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Black Lady Brushing Her Hair


They're all Black

In the Philippines, white lady's are very famous. A white ghost of a beautiful woman who rides on jeepney's or blocks the road that most of the time cause accidents. My story is about a black lady.

I never thought I would see one because I thought they're merely stories to frighten kids to make them go home early at night. Will mine did not happen at night time at all!

I was about 8 years old and very much active out the streets playing hide and seek with some friends and my cousins. I'm very boyish way back then since I'm sorrounded mostly with male cousins and their friends.

Our house just undergone some repairs but some part of the house like the kitchen was left unfinish. There's a small gate and then few steps up our veranda, an open door going to the kitchen and another door to the comfort room. The comfort room at that time was wide open, only a wall dividing it from the kitchen and behind it were our rooms. The room just above it are my stepsister's room then next to it is our room (myself, sis and bro with our parents). You can actually climb up from the comfort room to go to the rooms. If you're at the comfort room and if you're a child your eyes is levelled to the floor of the rooms and if you look up you'll see whatever is inside the room if the door is open and just opposite the door of my stepsister's room is a sliding wooden window.

All right, let's go back to my story. I was playing hide and seek with my cousin Cha that afternoon. We took a rest from the game because we both badly needs to pee. So, we ran towards my place since it's the nearest house from where we've been playing with some friends. When we arrived, the gate was open as usual and the house was empty. Mother and younger sister was out at the grocery store, both of my step-sister's were still at school, my little brother is with my father on a business trip to a small town. It is very safe to leave the house like that, since everybody knows each other in our small town and our house is just opposite my Aunt's.

So, we were both rushing to the comfort room, pulled down our undies while we were still talking excitedly about the game. I was facing the door to my sister's room, so I was the first to see it! I was still talking to Cha when I suddenly looked up because I caught something that moved slowly. I was speechless. It was as if I stopped breathing. The window in the room was half open. There's light coming in the room from outside but it was being blocked by a figure. On my step-sister's bed, there's a woman sitting, brushing her hair slowly. But I can't see her face at all. As in, I can't see anything, not even the color of what she's wearing, all I know is she got very long straight hair and it was very black. Well, she was black, black all over, no face, no nothing, like she's a mere shadow.

Cha noticed the frightened look in my face. She looked at what I was staring at and then stared at me back with wide eyes. She called my name silently, that was when I looked at her and saw the frightened look on her face which mirrored mine at that moment. Then, we both screamed BLAAAAACCCKKKKKKK LLLAAAAADDDDYYYYY... While trying to run with our undies still on our knees and actually not yet done peeing.

We stopped just outside our gate to fix ourselves, was still panting when my two step-sister's arrived from school. So, definitely it was not them. We both looked at each other then screamed again... BLAAAAACCCKKKKKKK LLLAAAAADDDDYYYYY! Then ran towards the streets to tell our friends what we saw! They went with us back to our place but of course we are not allowed to enter the house by my step-sister's. And thanks to them as well, we were called PRETTY LITTLE LIARS by our friends. They never saw the BLACK LADY at all, although they claimed years after that they did see some shadows in the house. And I don't think it's my imagination because we both saw it. After that day I never went to their room without the lights on or without someone with me like my mother. It never happened again as I grew older. However, my youngest brother, had experiences with seeing shadows at night before he gets to sleep, while we're eating or just almost anytime. Maybe that's why he sleepwalks.

What do you think, was it a ghost or my eyes or our eyes playing tricks on us? Our house is not haunted by ghosts that I know, we got dwarves who dwelled upon us but I'm not sure of this black shadows, most of the time it's a figure of a man witnessed by my two brothers. Recent experienced was 2 years ago, when Ian (the older male), saw a black figure standing next to him while he was sleeping on the floor in our living room. What ever they maybe, I'm just thankful they're not harming us at all. Until now, our youngest (the one who sleepwalks) is still afraid of the shadows, he's already 15 but refuses to stay on his own room or in any room without the lights on.

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msscorpio24 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-12)
hi lNightlMare
Good thing we were never harmed aside from being scared on the first encounters then we eventually got used to them. I haven't been home that much since I started working in Manila.So, I don't know if my brothers still sees or feel them. I'm not sure why but they're often seen by my two brothers. I think they choose the younger ones?
lNightlMare (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-04)
nice story... I also experienced that kind of thing and it chills me a lot and if that could be a black lady maybe you and your family will get harm from her... Its just a living shadow I think... XD sorry for my bad english haha xD
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-09)
msscorpio24 - I'm not rightly sure what shadow people are at their basest form, so I'm just guessing that they are spirits. It's possible! Anything is possible.:)

Although others have made some good suggestions as to what they might be, such as 'inhuman' spirits (like elementals) who attempt to manifest in a human form and can't manifest completely, or perhaps a weird loop in a different time, something like that. Wouldn't it be weird if it was like that movie, "the Others", and shadow people were actually other people in a different time, catching a glimpse of us and thinking WE are the ghosts?
msscorpio24 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-09)
Hi LilithGarner!
My cousin was with me in the bathroom but the black lady is inside my stepsister's room. Yeah, I'm turning pink, getting shy, now.hehehehehe
msscorpio24 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-09)
Hi DragonStorm80!
Thanks!I definitely know what I saw because until now I can still remember it even though its been years already. Thanks for pointing it out as well that I'm not the only one who saw it, so, yes, it was not only my imagination playing tricks on me! Lol

Hi DeviousAngel!
So, that's what they are called, SHADOW PERSON. I hope I could find out more about them. It's my younger brother who often see them until now and in some ways or another I want to help him face his fear with the dark, he have to, he's already 15!

"but I think they might be confused or curious spirits." so there's still a possibility they're spirits?

Hi Lou!
I never said my house is not haunted. I know its haunted but not with ghost. Because generally when I think of ghost, I would think of white and not black. Most of the time as well, you would see something out of a ghost like there face, whatever they're wearing, stuff like that. And yes, the dwarves who played with me when I was still a baby. Sorry if my statement is not that clear. 😳

Hi Javelina!
Now you're making me feel
Makes me think I should change the title to "Undies on Our Knees!" hahahahaha
LilithGarner (10 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
Bleh she was in the bathroom with you? Btw the thought of two little kids running around in their undies is funny.:)
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
This was a fun read. I like your writing style, you made me pay attention to all the little details going on around you and your cousin. Of course, the funniest part was you two running out the door with your undies at your knees! I think any little girl who doesn't have a similar experience somewhere in her childhood is just too embarrassed to admit it! 😆
Well of course you did see what you described here, that's one thing I know about kids, when they tell you a story as crazy as that, with a witness, you have to believe they just didn't make that up. What kid is going to describe a "Ghost" like you described it if they didn't really see it? Not many. When kids try to fool you about a ghost they make the ghost sound just like what you'd see in the movies. NOT YOU!
Thanks for sharing your story, it really made me smile (even if it wasn't supposed to) 😊

LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
"Our house is not haunted by ghosts that I know, we got dwarves who dwelled upon us but I'm not sure of this black shadows, most of the time it's a figure of a man witnessed by my two brothers."

If this statement is accurate, then you obviously DO know that your house is haunted... Unless you are referring to circus folk that visit.

DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
I have to admit, I had a little laugh too at the thought of you two kids like that. 😆 That sounds like something I would have done as a kid. Anyway, I think the woman you saw was a shadowperson, and likely your other family members saw different ones too. They typically are not harmful or aggressive in any way, they seem to just want to hang around and be noticed occasionally...I'm not sure what they really are, but I think they might be confused or curious spirits.
DragonStorm80 (1 stories) (440 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)

At least you know that it wasn't just you as your cousin saw the exact same thing at the exact same time. No matter what your step sisters and friends called you you both know what you saw 😊
msscorpio24 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
Hi otteer, yeah, I was smiling (since can't laugh out loud I'm at work while writing that story) actually while I was writing that part, I can imagine how we look, thank God were just kids when it happened! Lol
You got naughty brothers, missed my own bros.

[at] Gods_Girl glad you like it. What's with your white lady? Have you wrote about it? I think I love to check on that, I'll read your story soon.

Hi Fuschia! Kabayan pala kita. Hehehehe
It's probably a shadow person since there seems a lot at home seen by my brothers. Nice post with manananggal!

Thanks Cindy for the suggestion, yeah I'll search more about shadows.;)
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
Thanks for sharing! Lol, I cracked up laughing with the image of you two running out with your undies caught up around your knees's...something that happened to me when I was camping and our brothers scared us girls while we were squatting and peeing! I can understand how frightened you were, not to make light of that!

If you saw it, you saw it. Shadows can manifest in many different ways from what I have been reaading, maybe it's one entity in your home, a friendly one that dosnt want to harm, just be acknowledged? Thanks again for the story! ❤
Gods-Girl (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-07)
wow that is an amzing story. I only saw a White lady. And She was not friendly... 😁
Fuchsia (5 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-07)
Wow! I can't imagine seeing one... 😨 It may have been a shadow person that's why it's black all over! Great post, kabayan! Blessed be... ❤
cindy1021585 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-07)
Wow! You must have been really scared! 😲 Maybe you can look up shadows or probably ask quetions to others about them.

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