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Back For More? Or Has Alway Been Here?


So if you've read An Old Visitor? You would know what has happened lately. From scratching to whispering which is mainly common for people experiencing a haunting. But things have happened since I was a child.

Hearing heavy unsettling footsteps down my hallway were already frightening enough as a child, but then one night I heard some music was playing, (which was what was waking me up), anyways, I figured that it was one of my mom's creepy wind up clowns she kept on my dresser. I was right, I went up to turn it off and I realized that it had no key to operate it! I also remember being always scared all the time as well as a kid, but my parents always shrugged it off, telling me that it was just the pipes or my imagination.

So now, I'm old enough to make my own decisions, like religion, I was grown up, and more pounded into the Baptist religion, but now that I am a few months from 16, I have chosen that the Baptist religion is not was I truly believe, I have no idea is to what religion I plan on having, or any at all but so far I'm just sort of on my own in that area. Anyways, right around this time, things started acting up at an increased volume. I mainly turn to writing when these things come up, very much so when the first instance happened.

I was sitting with my sister in the living room, we were talking, no TV and the windows were shut and no one was up. She leaned over and asked what that noise was. I listened, it was from the bathroom, it turns out that the cabinets had been opening and shutting on their own, we checked, they were all open but they stopped as I entered the room.

Later that night I looked in the hallway and saw two black legs run down the hallway, they had a human like quality though, and they stopped right at the end of the hallway, facing where I was sitting, they soon disappeared about a minute afterwards.

Soon, whispering entered my room, the sounds of a woman about a foot away from me woke me up, the words were unrecognizable, in some other language I assume, it was hurried as well, then it went away. After I calmed my self down, I laid on my side to go back to bed, it was around one in the morning at the time, and then a man's voice was right in my ear, very loud, again so fast that I couldn't understand, I couldn't understand the language either. I also on occasion hear a young child's voice, always in the corner of my bed late at night, once I have heard them all talking at once in sync I guess you would say.

Then, I started seeing the "figure" as I call it, this was about four months ago, in the middle of December, I went to go to the bathroom, and I can always look into the big bathroom mirror, and if the door is open, I can see into the door way of my sister's room. So I flushed the toilet and all, and was on my way out, when something caught my attention in the mirror before I went back to the bed, it was a person? Standing there. Close to seven feet, it was tall I can tell you that, enough to have to bend its head out into the hallway to see me. Its eyes were huge and bright, white and a solid black pupil, that's what caught me in the first place. It was grinning slightly at me, its hands were also clasped to its side, it had long fingers too, and it had no human qualities this time, besides the grin. The bottom half of his or its torso was not visible. Now I see this fellow in corners of rooms, next to me, sitting on the couch in other rooms, sometimes it has a black hood over its head. I have seen it at school, friend's houses, once at dear friends of mine; I was lying on the floor and saw it standing over me! Its bright eyes were there, that's how I knew it wasn't a dream, it reached over and hand its hand over my face for a brief second and I quickly sat up and it was gone.

Things have even picked up further, my stuffed animals over on my head board have been pushed all in the direction I sleep on in my bed, so when I wake up, they are all positioned to be looking at me, at first I thought it was my sister joking, but this happened for about a week and a half, that I would have to wake up and push them all back.

Sleep paralysis has only happened once. I woke up around two thirty, I had to pee, and I tried to get up, but I felt hands on my legs, I could not for the life of my get up, but I knew that it was not a dream, you can always differ, I could use all my senses, I was scared too, my adrenaline was pumping, and then about three minutes later it let go, and I ran out of there, I took my sweet time peeing.

I also usually place a towel besides my shower before I get in, being lazy I guess, I soon got out, but my towel revealed a surprise, a big long foot print was on my towel, it was a Sasquatch looking print, it looked like a human print, only with out the big toe, and the pinky toe.

Friends have later told me they cannot come over anymore, mainly because of the creeped out feeling they get, cold spots and the occasional figure near me.

The smell of something burning has been lurking in my room when nothing has or was on fire or anything to be reeking like that. Also I wake up and feel as if a big person has sat on my chest for the entire night, I wake up and I am also drenched in sweet and I'm covered in pillow lines, as if I were clenching all my blankets and sheets as tight as I can.

Lately I have also been having a second breathing, it's almost too hard to explain, I will be breathing obviously, and I can feel someone else breathing through me, I can feel it in my throat and lungs, it usually is very labored, as if I was running all day.

Seeing black masses that are unexplained in pictures, scratches that are too, unexplained, and my sister heard my fellow in my room, she yelled for it to go away and she claims she heard it run to her and shove her into the couch. She also went swimming with me and she always swims on her own, and while we were in the locker room, I noticed on her leg from her thigh down to her ankle three long scratches that she didn't notice until soap touched it. As soon as we left the building, so did the scratches.

Coughing and sneezing are also detected in my room when there is no one there, my pets always bark or run away, basically agitated when ever activity is about to act up, meaning either a sighting of the figure, or whispering, scratching noises on the wall, or sightings next to me, usually it crawling towards me, or it smiling on the outside side of the sliding glass door that leads to the back yard.

Amongst it all, I've grown a great feeling of depression at home, maybe other places, and I constantly am feeling tired and drained at home, I am starting to think it is taking energy from me.

Then I started getting these dreams, a couple days ago even, activity is always random, never following a pattern as it is. Anyways, I had this dream, it was only a man who was dressed in 1700's attire, and he had thinning brown hair. He was sitting in a dark room on an arm chair, he was just sitting there, laughing, more of a demented chuckling that a crazy man would do, he had a fishing hook, and he was still laughing while he shoved the hook down his lower eye lid, he laughed, looking at me, (the point of view looked like I was watching TV) and he slowly dragged it down his face, then he pulled it out, a little blood, if I remember, and he placed it in him mouth, and he did the same, laughed and pulled down.

Other things have happened from the TV banging, seeing it's reflection in TV's, doors swinging open and slamming shut without windows or breeze, loud footsteps still in my hallway, in the basement, bed shaking violently (happened three or four times now) my cousin had a stupid ghost finder app on her iPod, she went into the bathroom and a strong presence claimed it was standing in the shower, the words are supposed to be random, but it kept repeating GO AWAY, so we did, we went into my room, I can usually feel the bed sink in on one side, so we sat there, and again a strong presence it read, and it kept saying ANGRY, Still born baby, over and over. So we went to the basement, again strong presence always about a foot away from me, she told me readings on it were off the charts, now I cannot take this evidence to the bank, an app is an app, not so trusting, but I don't believe in coincidences, let alone one this big.

So there you have it for now, I apologize for the length, but I felt I should describe these events in great detail for anyone interested, please comment, am I crazy? I'm starting to think so myself. Or is this really something? My parents beg to differ, but I would appreciate any comments that you have, I would really like to get insight on this "friend of mine". Also, I am curious as to what it wants from me, I have not tried to communicate with it, and I won't, so what does it want?

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mdoile (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-29)
To be honest, I have never had that much happen to me. But I have done research and talked to people and so on. I was always told to get sage for keeps it pure. And incents. Now what I use is a snowflake obsindene. Which is a small stone that you can get from astore that sells witch crafts stuff and stuff. See I am a strong believer in God, but don't call me a "holy roller" cause I'm not even close. Though after I got this stone. I started to feel a lot more comfortable. I also picked up some black salt. There's also white salt you can take and put some across door ways, windows and so fourth. Though, I am not an expert.
deathandrosesparanormal (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-31)
You need to call a group to come over and uncover the truth. Wish you were close to us.
Good Luck. If you need any references, let me know.
xtraterrestrial (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-30)
First of all, that ghost app thingy isn't real. My mom has it on her phone and it said that there was a ghost on top of me but I didn't feel anything. I think you should try talking to it and saying to get out of your life. That usually works for people. I hope this helps! 😲
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-30)
I have to agree with BadJuuJuu on this one. While I was reading the story, I kind of felt your pain. This must be terrifying. Tell this enity that it cannot harm you anymore in a firm but strong voice. But you might need to have a medium help you.
With the religion thing, don't worry, you don't even have to have a Religion if you don't want to. Just be strong in yourself and your own beliefs (you can mix and match beliefs to what suits you).
I do agree that certain kinds of entities absolutely love feeding off negative energies and will make you feel depressed (I had similar entity).
You are strong and this thing cannot control/feed off you forever.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2011-03-30)
I don't think you're crazy. ❤
I do think what you have going on is worrisome though. Communication with this seems unwise. I would limit any communication to telling this thing to behave itself or get out. Those are it's options, no negotiations, behave or be gone. Be strong, show no weakness. In some cases, it comes down to a battle of wills. I think this may be one of those instances.
You mention a feeling of depression. There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to a doctor, and seeing if he can help you out. Taking an antidepressant is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of taking control. Taking control and empowering yourself is vital. Take charge, see a doctor. Certain types of entities like it when a person feels depressed. Depression leads to feeling weak, feeling weak leads to not wanting to fight for yourself, which in turn leads to feeling like you're not worth fighting for. You are worth it. Fight.
You may feel you need some help battling this situation. If so, try to find a reputable medium in your area who can help you clear this thing out of your home. This is my opinion, but when activity goes from noise and shadows to being touched, scratched, etc, it's time for the cause of the activity to get out. Physical injury is never permitted.
If you haven't talked to your parents about it, tell them. If they don't believe you, try again. Have your sister tell them about the scratches. Both of you united will be have a bigger impact.
Don't give up, don't give in.

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