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Seeing The Lady In White


The story I'm about to tell happened years ago, but I remember it clearly, like it just happened yesterday.

My family and I came to Denmark in 1993, and after 6 months we had to live in a refugee camp on an island called Langeland. And so the refugee camp became our home in the following years. But it was actually really nice there, and we had some good years.

There were many families and a lot of children; everyone knew each other, so it was impossible to feel alone.

All of us children were out all day long and played all kinds of games, and we liked to go and play around the forest. When the dark fell we all went crazy, we usually played hide and seek. And we found it fun to scare each other. The darkness hides all the things you know, and can give them a scary look, when it is dark you can easily mistake a tree for being a scary man with an axe.

So there were many things that we thought were scary, but it was sometimes just our imagination.

But when I saw the woman, I was absolutely sure that it was real.

I think that when you let yourself believe in the supernatural, there is a high chance of experiencing something supernatural.

So one day my friend and I were walking on a path, not far away from the refugee camp. It was only surrounded by grass, fields and some small bushes, so you could see everything and everyone who walked on the other path. These two paths led to the same forest, and there was no way of getting off those paths.

There we were, walking around and talking on a sunny day... That was something we always did. But suddenly we heard someone calling my friends name. We looked around, to see where the voice was coming from. My friend didn't answer, because our parents have always told us not to answer anyone, who couldn't be seen.

We asked each other if we heard it, just to be sure that it wasn't just our imagination.

We were still looking around and as our eyes skimmed the other path, we saw this white figure.

It was a woman and she was wearing a white dress, but she wasn't alone. As she walked, there was a couple of small black figures right behind her. They looked just like children, very small children who all wore black clothes. That was weird.

We were starting to lose the sight of them, so we decided to run towards them. We just had to know who it was. We came to the path were she was walking a few seconds before, just to find out that there was no one there.

There was absolutely no one to be seen. And like I said before, there were no other paths but those two. There weren't any shortcuts... Plus there were only fields around the paths and forest. So if there was a real person there, we would have seen them.

My friend and I didn't know who it could have been, knowing that it was a small area, and that there weren't any stranger's who came to the area. All the people at the refugee camp knew each other very well, so we had no idea who it could've been.

No woman in the refugee camp wore white dresses, but when we thought about it, one woman from the refugee camp crossed our mind.

There's was this one woman, who liked to wear light and white clothes. There was a small chance that it could have been her. But why on earth would she be walking around the forest by herself? It didn't make any sense. It couldn't have been her.

The fact that it might have been someone we knew helped us control our fear a bit, but not for too long. We were sure of that the small black figures (the children?) couldn't have been someone we knew at the refugee.

So after our little encounter, we went back to the refugee camp and tried to forget the scary woman.

But my friend and I were 100 % sure of, that we have seen The Lady in White that day.

There was no other explanation to be found.

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Fire_Fairy (1 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-06)
😕 Try to find if anyone was dead or missing at that refugee camp... 😐
rabidghostcow (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-22)
I do admit it is scary... Try looking up things in the past about that place or anything to do with it. Most likely something will pop up.

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