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Gifted Children? Haunted Children?


My daughter is only 4 years old and I think, I think she is seeing shadow people. At first I chalked it up to lights flooding in from her bedroom window as cars drove at night. But just last night she said she saw squares of multi-colored lights in my room. I keep my room pitch black, no light seeps in through the closed curtains.

So it made me revisit what she had told me previously.

She had told me before that they come only at night and they appear on her closet door. There is a boy and a girl and they wear hats. She makes a movement as if to head butt the air. "They like to knock heads." I had asked her if they speak to her and she said, "No, they are shy." I asked her if she sees them as people or shadows. She said, "They are black like your hair." She told me they are not there if she keeps her closet door open and also when her younger brother sleeps with her, that they do not tend to bother her at all.

But last night she said she was staring at pictures on my ceiling fan. Little squares of light, orange, brown, and black, I even asked her to draw them for me. Sure enough little squares.

My dad can see auras, shadow people and ghosts so I made sure to call him immediately. He told me I need to get them baptized. He had told me previously he had seen something special about my son when he was first born. His aura projected from his tiny body smiling up at my father, the spirit baby moving first, and then the physical body following 2 steps behind. He said, there is something in the Resa blood that merits baptism. That God helps to add an additional barrier against the paranormal.

Gifted Children? Haunted Children? 1

Gifted Children? Haunted Children? 2

I am definitely worried now. He has told me so many things about his own childhood up to now. How us ultra-sensitive types attract anything, good, bad, or neutral. Myself, I've not "seen" anything with my physical eyes but I am extremely intuitive and follow more the way of an empath and I've had many a dream that has come true. Mind you, snippets of inconsequential matter.

The only other personal experience I've had was with my son. I was at my in-laws in Harlan, KY. And this certain nut cracker statue continually turned around to give my son candy from the candy dish that it holds. It is set up on a table that sits directly behind a couch between two other Christmas figures.

Mamaw had said all three statues were turned to the couch when we first arrived and that she had turned them back around to their original position, away from the couch. Day 1 he had gotten a candy by climbing up the couch and reaching for the candy in the candy dish, all statues were facing the couch at the time. Day 2, it was only the nutcracker that was turned around, and he had gotten a candy again from the nutcracker. Day 2 was also when, I noticed the statue turning, I turned the statue back around because I didn't want him getting anymore candy, plus I wanted to see if it would turn around again. Day 3 the nutcracker was turned around yet again. Mind you, these statues are very heavy, my son is a toddler, and the nutcracker would make a perfect 180. It stopped though after day 3.

Also another figure turned around in the room toward the end of our visit, a giraffe perched by a window. It had turned from looking outside to looking inside and everyone in the entire house denies touching anything.

Harlan does have a nick name, "Bloody Harlan" because of a certain series of murderous events. My husband says the house his grandparents live in used to be an Indian burial ground too. The street is aptly named "Mound St." I looked it up; a couple other ghost related stories had popped up around the general area, as well as my proof of everything that was told to me by him.

So as soon as I move back to my original house I plan to have both my children baptized. I was hoping to ask the open-minded among you all on how to go about paving paths for them towards becoming healthy adults coexisting with these possible abilities. I do not wish to attract anything negative to us. My understanding is that ghosts, shadow people; tend to be lonely creatures that like attention and some can be downright malicious, preying upon the weak-minded. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-02)
Shadow folks, and other malicious ghosties have been dealt with effectively over millenia.

Cold iron is a poetic and archaic term for iron, referring to the fact that it feels cold to the touch. In modern usage the term has been most associated with folkloric beliefs that iron could ward off ghosts, fairies, witches, and/or other malevolent supernatural creatures.

otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-24)
I agree with Pjod, I'm glad you are being supportive. I agree asking your father to help them is a good start. Cant offer more than that. Thanks for sharing! ❤
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-24)
im guessing this is in the new list due to the photos being added.
You can see from pic 2 that nut cracker looks heavy and where positioned should face way it is,
Will admit I did what I usualy do seen pics and checked them first without re~reading story.
Did think could not see anything but that figureen in middle facing wrong way, go figure that's what was ment to notice all along 😆
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-24)
Thanks for sharing your experience. Honestly, shadow people are generally not malicious. Shadow people tend to just watch, observe, and occasionally move in such a way as to make us notice them. The ones you typically have to worry about are the ones that you normally can't see. They behave aggressively. They throw things, pinch/bite/scratch people, fill rooms with strange noises and smells, and give off uneasy or negative feelings. Shadow people typically don't seem to carry any of those traits.

I'm glad that you're taking an active role in your childrens' "other sense" development. It can be very scary, as many of us know from our childhood experiences, to go through these things feeling scared and alone. I think your kids will be fine as long as you teach them that when they don't like the way an entity acts toward them, they can either ignore it or tell it to go away.
harrisonhess (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-07)
Pjod, thanks. I'm still trying to publish it but somethings wrong with this website's server.
Steven-GhostWatcher (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-07)
Thanks to the little that the ghosts have said, I am going to assume that the spirits your child is seeing are not dangerous. If they were, I would assume that they would be making more contact with your daughter in order to get closer to her. So sounds like little children ghosts...

The colors, I honestly do not know what to say about. I am in contact with many "empaths", or psychics, some might call them. I am sure that I can get a similar experience from one of them, and maybe that will get me a better explanation for you, but I am not entirely sure because I have not heard of it specifically before.

And on the baptism, you can go ahead, I will not say that baptism hurts at all. But to my knowledge, it will do little to nothing to actually help. It is true that children like your daughter can attract spirits of many kinds, "good", "bad", so on and so forth. My only real advice is to no deny what she can see and what she may be able to do. Be with her, one BIG problem I see with psychic children is that their parents refuse to believe them, or choose to ignore that it exists, which means that they can't be there for the child fully leaving the child to feel lonely. Your child seeing things doesn't surprise me too much though... Children tend to be the spiritually strongest sometimes for some reason.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-06)
harrison...why not put your story down in it's own thread? Sounds like one of interest...
harrisonhess (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-06)
ive had sort of the same experience, although the shadow was a mean one. Though I am not related to any ghostly experiences. The shadow that scared me resembled my mother. Although she stuck out her tounge and screamed like a banshee.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-06)
Just believe them when they mention things and treat each incident as it comes. My mother was like your father is now, she grew up seeing and communicating with spirits so it was made easy for us when we saw things to go directly to her. In our minds it was always best for her to figure out what was needed, if anything was at all.
The baptism is a good thing, I'm only talking from my personal experience here, so I'm of the mind that it helped keep anything bad away from me when I was young. We were all baptised in the Catholic church (not that it makes a difference) soon after our births and we never really experienced any bad entities growing up. I did have a couple of frights as an adult though, just nothing that I can recall as a child.
Seems to me you are doing just fine as you are, and the fact that you listen to your fathers advice shows you've got a good take on the whole situation. Thanks so much for sharing you're story and perspective with us, it gives me hope for our future generation when I hear that.
😊 ❤
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-06)
it is nice to see a parent being supportive to the little one... Too often, parents don't know how to react when this subject comes up. Sounds like you are doing good with this...
50ftqueen (5 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
hi, I just want to ask, what does "resa" mean? If it is an ethnic group, does that mean that "resas" are more prone to paranormal abilities?
510mot (3 stories) (262 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
After writing "Funeral Home Incident", a tale about my 1st childhood paranormal event, I noticed a commonality with other people's childhood encounters. Most people's 1st significant paranormal memory seems to occur at the age of four. Things escalated for me from that age on until now with me very comfortably calling myself a weird magnet. Even so I never thaught of myself as weird because it runs in my dad's family. We talk freely with each other in ways rarely with others. It is the best support you can have.
lynrinth (guest)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
Well, there are actually two things you could do with this. Tell your children not to pay attention to any of it. That in time it will all go away. By reinforcing this, it probably could happen. Or, you could foster their abilities. Take time and find out information you need for something like this. Your father sounds like a good start. There are legit people who can help with this. Probably a paranormal investigative team usually has a pyschic on board. Or, just let nature take it's course. Be there for the kids, listen to them, use your intuition about stuff like this in knowing what to do in certain situations, and maybe their 'gifts' will grow, or just gently die down. Um... As for attracting negative energy, you never really know what will come, but pray, and let your children know that whatever they see, to let you know. You can take it from there. Good luck.
aiafaith1 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
I'm a teen who is pyschic. My mom told me when I was younger that I would see colors around her. She said that I would say, "Mommy colors, there are colors around you." So, when I read this story, I felt connected to your daughter. I don't think I saw children in my bedroom though... That part seems a little off. Keep in mind though, that younger children often see more than we do. 😆

Best Wishes
~Aiafaith1 ❤
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
hi there interesting post thanks for sharing.
You must do for your children what you feel is right and obviously you accept the fact your daughter has some gift and I am glad to see you did not tell her it was not real. Yes children need to be protected and as there parent you will worry about them also the fact that you accept her gift not as a over active immagination or a child lying as some parents would.
I did enjoy the bit with the nut cracker giving your son sweets (candy) very amusing and a bit strange too
Please keep this post up to date if possible.
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-04)
I am happy that you consulted with your father about your children. Since it sounds like they are going to be growing up with these gifts it is important that you support them and take what they say seriously. Some parents chalk things up to kid's imagination. While it could be that sometimes that is the case but you would be the best judge. It may get cery scary for them at times. Don't tell her it is her imagination either it can cause a kid to go insane and sometimes lose their ability.

When I was younger I could see auras. I remember seeing them. I remember telling my father about the colors and grabbing at them around peoples face. I also remember my father not understanding what was going on. He made my mother take me to several eye doctors to find out nothing was wrong. My parents eventually told me to stop talking about it because what I was seeing wasn't real. Over time the colors faded and I don't see them anymore unless I really concentrate on it. I wish my mother knew what I was seeing at that time to help me. She didn't know either because I couldn't communicate effectively to get my point across

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