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Strange Things Are Happening In My Boarding School


I usually talk about my experiences in my old boarding school in Indonesia, but this time I will be talking about my experience in my new boarding school in PA.

I started attending an Islamic boarding school in PA in August. Of course, for privacy reasons I will not be telling the name of the school since I still attend that school. I've been staying in this boarding school for almost 8 months and I haven't experienced anything until a couple of days ago. These experiences are not very scary but more strange.

The first encounter was at bed time. My friend S was downstairs but my other friend and I saw her upstairs at the same time. We saw her tucking herself in and my other friend actually talked to her. While "S" was settling into bed, the real S walked into the room at the same time. Then the S that was tucking herself in disappeared. It was so strange! I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense because I don't really know how to describe that moment but trust me it was so strange.

Another encounter was when I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom. So, the layout of the bathroom is kind of weird. There is door and when you walk in there is a little hallway. If you go straight there is another door which leads to a toilet with a single sink. If you go straight for probably 6 or 7 steps then turn left and about 1 or 2 steps ahead there is a room with no door on your right with 3 sinks and 3 mirrors. If you continue to go straight from there there is another room with just 1 toilet. I'm sorry if this is hard to understand because it's hard for me to explain it too. So, in the room with the 3 mirrors and sinks there are 3 mats for every sink. I straightened out the mats and cleaned the sinks and mirrors then I went into the room with a toilet and sink to clean in there. Then I realized that I left the paper towels in the other room. When I came back the mats were all messed up again. I didn't even leave the room for more than a minute. No one else came in and if they did I would've seen them because they would have to pass me first to get in there. At first I thought maybe I kicked it by accident and didn't think anything of it. Then went back to the room with 1 toilet and sink and started cleaning. When I clean the toilets I don't close the door because I get paranoid that the lights would turn off since the light switch is on the outside. Then I went back into the room with 3 mirrors and sinks to turn off the lights but guess what? The mats were messed up again. This time I knew that I didn't mess them up by accident and no one else came in because if they did I would've seen them since I left the door open. I was super annoyed and angry.

Those are the only strange things that have happened so far but if something else happens I'll keep you updated.

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whitesheet (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-20)
google clifton hall nottingham uk.

I have some friends who went to the school that used to be there and they swear blind they experienced incidents.

Obviously I wasn't there but I firmly believe they believe they experienced things
MrsRizzo2429 (4 stories) (93 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-22)
Very creepy! I enjoyed reading your experience! I think that you should keep an eye out on things. Keep us posted if you can:)
Junglecat (2 stories) (56 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-12)
It sounds like you either have more than one entity, or a single entity that is both mischievous and shape shifting, like a puca. Either way, it seems to be causing no real harm. When it is messing with your hard work as it did with the mats, just leave them and fix them later.
priya- (1 stories) (19 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-10)
Hello oohfreaky, as per story in both events no one is harmed or scared but puzzled... I think of mischievous entity.
Check with other students if they encountered something similar.

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