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Great Aunts Goodbye


This happened years ago, but I felt like I needed to share it.

I was having a sleepover, and my friend and I were staying up late (of course) and the cats were sleeping down in the basement with us. We had just turned off the lights, and we were getting ready for bed. All the sudden we started hearing stomping footsteps, we brushed them off; It could just be my parents walking around right? They continued on for quite a while, we aren't sure how long we had no way to see the time. The footsteps quieted down, then seemed to come down the stairs. This was odd because the door to the basement didn't open, we would have heard it, it squeaks terribly. Everything was quiet for a bit, then right in-between the space between the two beds (think of a right triangle-the two lines that make the right angle are the beds) we heard ~I'm sorry, so sorry~ in a whispering, sing-song woman's voice. Then the thumping of the footsteps started up again, going up the stairs across the first floor, up the second floor and back down and then general wandering. We didn't get that good of a night's sleep that night.

When we woke up that morning, my parents were at the kitchen table, looking very sad. They told us that my great Aunt had died that night, around one. We asked them if they had been walking around last night, they said they had stayed in bed all night. It was the best night sleep they had had in a long time. Apparently my great Aunt just wanted to say good bye, and see the house, she had never been to our house before.

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