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An Old Visitor?


For further notice, I am a horrible speller. As a child I remember the house creaking at night in odd ways, foot steps echoed my hallways and I always remembered my parents convinced me that it was all in my head. But then one night, I heard the heavy footsteps in the hallway again, and my sister started to get scared so she came and sat by me on the bed with me.

You know those wind up creepy clown dolls? Well my mother for some reason, kept all these clowns on my dresser. Around two-ish that morning, one of the clowns went off. It was really creepy along with the noise it played. I picked up the clown and noticed it had no key which meant that there was no real way for it to work. It had stopped after my sister threw something at it.

After that, I didn't remember anything until about a year and a half ago. It all started when I was waking up every morning to all my stuffed animals on my head board positioned towards the side I sleep on. It was also creepy in a way I couldn't understand. So every morning I would reposition them and find them like that in the morning.

I soon heard whispering, sometimes a boy, or a woman, rarely a man. Sometimes I heard them in sync, all talking quickly and hurried sounding, most of the time; I cannot understand what they are saying. Once the hair was brushed off my face, with out the help of a fan or open window. The whispers tend to be right in my ear, but visual experiences are very rare.

The first "sighting" of the apparition was nearly five months ago. I was going into the bathroom in the middle of the night, I opened the door after I was finished, and right next to the bathroom in a hallway, and diagonal from the bathroom is my old room, my sisters' room. I looked into the mirror, and I could see into the doorway of their room. And in their room I saw a...figure is all I can call it.

It was tall, so tall it was leaning from the inside of their room, and its head was poking out from the inside of the doorway.

Its eyes were big and bright, both were staring almost in awe of me. Its hands were long and clasped to the side of its face. Even a small smile was on its face. The bottom half of its torso was too faded to understand. Usually sightings happen for seconds, but I watched it stare at me slowly while I half paralyzed walked back to my room. This marked the first sighting of it. Most days I see it in the corners of the rooms I'm in, even at school and at friend's houses. I also have seen a foot print facing me on a towel I had on the bathroom floor, it was long and looked like a human foot with out the big and pinky toe.

My cat and 2 dogs frantically bark at nothing, usually when this happens, some activity picks up. It has gotten up close and personal with not only me. A while ago, probably two months ago, my sister came home early from school; she heard noises in my room, knowing that no one was home. She yelled for it to go away, and she heard the scuffing on carpet almost as if it ran to her, she claims that she was pushed into her couch. Soon after, probably days, we went to go swimming, after that we all took showers, I looked down at her leg and three long scratches from her knee to her ankle. She hadn't noticed until I had said something.

Lately whispers and slight touching is all that is part of the "norm", but I simply posted this story to get some light of what this really is, what is it capable of doing, and will it go away? Thanks for reading this.

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redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-03)
I think you have a different energy being in your home that isn't human. It is capable of doing a lot of things but it sounds pretty passive right now. Even the scratching. Maybe your sister got to close to it and it warned her. It could be a demon but it seems very shy. What an interesting fellow you share your home with.
Petersspirit (4 stories) (144 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-02)
Hey Kendall,

The sounds of someone walking around and of someone talking is something we have bin expeierincing over here for a number of years now. As for the form of spirits, well they can show them selfs as they like since they are free of shape and not known to you. Finding out about the place where you live would be a very interesting thing to do I think... I wish you and your sis alots of strenght coping with these ghosts! Nice sharing, your spelling seems more then alright to me!

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