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Where To Begin - The Mirror Came Back


Its been a few years since I last posted on this site; but there have been some crazy developments within my household.

My siblings and I are planning on moving out of the house we shared with our lovely parents (yes, we are all adults; no, none of has children; yes we are planning on living together - I mean this economy is trash in this point in time). My baby sis and I were discussing our plans and it was just us at the house - me watching her play her video game and her playing, informing me of the new games coming out. We went back and forth from talking about her video games to her new room shes getting when we finally get into a new house. She said (something along these lines) 'I've wanted my own room since Mom kicked sis out of your bedroom and moved me in. I always loved the idea of having my own space...' and then all of a sudden the broom in the kitchen fell and made a loud 'smack' noise on the tile. We both jumped and looked at eachother like 'WTF JUST HAPPENED'. Since she's so brave, I sent her to go look at the kitchen (yes I'm the biggest scaredy cat ever - but sis can handle herself LOL) and see if anything broke. She walked in and all that was out of place was the broom. WEIRD

Like I said, we've been discussing our new path in life and planning on moving out of this house. If I had the money to keep it I would, but it's too expensive to fix up; 'its cheaper to buy a new house' said the contractor. Anyway, we've been slowly picking up the house - trying to get some of our parents stuff boxed up (it's more pictures of them and us growing up - scattered everywhere in the house). Well on one odd night, I was cleaning behind the TV where Mom put all her little nik naks over the years. There was this medium sized, porcelain, shell-shaped bowl (wow that's a lot of details LOL); Mom got it at a rummage and told us all 'one day, I'm taking you kids to the ocean; any ocean just so you can find a shell for me' and we laughed. I looked into it and I got a bit of goosebumps.

Why goosebumps? Well, let me give you a bit more details to this story.

Right before Mom passed, she went to Claire's (the cheap jewelry store - its fun jewelry and I always loved that store) and bought me this cute little mirror that has these lil jewels on them. Yea it was just a lil mirror but I loved it and Mom knew my taste was very cheap (LOL) so she got me it. I always looked in that mirror and even on the day she passed, I tried talking to her while she was in her coma and told her I had the mirror and she should wake up so I could brush her hair and she could look at herself in the mirror. She never woke up.

Anyway, back to the goosebumps. When Mom passed, I broke that mirror in half and gave her the backing of the mirror and I kept the jeweled side. I know it. I put it in her casket right next to her left elbow... Tucked it in so no one would see it and take it out (because we all have that one family member). Well guess what was in that bowl behind the TV? Yup you guessed right - the other half the mirror I gave to Mom. I asked my siblings and other relatives and no one has owned up to pulling out that mirror from her casket. WEIRD x2

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Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-15)

I love it.

Sorry for the loss of your parents. Hope you and your siblings find a lovely home where you can create new memories together.

Blessings and take care.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-23)

I agree with Melda, there could be a plausible explanation for the broom. You didn't mention any other activity, so I'm not sure if you're dealing with something paranormal.

I do believe however, that your mother 'gave' you the half of the mirror back. I had a similar incident involving my own mother who has passed away and a pair of her shoes. Basically, the pair she was wearing the night she passed away went missing for about 6 months. After some investigating and giving up, they appeared in my parents bedroom. I'm not going into details, but there was (and still is) no possible explanation for the reappearance.

I believe our loved ones that have 'moved on' are always showing us they are around, love us and support us. ❤

Thanks for sharing
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-22)
m4dm - Had you ever experienced paranormal activity in this house before?

There could be a logical explanation for the falling of the broom or, on the other hand, it could be your mom trying to attract your attention to let you know that she is aware of your intention to leave the old family home.

It seems to happen quite often that items which have disappeared have a way of returning. This has happened to me as well.

Perhaps a relative doesn't want you to know that he or she removed the section of the mirror which you put in your mother's casket. Were you alone with her when you did this?

If you can't find any logical explanation, then I admit I'm as stumped as you are!

Regards, Melda

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