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I Thought It Was A Break In


On Saturday just gone (15/01/2011) I had what I believed was a burglar in my house, thankfully I was wrong, but what was it?

I had gone to bed at about 12. 30 am on Saturday night and was watching TV with the sound turned down hoping to fall asleep, when I heard someone walk up my stairs, which was worrying as I live alone. I laid there in stunned silence as I could hear the familiar creeks and bangs as the stairs where being stood on. It carried on right to the top of the stairs and stopped outside my bedroom for a few seconds, which seemed like hours, and walked forward in to a spare bedroom which is right in front of the staircase. I was still laid there stunned and not really sure what to do. After a few seconds I plucked up the courage to take a look. I got out of bed pulled the bedroom door open (it wasn't shut just half and half) nothing on the landing. I put the landing light on and walked in to the spare room, again nothing. At this point I decided to have a look around the house. Nothing was disturbed, no sign that anyone had been there accept me. I went back to bed but decided to leave the landing light on just in case my visitor decided to make another appearance. (Just to make you aware my house is semi-detached and the stairs do not back on to my neighbours stairs)

Nothing has happened since but as a side note, I used to sleep in the room that this thing walked into, but never got a good night's sleep as I always felt like something was watching me and it always gave me an uneasy feeling. In fact a few nights after I moved in, it was I guess around 2.30am I was asleep and the stereo came on in the living room down stairs, but it didn't just turn on it was as loud as it could go, it was playing a Dido song (surrender was the song, I'll never forget it) but that was a couple of years ago. I should also point out that it was a very basic radio with no sleep functions or timers or anything like that. It only happened once thankfully.

I've also had what I believe is my name being called out, it has only happened a few times since I have lived here and it has happened both at night when I have been in bed and during the day. The most recent was about six weeks ago. I was in the kitchen cooking some dinner, my Auntie had popped in but had gone to the shops to get some bits, when I heard a female say my name, quite clear not menacing or strange (apart from the fact I was alone) and not thinking anything of it I answered thinking it was my Auntie. I never got a response so I decided to go and ask her what she wanted; I was halfway between the kitchen and living room when I remembered she had gone out. I decided to check to make sure she hadn't come back and I didn't hear her but sure enough she wasn't there.

Not really sure what to make of these experiences, I don't feel scared in my house, but that one room gives me a bit of an uneasy feeling.

I have been reading stories and comments on this site for a while and thought after what happened last Saturday that I would like to share my experience. Any comments will be much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read it.

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flipflop (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
Hi guys, Thanks for your comments.
LuZhong, If someone had told me this story about their house I would have had a similar response, but It just hasn't worried me so far.
DARKNESS, The house is about 120 years old and has been in my family for about 48 of those years, My Grandparents owned it first, then my Auntie and now me. The area itself gets its name because it was built on seven springs.
Trix, setting ground rules could be a good idea if it gets to much.
Since writing this story I have begun to think of other events that have happened previously and will post another story about a previous house I lived in shortly.

Thanks again everyone for your comments.
Flipflop 😊
Trix (14 stories) (407 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
Hi flipflop, I agree with darkness on this one. I also tip of my hat for you staying alone in a haunted house. It's good that you're not scared because it shows that you are able to stand your man and, nothing can feed on you if there is no fear. It is your home and whatever bothers you there should know the rules. If it's just ghosts that mean no harm it will most likely listen to you if you lay down your rules. Good luck and take care. Trix ❤
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-19)
Hi flipflop: These seem like very subtle things to get your attention I believe you do have something in your home but it is not malevolent.
You mention that you slept in the other room but always felt watched, I think that whatever is there is attached to your home specifically that room. Do you know much about the house and the land history at all? Overall I would not be afraid although that is easier said then done sometimes. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for sharing.

LuZhong (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-18)
I would be scared and freaked out. Maybe can't even sleep unless I move out from the house. But Thanks for sharing:D

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