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I want to start off by saying that I couldn't really think of a interesting title for this story, so I apologize for it's lameness. This story took place in my house about a year from today. I have been practicing astral projection and developing my psychic abilities for years now, and it has been the one thing I can never know enough about or read enough stories about. Ghosts have also been a very intriguing subject to me, as my mom has told me stories how she has seen a ghost, along with many other family members.

Before I start my story, I would like to give my interpretation on ghosts and whatnot. I believe that spirits of the deceased that did not wish to continue their journey into heaven or whatever you believe, stay with us on earth, as a entity invisible to the naked eye. I think that when we actually see a ghost with our eyes, it is our mind allowing us to see this alternate dimension for a short period of time, or for some people all the time. But that is why we only see a ghost when we least expect it, because maybe our "third eye" is more active then usual. This is something I personally believe, and do not push others to conform to.

My stories actually dates back to when I was about 10 at my old house when I saw what I thought was my dead uncle whom I've never met but only saw pictures of and heard about. He died in a car accident with my dad, but my dad survived. About 4 people said they saw him the day he died in the house walking down the stairs or knocking on the door. I saw him sitting on my couch, and I literally ran upstairs as fast as I could. I later heard him whispering my name when I was drawing late on night.

Fast forward to last year. I was laying in bed watching T.V. when I felt something or someone lay next to me or at least put some pressure on the bed to make the bed go down even more. The bedroom light was on, so I didn't really panic or anything. I just laid there wondering if what just happened was real. Later that night, I was trying to astral project and my guitar that was leaning against my wall made a noise that it can only make when someone walks past it. It's kind of like a pressure asserted on the neck on the guitar that makes the tuning knobs click. If I were to walk past it, this sound would follow almost every time. So after I heard this sound, I tried to play it off like it just happened by coincidence, but then it happened again. I was certain that some sort of presence was in my room, because when meditating and achieving a trance state, I become very much aware of things I normally wouldn't. It's tough to explain to anyone who does not practice astral projection, but it's like having another sense opening up.

So after all these events went down, I was officially convinced that I had a ghost in my house. I must also mention that a few years back, I saw a black shadow pass through the crack of one of my doors where light was shining through, and when I went to turn on the light in the room I was in, it shattered. I was scared shitless.

The day after the bed and guitar thing happened, I wanted to tell my dad, but I knew he didn't really believe in that sort of stuff. But I began to tell him anyway, and he stopped me and said, "Were you home around 3:30pm yesterday?" But I was at work, so I said no and asked why he had asked. He said that he had heard footsteps around our upstairs when he was downstairs grading papers. He said he called out both me and my brother's names because he was so sure that someone was home. This pretty much convinced my dad that something freaky was going on in my house.

That's the end of my story. I'll be back to post again if anything else crazy happens. Good luck all.

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blue-flamed-phoenix (2 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-13)
Hey jim if you still looking for more on atral projection, I have a site you can join called If you ever there my name there is hydro1. By the way all around cool story and happy travels.
chicano457 (guest)
15 years ago (2007-02-15)
you all have thoughts one believes this and another that but we all have one in commen...we shall all die. so if you believe that horses fly after death or that ghost are dead peopkle we all shall find out at the end of our short life on earth.
Ratzenfoo (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-29)
Hey Rebecca, sorry if I affended you. I dont really like the word "religious" either, I mean you could say that everybodies religious about something. But I do believe that supernatural things can happen and I think it goes hand in hand with faith beliefs. I mean thats what faith is: believing in the unseen! I have much more respect for someone that knows what he/she beleives in than someone that believes in nothing at all. And Im not trying to Bible thump anyone, I just thought I would put my opinion on here too. I mean we all have different view points as we've all read from these comments ;) But I think that we can all agree that the stories we've read and the experiences we've had are real! Please dont think Im in anyway trying to discount the story in any way. peace and Happy New Year!
AL2Fenrir (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-29)
I find Rebecca's post closest to the would be answer. But what we didn't know, that answer leads to another mystery.

I have read the Old Testament and the One we call God is not actually human, and not even an entity of this world, so there's no way He could be affected by the laws of this world - take psychology for example that explains human behaviors. He is a form of energy, from which all other existing energies came from but with an exemption that it is alive. For why He wants to be adored, that remains to be a mystery.
Rebecca (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-28)
Well, might as well throw my 2 cents in here as well in regards to the "ghosts" vs "entities" debate. What I believe is - all spirits (ghosts plus entities plus whatever else is out there) were once human. And, just like, when incarnated, there are nice and evil people, when they die, they are still just as nice or evil as they were in life.

Those that learn the lessons of love and kindness and empathy and forgiveness, etc., get to be "promoted" if you will, on the other side, and eventually end up as Angels, at which point they no longer need to be reincarnated to continue their learning process.

But, those that die with hatred and hostility and evil ways remain that way and are the ones that torment those of us still living, because that is what they get joy out of doing. However, these spirits get reincarnated over and over again, until they hopefully, finally, learn the lessons of love. If they don't, and their level of hatred and evilness becomes even stronger...well, then, they become the ones that are referred to as "demons".

And, btw, most of us here know for a fact that ghosts exist and that they are the energies of past loved ones (or strangers, as the case may be), because we have interacted with them and seen them, and, from a scientific basis, that empirical data makes it so.

Unfortunately, Ratzenfoo, organized religion and belief in spirits do not mix well. While I support your right to your opinion, I wonder why you are even on this site if you don't believe and just wish to lay your beliefs out in this forum. This would be akin to one of us going to a Christian website and telling the folks there that their beliefs weren't true and that we had the right answers. What's the point? I'm sorry, but, I for one, find your constant religious statements to be inappropriate (and, to me, somewhat offensive) to this forum.

As for different dimensions, I am well versed on string theory and the different dimensions of time and space. I do not believe that spirits reside in a different dimension. They are made of energy which exists in our dimension. However, just like you can't see electricity when it is flowing normally (it is only visible when it sparks), the same with spirits...we can only see them when they concentrate their energy to such a point where it then becomes visible. A similar analogy is clouds. Clouds are made up of just water vapor, which is always in the atmosphere, yet clouds are only visible when this water vapor concentrates itself into one location.

So, perhaps that was 4 cents worth... :-)
Autumn (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-28)
Matthew- How do you know that information? What makes it any more legitimate than another? And it seems that there's a bit of a contradiction: if an entity is something that has NEVER been human, then how can a ghost (once human, as you stated), then turn itself into an entity? I find Jim's interpretation of ghosts fairly accurate. I do not, however, offer proof or what not, of my opinion. I merely don't believe your definition of "entity". I believe that negative energy can build up, causing negative effects on spirits, both while still living in the human body, and after the body has died- and even environments... but the idea that it can create an "entity"... I just don't accept as possible. But hey- if you're right, and I'm wrong, I suppose we'll find out! And I mean nothing offensively, by the way. I just take this field very seriously, as I've studied it for years.

Jim- I'm glad to see a decent writer tell a tale. As I said, I have studied this sort of thing for years. I believe your interpretation of ghosts is pretty accurate. Spirits can choose to stay on this plane for any reason. So, on that note, it can't really be our mind allowing us to see another *dimension*, per se, as they are remaining on our plane, so I wouldn't really consider them to have left this dimension. But our mind is not trained to see spiritual energy. So, you're right in that, at times, our mind allows us to see things we normally wouldn't. Also, the closest plane to ours is rumored to be the "low realm"- a sort of class room for spirits who have passed, but have to face their mistakes and problems, thus allowing them to become better, learn, and grow as spirits. It is this realm that a lot of our ghost voice recordings (EVPs) come from. So I imagine, that under certain circumstances, one might catch a glimpse of a spirit in that realm, though I do not know for certain. So in that aspect, we would be catching a glimpse of another "dimension", so to speak. Interesting stuff!
Jim (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-23)
thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them.
Matthew (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-22)
Ratzenfoo... Well actually about your comment on how do we know that people or dead people at that tend to hang on our plane.. I could actually recomend a number of books that can explain to you why they have every reason to stick around. And that entities CAN be formed out of human emotions and certain situations. Howver I dont think that some of these books are available in your country. But if you happen to drop by a bookstore you might want to look up "Spirits" a book written by Tony Perez ( a very talented spirit questor). He explains why dead beings sometimes stay here on our plane rather than moving on to the next life.

Seasons greetings and have a good one!!!
Martin (602 posts) mod
15 years ago (2006-12-21)
Ratzenfoo: I'm not worried ;) The old testament god, the one that gave us threats of eternal damnation, is not someone I respect very much, he acts like a spoiled brat, in between tantrums and begging for attention. I share the view of early christian gnostics on that topic, in that he wasn't the creator of all reality, but some lower level, yet very powerful, entity communicating with sensitive people. A god asking for adoration is not one that deserve it. I have all the admiration for Jesus of Nazareth though.

As for what I know about ghosts, I know nothing, if you define it as being certain and experiencing it yourself, I only have an opinion based on thousands of witness accounts who all share common aspects. Yes I could be totally wrong. But it's like the taste of oranges, if you never ate one, you can only trust what others say about it, and the current consensus is that it's sweet ;)

As for your other topic of ancient knowledge that surpasses even current scientific one, I wouldn't suprised, the antiquity was very advanced until we lost it all during the middle ages (organised religion being the most powerful political force at the time may have something to do with it). They probably still have a few things to teach us! But at the same time, if you look hard enough, you can probably see what you want to see in any vague texts. To decide of a conclusion, like, for example, creationists, and then find facts that may support it is not an approach I'd recommend for the scientific minds.
Ratzenfoo (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-21)
Yeah I could see where you would think that would be better, especially if your worried about burning in Hades forever. I'm curious though how you know that when someone dies they get to hang around? Is there evidence or tests that support this idea? I guess we'll never really know until our time has come! For we know we could both be wrong haha. It's still interesting to chat about. Hey have you heard of or listened to a guy named Chuck Missler? He's made the Bible a hobby for most of his life and references alot of cool scientific discoveries thier making today with Bible. Have you heard of the string thoery or super strings? Scientists have discovered that thier are like 12 dimensions. Thanks Martin!
Martin (602 posts) mod
15 years ago (2006-12-21)
Ratzenfoo: I don't see dead people haunting once familiar grounds to be more depressing than burning in an eternal lake of fire, but to each its own ;-) When you die in a tragic way, sometimes it is easier to hang own to the familiar (and bitch about the new people moving in and harass them) than let go of the emotional toll and move on to higher planes. Grudges, desire for vengeance, hate and anger are anchors to this heavy material world. Positive emotions like acceptance and compassion are like helium to air, lighter phenomenons, people experiencing them will not have trouble going into higher planes (or heaven, for christians) once they're dead.
Ratzenfoo (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-21)
I think your both wrong hehe ;) However I dont believe in ghosts. That is, people that were once living in the flesh walking around aimlessly like thier lost. No offense but that just sounds depressing, doesnt it?! I like to keep things simple so I would say its either one of two things: an angel, or a fallen angel(or demon is another acceptable term). From other stories that I've read and other historical books angels usually come to us either to send a message (which is what the word "angel" means in it interpretation) or to help us. And they usually appear to us as real people, not an invisible entity or a shadow man. So I would say its a demon thats just messing with you. Hehe, I dont think they are just born out of nowhere thats just silly. Everything was created by God! Peace and Blessing
Matthew (guest)
15 years ago (2006-12-21)
Your interpretation of ghosts are somewhat correct. However ghosts of people such as our loved ones, family members, or friends, are diffrent from entities. A ghost has a past and a story of how he came to be, meaning to say that he/she was once human. An entity however is not human, and was never human. It was born out of nowhere, entities sometimes form from what we call "bad vibes", emotions of people that are bad. Hence these sort of beings are formed. But there are special cases like the ones whe have encountered, A ghost (once human) staying in our plane, has turned himself into an entity. There was so much hatred and anger in his heart that through time it had turned him into an entity already.

Well thats how I understand ghosts and entities!!!

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