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The Moving Picture On A Toy Box


I debated about whether to share this account but it does qualify as something entirely unexplainable, scary, and possibly supernatural.

When I was about nine years old in the mid-1990's, I was in my bedroom, staring into the dark, waiting for sleep to come.

In front of my bed was a shelf that a toy box was stacked on top of. It's been so many years so I can hardly remember what toy it was--either a toy oven or some type of arts & crafts thing. I do clearly remember the box as being colorful with an image of two children, a boy and a girl, playing on the side.

For some curious reason, my eyes were drawn to this box almost like I was expecting something.

Very quickly, but clearly, the image of the little girl on the box MOVED. I remember her head tilting and the expression on her face changing, and creepily, her looking directly at me. It was not an optical illusion or a shadow hitting the box. The image of the girl distinctly shifted, don't ask me how, why, or what. You could imagine how this could scare the living heck out of a nine year old child.

Just as rapidly as it happened, it ended and I was so frightened, I froze and stuck my head underneath the covers.

I was raised to believe in God and I do believe that sometimes, unexplainable events happen around us... Some people may call it "paranormal", "supernatural" or just plain evil. I couldn't exactly say what I saw that night, but it did feel wrong.

I never mentioned it to anyone because I wouldn't be believed by most or at best, it would be dismissed as an optical 'illusion', but it truly did not seem like any sort of illusion to me. Occasionally, I'll remember it and how totally bizarre the whole thing really was.

Thanks for letting me share it!

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Casper_the_ghost (9 stories) (180 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-27)
Hey, I can see where you're coming from and think you stared so long at the image of the girl, it appeared to move. This is just your eyes playing tricks on you, nothing at all to be worried about-it happens to me a few times. ❤
retro_rose (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-08)
[at] bacchaegrl,
Hi, thanks for your comment! I often used to have trouble getting to sleep when I was a kid, so I would be wide awake at times. So no, it wouldn't have been a dream. I was awake when it happened. There is definitely a part of me that thinks just perhaps it was an optical illusion, but don't really know for certain. At the time, it seemed real. I guess I just wanted other people's opinions on what it might've been about. But, yeah, that was the only time something like that happened w/the box.
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-08)
That's pretty weird. It could possibly be a dream. Dreams make people think pretty weird things. Is that the only paranormal event regarding that object that you have had?

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