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I had a couple experiences at one of the apartments I lived in when I was 8. (Back story of the apartment: apparently a miner hung himself in the apartment.)

The first story is that I was sleeping in the master bedroom and then I woke up to a tug on my hair. When I opened my eyes it was a figure dressed in miner clothes. I just pulled the covers over me and fell back asleep.

The next one took place in the living room. My family and I were watching TV and the front door slowly opened and quickly closed. We sat there in shock for a couple moments because the door was locked.

Now my final story is of a friend of my mom's. So my mom's friend was staying in over the night and she said she heard footsteps at night. Then she said in the morning when I was at school and my parents were at work someone was calling her name. She thought it was my dad until she found out he wasn't there. She never stayed with us in that house again.

My mother owned a stereo/radio. She would leave it in the living room off. So one night it turned on and started playing music and my whole family got up to see what had happened. My mother told me that it happened for a couple more nights so she was tired of it and she unplugged it. Then in the middle of the night, guess what happened? It was playing music again with it plugged in. My mother had to put it away in a box for it to stop.

Now I have one more story. This one comes from my dad. Well, a friend of my dad's, "Tim", lived in an old house, circa 1700's. One night he saw a ghostly figure standing at the top of the stairs. He seemed to look down at him, then simply faded away.

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lovelight78 (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-27)
Sounds to me like the miner was still living there also. That's crazy! Maybe ya'll shoulda done a cleansing. Probably woulda done the trick.

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