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I remember sitting on my laptop in the kitchen one night maybe around half 1 in the morning despite my mum telling to be off by midnight. It was the middle of the summer and I was just enjoying having a lazy night in talking to friends over facebook, just the usual.

As half an hour seemed to drag on I finally decided to go to bed and try not wake mum up at the same time. (My kitchen is directly across from my mother's room downstairs so being quiet was quite difficult)

While I was tidying away the cable I could see my cat waking up and then stare out into the hallway through the arched door... She never moved when I scuffled towards her to stroke her and see what she could be looking at but there was nothing interesting apart from the house phone sitting on the floor. I never made anything of it so returned to my silent escape mission to my bed upstairs.

It's important to know that I was sitting with my right hand side to the arched door and between the door and I were the cupboards and the 2nd cooker. If anyone got up and I was in the kitchen, the hall echoes so I could detect if anyone was up and going a wander... Or so I thought. Also there are small cupboards where the electrics were kept, with the shiny surfaces I could also see who's feet were coming in if I heard them first.

I turned my back to the door for around a minute to turn the kitchen lights off and I suddenly felt very cold draught even though there were no windows open. Just as I turned the light off I thought I heard scuffling of feet, getting a fright I turned round haphazardly without taking a breathe... Nothing and no one was there, not even the cat so I convinced myself it was the cat being crazy again.

I walked forward to lift my laptop from the counter and as I looked up there was a distinct dense black figure of what looked like a girl. I got such a fright I nearly dropped my laptop off the floor but managed to save it, I never took my eyes of the figure in front.

I felt safe enough to put the laptop down on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

The figure never moved apart from the head which seemed to follow me as I walked back cautiously. The girl or apparition reached out a hand to me through the dark as if wanting to show me something or wanting help. I wasn't sure how to deal with the situation so I just closed my eyes and turned to the mirror on my right... When I opened my eyes the figure of the girl wasn't in the mirror! It was two of me. I was in a panic and thought I was ill, nothing like that had ever happened to me before.

I grabbed my laptop and ran through the dark upstairs and hid in my bed. I cried myself to sleep that night and even recalling the event still scares me not knowing what it was!

What I've told is true, none of it is a lie or fable. I know friends and family wouldn't believe a word of it.

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