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A Ghost Experience In Apartment


In our Hmong Culture we believe in sprits and lost souls that don't want to leave. I have heard so many stories about people experiencing a lot of weird stuff, but as for myself I haven't really experience anything. Well that's before I met my husband.

It all started when we were still dating. He was a Catholic and I was a shaman at that time. We had a long distance relationship, we both live in different towns. It takes three hours (close to four) from his town to my town, even though he still comes every weekend to see me. He would come on Friday night and leave on Sunday afternoon. On this Thursday night he decided to come and surprise me, and oh he did. He usually doesn't come on the weekdays due to work.

It was around 7 pm when he arrived. He was going to stay with me until midnight. Since he works at 7 in the morning he wanted to get back home and tried to get at least one hour of sleep before going to work. On that night we both were laying on the floor watching a movie together, soon it was getting close to midnight so I decided to get something ready for him to eat before he leaves because I didn't want him to stop anywhere to get food, since it was late.

From the kitchen I can see him still lying on the living room floor on his back. He was facing the ceilings with his eyes close. I walked over and crawled on top of him and kissed him on his lips and his neck then went back to the kitchen. I kept on doing that to him and each time when I went over to kiss him he always opened his eyes and looked at me then closed them again.

After I was done with everything, I walked over to him and sat next to him. He looked like he was sleeping, I continued staring at him, but then I noticed his eyes were not fully closed and it looked like he was looking at me. I continued to sit there and stare at him. Then his eyes started moving from side to side, but still I continued to stare at him. It looked like he was staring at me and then all a sudden he said "help me" in a very soft and weak voice, sounds like he couldn't breath.

I got scared and slapped him in the face, he jumped up as fast as he can and started swearing and swinging his fist in the air. He was breathing so hard and was trying to catch his breath. Finally when he had calmed down I ask him what was all that about and the eye thing. He asks me why I didn't wake him. I said "how was I supposed to know you wanted me to wake you" and he said "I was giving you singles with my eyes" so I said "what the hell just happened? I'm confused and don't understand anything you're saying."

He told me, when I came and kissed him, he knew it was me because he opened his eyes and saw me. After I continued doing that, he knew it was me, but then the last one when he thought it was me and opened his eyes, instead he sees me sitting next to him staring at him. It still feels like someone was still on top of him even though he sees nothing; he can feel a heavy weigh on him. He can still feel someone nibbling on his lips and neck.

He tried so hard to move but he couldn't, so he tried to single me with his eyes, but I didn't get it. He tried so hard and finally could say help me. I got really scared when he told me. Right there I felt weird, my arms and neck had goose bumps all over. I felt as if my soul had left my body.

We decided to leave and go to my mom's house. Standing outside looking at my apartment, it felt like someone was still in there. This was the first time I had felt this way about my place. All of a sudden somehow I started feeling really sad feeling like someone had come and took over my home. When we got to my mom's house we told her what happened, but like every Hmong parents she said it's nothing just don't think so much of it. It was way pass midnight so soon after that he kisses me goodbye and left home.

Ever since that day I was scared to go home. I stayed with my mom for almost a month. In the day time I would take my mom and go over to my apartment to get the things I need. I was starting to feel home sick so then one day I decided to go home and see what was going to happen. I packed all my stuff and went home.

When I walked into my apartment, I stood by the door and looked around. Everything seemed normal; I didn't have that feeling of being scared, and I just felt like I was home. I unpacked my stuff and turned on the TV and sat on my couch. I didn't feel weird at all or is it because I miss my home too much. So then everything was okay again. I was not scared anymore and just thought of it as it was just a bed dream, but it's weird how every time when my husband comes over, he always tells me that he feels like we are not the only one in my apartment.

I was starting to get angry when he tells me that, because I don't feel anything. We would go and stay at my mom's house when he comes over instead since he kept feeling like that.

A couple of days after I talked to some of my friends about it and they said maybe it's because he's a Catholic and I'm a shaman and as a shaman we believe in ghosts and other weird stuff. Maybe the ghost around me doesn't like him because he was a Catholic and they were trying to scare him, but not me because I'm a shaman.

Now that we are married, it's weird how once in a while it still happens to him. Every night when we go to sleep I always have to make sure my feet are close to his feet in case it happens. When it happens he can't move his body, but somehow he can still move his feet so with his feet by mine, I can feel when he moves them. It would wake me up and I would wake him.

He always wakes up to a very heavy breathing when it happens. It's also weird how everything is so different from what how it supposed to be and believe. In my culture we believe that mostly the shaman people experience stuff like this and not catholic because due to being baptized, ghosts cannot get close to them. Even though my husband's experienced so many things like these, he still doesn't believe in it. I haven't experience any, but I believe it, some of it. I guess I will never understand all this culture believes.

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lisacmeier (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-20)
I am worried for his health as well. If your doctor will refer you it might be best to get him into a sleep clinic and find out what is happening. I have however noticed (getting back to the paranormal side of things) that there seem to be WAY more instances of paranormal activity around deeply religious Christian people than anyone else. Catholic's tend to report far more physical activity than anyone. I haven't come to any conclusion's as to why this is. On another note; You mentioned you were Hmong, is there any belief in that particular culture about crow's? My neighbors (very good neighbors) are Hmong and I have noticed their trees and yard will fill with crows at times. The crows seem especially tame or friendly and won't fly away when they or their dog are outside. I've tried desperately to lure them to my yard because I like them, but nothing works? They like to be there. I wonder if they are family spirits sometimes.?
Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-24)
I say that the Spirits are probably just trying to get your Husband to believe in Spirits.
But, I also agree with Javelina's suggestion that it could be Sleep Paralysis.
Love & Light, Rachel ❤
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-23)
It sounds like what your husband is experiencing is 'sleep paralysis'. It's not as uncommon as you might expect and can also be hereditary.
If you follow this link you will begin to learn some of what's and whys associated with this phenomenon.


I hope this helps to at least get you two familiar with s/p and what studies have revealed about thisphenomenon.


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