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The Ghoul Who Visited Our Boarding House


I'm glad I found the time to write again other than read.

The next story that I will be sharing happened way back College days, about 6-7yrs ago. I studied in a University somewhere in Leyte and stayed in a 3 bedroom boarding house. We have sort of a mini lounge for visitors, a small living room with a table, one chair and an altar, then the 2 rooms next to each other with only a wall separating it (occupied by a gay teacher and a lady teacher), then our room with 3 double deckers. Our door leads to our mini kitchen, a small refrigerator, a table then the wash area. Left to our door is another door leading to our backyard where our comfort room and shower room is situated to the right. We got bananas, some veggies and a couple of coconut trees on our backyard.

There's nothing a usual on the place, no paranormal activity, no entity living around the area but we have snakes that frequently visits us that we were able to kill out of fear and always killed by Sir Bogs, our only male but gay board mate (and I miss him, lol). I had a problem with the lock of our backyard door, it's a man made lock, a nail tied and then you insert it on a small hole. The wood was destroyed where the original hole was. So, for two days, we placed the chair behind the door to avoid any burglar cats to come in.

It's very boring during night time if you'll stay in the boarding house or dorms in our University, it's too urban but if you'll love nature, you'll love it there. Anyway, the owners place is just a few steps from our place. The owner's daughter was pregnant at that time it all happened.

We were comfortably doing stuff in our respective rooms or beds. Sir Bogs, Ms Love (the lady teacher) and my room mates were talking between walls about what happened with our days, chats about love life's or anything that we can talk about/rumors/etc. We all know that the landlady's daughter was pregnant and stayed in their house for a few days; however she left that very day for some reason.

Before that day, we've heard and seen bats roaming around the area but did not mind because fruit bats are very common in the place. We were still talking excitedly, but I did hear a bat do its ki-kik sound but sounded far and only paid attention to it when Sir Bogs verbally asked if it's a bat that he is hearing. We all stopped talking and listened to it intently, and then everyone panicked when we realized it's not just a bat but a very big one. We can hear the wings, very big ones from what we can hear. What I heard of a bats sound (which I am still hearing at that time when the other one is flying around), sounded very far but the one that we are hearing flying around the place is not doing the bat sound at all. It's just merely roaming around!

Sir Bogs, asked me since I'm the last one to enter our room if I locked the door. I said yes, I did lock the front door but the backyard door can be opened easily. Everyone in the room shouted of fear and panic. But no one wants to go outside to check or secure the doors. I eventually decided to check on the door and then Sir Bogs decided to join me. All along we can still hear it flying around the boarding house and we can see the shadow as it passed by the window. The backyard door was actually partially open when we reached it, Sir Bogs pushed it hard until it no longer sway open by itself, then he said in an authorities voice to whatever it is to leave us all alone in the name of God.

All along Ms. Love was silently praying already on her room. And I went and searched for any salts that I can find in our kitchen and sprinkled on the doors, front and back. Just after a few minutes it stopped, went away at the same time the lights on the other house turned on and the landlord shouted just outside if there's something wrong. It was already almost midnight, so we decided to just tell him we are all okay since we can no longer feel the presence of whatever was roaming around. It was hard to sleep that night; I stayed for a couple of hours in our living room and finally decided to go to bed when Sir Bogs asked me to.

The Following morning we talked to our land lord about what happened. Although they did not hear the creature which we suspect a Ghoul or ASWANG in our dialect because they were already sleeping but they were aware of some bat nights before last night roaming around the house. That was the same reason they sent their daughter back to her own house with her husband to be safer because they suspect that the bat is being summoned by its master to check on their daughter. It was waiting only for a perfect timing. Unfortunately, his target was not around and it went for us instead... Maybe it was too hungry.

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casper39_caz (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-11)
"The largest flying animal in the Philippines is the Pteropus vampyrus or the golden crown flying fox. It resides on Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros and Polillo. It prefer uninhabited areas and agricultural fields but only in undisturbed forest areas."-wiki (

There is a SLIGHT possibility that this is what they'd encountered.

I, too, have the same experience as msscorpio24. But, I don't believe that a Pteropus vampyrus would visit my place, in a municipality that have a very few trees that bear no fruits, and returning again the next night just to try entering a house full of people.
TruthInDarkness (4 stories) (259 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-05)
msscorpio24 said, "I will read the comments and participate in the discussion." I left a comment 4 days ago. Is there something wrong with this picture? 😕
TruthInDarkness (4 stories) (259 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-01)
Are you sure that it was a huge bat or "ghoul" and not a large, possibly nocturnal, bird? Just yesterday, I saw what I believe to have been a large Brown Pelican flying down the street parallel to cars only a little bit higher up! I was quite taken by it because it was no more than 20 feet from the car as I was driving and that thing was HUGE. Per wikipedia, average wing span is about 7 feet (over 2 meters) and about 48 inches (122 cm) in length. I'm assuming the length is with its neck fully extended. It's probably about 32 inches or so with it's neck contracted. Could it have been an Osprey or Eagle that you saw? I'm sure there's an abundance of large birds in the Philippines. Seeing a large bird flying up close can be a scary site. Had I been standing outside when that Pelican flew by, I might have run for cover!

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