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Ghost at Oak Ridge Military Academy


I used to live at oak ridge military academy in North Carolina, which was the site of a civil war battle, I experienced many supernatural events while attending the academy. One of the places that was haunted was a room in cone dorm. Many people had experienced the ghost that lived in that room, we would slide hangers under the door and they would all fly around and hit the door, then one day we slid a bible under the door and the next day we found it outside under the window... In shreds. Nobody has had the nerve to enter this room.

Another ghost was the one who haunted the middle room in the girls dorm, there were severe temperature drops and you could see your breath, and when no one was in the room it sounded like someone was bouncing in the old spring beds, and you could hear giggles that sounded like little girls playing.

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lovely (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-04)
i went to orma in 90-91. I know the stories are very true. I lived at whitaker hall down stairs. My room looked right at benbow hall. I remember I was getting ready to go to study hall one night and had my books on the steps next to the parking lot. I went to go pick them up and walk down the couple of steps that were there and next thing I know, I'm being forcefully shoved off the top of the top step(I was about 3ft. From the edge) I cleared all of the steps and landed about 4ft from the bottom step. As I fell, I heard a snap and then someone laghing at me. There was no one anywhere near me at all when I looked up at the steps. I was sooooooo freaked out that I didn't tell anyone what really happened until much later after I left the next year. I have many more things that I can tell you about my experiences at that school that make my hair stand on end to this day.

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