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The Haunted Woods


I have had many strange experiences in and around my home, however most have occurred in the woods near my house such as a ghostly confederate flag waving on the top of a hill where I had just come from, also I have seen dogs running through the woods late at night passing through trees as if they were not there.

My most creepy experience was not very scary, I had come down to a pond in the woods to try and catch some fish I had done this many times and was used to the random noises, then seemingly out of thin air an elderly man came up and talked with me, after talking for a little while he walked away to try fishing himself, I glanced over a few times and noticed there was no splash and simply ignored it. The final time I glanced over I noticed him walking towards the highway on the far side of the pond when suddenly he disappeared. This was VERY creepy as I had been talking with him not long before.

Also I have a friend that lives directly across the road from those woods who has seen strange things running through the field. I have witnessed many strange occurrences around my neighborhood, I have an aunt who committed suicide on the other side of the block, my father's grandparents lived in my house all their lives and I have seen them many times, the most recent was a few nights ago when my family was sleeping in our living room, my dad was sleeping in his chair on the far side of the room and they were standing directly over him looking at us so I went back to sleep.

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Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-07)
I am not sure what type of help you are seeking. Doesn't sound as if you are having any type of dangerous encounters with these spirits. Sounds more like they are coming to you for varied reasons. They may need your assistance in crossing over or maybe they are just lonely on the other side and wish to have someone to speak to; in which case again it would probably be better to help them cross over. Your grandparents are probably just watching over your family, I really wouldn't worry about them at all.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.

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