remember what felt like hot air going around and around about half way up the stairs. I promptly ignored this until I heard what sounded to my very young ears like an old man (like my Grandad) coughing the way he did when he wanted to talk to me - think a very loud clearing of an adult throat. By this time, all of 10 minutes after my request to the empty air, I had forgotten all about my wish for a big teddy bear to play with. The throat clearing noise continued until I finally realized that my grandad wasn't visiting, but that the noise was coming from half way up the stairs, about the same place that the little hot whirlwind had happened.

When I looked up the stairs from where I was sitting (I was kind of half way between the bottom step and the line down from the top stair, if that makes sense) I saw my big, white teddy bear. He (thinking back it was definitely male - it had all the correct 'equipment' for a boy, but this could be a false memory imagined as an adult!) was definitely white - his whole body was covered in white, curly fur which looked very soft and cuddly. He had long legs for a teddy and they finished in such cute little paws. He had a fat paunch of a belly and very long arms with big hands. When I looked up a little further, I saw his face - I had been so mesmerized by the pretty, curly fur that it took me some time to look up at his face. To this day (over half a century later!) I wish that I had never looked up any further than his fat tummy. His face was absolutely terrifying. He had a long snout like nose which was flattish and almost as wide as his face. His mouth was full of abnormally long and very sharp looking teeth. He looked like he had far too many teeth for his mouth. His eyes were quite big and red and they seemed to glow the way the embers glow in a dying fire (we had coal fires at the time so I knew what they looked like when they were dying down). One of the most fascinating things to me was that he had large curly horns on the side of his head that looked too big for his head. I was still staring at him, trying to work out exactly what he was when I noticed that his 'cute' little paws and large hands actually ended in what looked like very long and sharp finger nails. With hindsight (such a wonderful thing!) I wonder if the reason I'd not noticed the nails before was because they were retractable like a cats. I really don't remember the nails/claws appearing.

He stared at me for ages. My 'imaginary' friends vanished into the cupboard under the stairs and I was left alone with this monstrous teddy bear who was looking at me the same way a cat looks at a mouse. I still remember how intense his stare was and how it started the first stirrings of terror in my little body. Worse was coming though. The demonic teddy bear (sounds like something from a comedy horror film, but it was anything but funny!) started to talk to me. Even worse, he knew my name.

He spoke to me, asking if I would like to go and play with him. He told me he knew a great place to play. We could play dollies or roller skating or even shops - my favourite game at the time - and he would clear up afterwards. He seemed to know everything I liked and everything I hated, like playing shops and never wanting to clear up. I remember telling him that my mummy wouldn't like it if we took all the tins out of the cupboard to play shops as I was still in a little bit of trouble for playing shops a few days before and leaving the tins on the stairs whilst I fell asleep in the sitting room. He told me not to worry, he had lots of things to play shops with.

I'd started to feel ok about him, maybe he was just a strange bear, maybe a polar bear like the one I'd seen on the telly a couple of days before, which started my 'need' for a white teddy bear. Sounds weird that I should associate a creature with glowing red eyes with a polar bear but, to be fair, TV in the UK was still only available in black and white at the time.

I changed my mind very quickly (well, quickly for a small child, anyway) and told him I didn't like him staring at me because mummy said it was rude to stare. This is when he had a huge change in attitude. He told me that he wasn't going to play with me unless I took his (very large and sharp nailed) hand and went with him. I clearly remembering thinking about it and weighing up in my young mind whether it would be worth the trouble I would be in if I went out of the house with someone who was not only a large horned, teddy bear but also a complete stranger.

Whilst I was thinking about this he was getting impatient and tapping his foot on the step he was standing on. He suddenly stopped tapping and looked down the hall to the front door. I could see a familiar outline walking down the hall towards me. It was my paternal grandmother, known to me as Granny X (name withheld as it would reveal who I am, as it's a very uncommon surname). If you remember at the beginning I said that my dad's mum died when he was 12. She'd been with me probably from birth, looking after me in more than one way. She told me to move away from my teddy bear and, as I was used to doing as I was told by Granny X I did. I moved to the bottom of the stairs because, although something inside me had finally told me that he was not a nice teddy, I still wanted to see what was happening.

Granny X took the lead, telling him quietly, so that I could hardly hear, to go back to whatever hell he had come from. He told her that I had 'summoned' him so I was now his, and he was told immediately that as a child I was incapable of deliberately summoning something like him. I think that Granny X was trying to avoid saying the 'd' word (demon/devil) in front of me, but that is conjecture on my part as I really couldn't understand a lot of what was being said and it could have been total contempt on her part.

The argument got louder and louder, and my mum came out of the kitchen and stopped dead when she saw the monster on the stairs. She asked me if Granny X was there with me and I said yes - she later told me that I said that she was 'telling the bad teddy bear to go away'. My mum managed to get past the spirit of Granny X and came to me and picked me up, holding me close to her. Granny X told her (through me, mum could never see or hear her) to stay where she was and not to move.

Granny X continued to do what I thought was an argument with the teddy bear. I heard snippets of what was said but the words are lost in time. I suddenly noticed that the teddy bear seemed to be getting smaller, about half the size he had been and my memory is telling me (rightly or wrongly when seeing through adult eyes) that he was 'shrinking' into himself. When I looked again, he was gone. There were no remains of him, not a thing. He might have never been there. In the movies these creatures go with a 'popping' noise or a flash of fire and brimstone. Nothing.

When I went to bed that night my 'imaginary' friends returned (finally!) and told me that he was a very naughty teddy bear and that my brown teddy (the one I was cuddling) was much nicer and wouldn't get me into trouble.

About a week later my maternal grandmother told me that I had conjured the teddy bear - I assume that my mum had told her what had happened - and that I needed to be very careful about what I asked for in the future just in case something horrible came to me again. To be honest I didn't really understand at what she was telling me at the time, but as it was discussed regularly as I grew up, it did finally dawn on me what my grandmother was telling me.

Since this time I have managed not to conjure any more 'creatures from hell' but still have Granny X looking after me. She was with me when my kids were born and was there when I had a baby that died shortly after birth, and think that she escorted my baby to wherever he went. I try very hard not to 'conjure' spirits but guess I do slip up from time to time - when my beautiful little dog died when I was in my 20s I used to see the rug in front of the fire where she used to sleep move and hear her claws pattering around the place. I think I called her back as I had her since I was a child and she was 17 when she died.

I know that I am very lucky to have a family (including my long suffering but spiritually aware husband) that understands what is going on through personal experience, and very fortunate that I have been able to guide my daughter through her journey with the spirit world. She says that she sees and talks to my dad (who passed away at the tragically young age of 54) and that she feels like he's looking after her, much the same as my granny is looking after me.

Thank you for reading, and apologies for the length of this story.

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tigerfeet (4 stories) (11 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-01)
Thank you for your comments and sorry for the delay in relying. At the beginning of the year I relocated to one of the UK's remote islands, and internet connection can be intermittent at times.
Cantun - I'm not sure about the ring finger thing as I have a condition which affects connective tissue so all my joints are very flexible, and I don't have bumpy palms or soles. In answer to your question, I don't remember the teddy bear thing talking to me with it's mouth, but I don't remember it talking directly to my mind, either. I just know that it talked to me and wanted to play with me. About Charlie - I think he travelled up with us, maybe in my car or in the van my husband was driving lol! Things started 'moving' within a day of us arriving here.
Ragine - I too believe that everyone is born with psychic ability, but I also believe that the vast amount of individuals block it out. If you look at the stories on this site many of them took place in the contributor's childhood rather than once they were adults.
Jubeele - I firmly believe that had I not had Granny X's protection my life would have gone in a very different direction! With adult hindsight, I think that the teddy demon believed that as I had called it into this world I was it's property, something that still terrifies me to this day.
I am extremely lucky to have been born into such an open minded family. My dad had no psychic abilities at all and wasn't sure about mine until Granny X told me something about his childhood which I passed on to him. He went very pale and never questioned mine or my mother's abilities after this - I think he was a little upset that I couldn't forecast the winning combination for the football pools, though! I still have two of the teddies I always slept with as a child - I have always thought of them as protecting me whilst I sleep, and they still sit in my bedroom (on a shelf nowadays, though) and maybe are still protecting me a bit. I think we have to consider the possibility that some toys ARE imbued with qualities that protect children, and this theory would also explain why children get very attached to some toys.
With regards to the teddy things strange attributes, I think that at first I was so enthralled by the appearance of a giant teddy bear with such pretty curly fur that I really didn't notice it's not so nice attributes. The funny thing is that I don't remember being scared of it until I noticed the finger and toe nails, but by that point Granny X was with me and maybe she explained to me that it was not a nice teddy but a bad teddy - who knows! I don't remember whether I noticed the claws or the snout/nose and teeth before or after Granny X came to my rescue. She thinks that is funny and makes her sound like the cavalry in a western movie!
My husband is also gifted - he's a healer and senses things but very rarely sees anything. He was a bit shocked to hear me and my mum openly discussing something that I'd seen recently, but he said that the shock soon turned to relief when he realised that he was joining a family of psychics and could talk to other gifted people.

Thank you all for the interest in my story.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-27)
Hi tigerfeet

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experience and would have liked it to go on even longer. What a richly diverse heritage you have!

It is a wonderful blessing to have a family that accepts your gift, provides sage advice and shielding from harm. I think that in your innocence and youth, as well as the power of belief, you did call attention to yourself. But the entity that came to you was not what it pretended to be, and harboured less than honourable intentions. You saw it initially as a large white teddy bear, because I think that was how you summoned it and it was obliged to assume the semblance of that form.

What I find interesting is that you gradually detected more and more unteddylike details, like the "long snout like a nose", "abnormally long and very sharp teeth", glowing red eyes, "large curly horns", "long and sharp finger nails". It was clearly unable to hide its true nature from you, nor could it simply take you away without your consent. Perhaps your innocence was a form of protection in itself. And you had Granny X.

The gift in my family came from my paternal grandmother, and is shared by several members in the clan. As a child, I lined my plushie toys along the outer edge of my bunk bed, appointing them my guardians against the odd shadows that moved when the lights were off. I prayed every night for protection and courage, and those furry friends became like talismans for my young self. I collect teddy bears to this day. 😊

It's great that you've passed on the gift and the guidance to your daughter. I know that family members do return to see us and occasionally stay for a visit. When I inexplicably smell vanilla at our place, I sense a loving presence and the thought would come of Nanna, my husband's grandmother, who liked to bake.

Thanks for sharing this memory with us. I look forward to hearing more from you.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-27)
Hi tigerfeet

Definitely a riveting read, we all have a sixth sense or spiritual eye just that only a special select few of us are able to use it.
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (63 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-27)
To be able to summon up a play friend or anything is really quite amazing. Your story telling is fluid, and you have a great memory. It's kind of funny that that Demon just couldn't help itself but put on a Gruesome face for such a young child to try to win you over and possibly hurt you. Got to love Granny X. I wanted to ask, was it actually talking through all those teeth or was he using telepathy, do you remember. I have 3 of your bloods and must ask, do you have the Viking Ring Finger bend down problem or the palm or feet bumps. Mine started 5 years ago. Prevalent on my Mother's side. Hope Charlie made it there. Looking forward to your next story.

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