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My story starts at my old house in newfoundland. I was around six when one night, I heard something. I had hurt my leg on the table the night before so I could only crawl. I told my mom the next day but she didn't believe me. The next night was way more freaky. My brother jesse, who was three years older then me, went in the bathroom to brush his teeth before bed. He said that the shower curtains flew open and there standing in front of him was a tall dark figure! He yelled "Mom come here quick!" I heard her foot steps run up the stairs then I heard a scream! I got out of bed and ran into the bathroom, my mom and jesse where looking at something. So I looked up and saw it. It was a large shadowy figure with two red lined for eyes! I swear if you had seen it, you would know how scary it really was!

A few quiet months went by and before long, it was a whole year since the experience. Even though I might have been young I understood how scary it was. All I know is that I never have that kind of experience ever and I mean never again!

My second experience happened when I was older. I was in the girls washroom washing my hands when the light went out. I panicked a little then I ran out the door. When I stepped out of the girls washroom, I noticed all the power was on! So I was kind of freaked out, I asked the janitor if there were any power outages but he said no! Ever since then, I swore that I would never ever go in the girls washroom again!

If you guy have anything to say your more then welcome, bye!

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lacusclyneofzaft (guest)
17 years ago (2007-06-23)
They are sometime no evil because the dead can take many form which include white light, orbs, human shape, and even move things. Shadow figure I've seen them before and they don't bother me because I can get rid of them myself.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-21)
Dear ghostgirl88,

I have learned from my own experience that tall, dark figures or shadows generally do not come from the light side, but the dark side and do mean harm. They especially feed off fear and anger, and it is best to stuff this back down one's gullet as fast as one can. They are often taken off guard if you show them love, laugh and/or sing something over and over again. You can also just say any verse of prayers your belief system supports. I sometime hand them a ball of white or violet light filled with love. They find my gift revolting, and will not take it. I can't understand why they wish to scare me and then offend me by not taking my ball or orb of love gift. How rude, and on top of it, they just disappear without as much as a good-bye.

I really think you need to use the girl's restroom when nature calls. It is not good for the body to hold one's urine and such. I would suggest asking a buddy to come along with you, and maybe taking a flashlight or pen lite with. You could also wear a crystal about your neck as Shane has suggested here many times, but remember to cleanse it and charge it. You could encase yourself in a cocoon of white or violet light and empower yourself with an imaginary army of angels, masters, ancestors, God/Goddess, etc., etc. And etc.

Hmmmm, don't you think it is kind of strange your uninvited guests seem to like the bathroom? Must be lower level entities. I would ask them what color toilet paper they would like, and then give them white with love. At the same time, you could forget to replace the roll, but this might only make them agitated even more.

May your own soul's courage and light cleanse your bathroom fears and rid your bathrooms of uninvited guests.

Blessings, Abby

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