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The Little Girl And The Pitch Black Void


When I was 10 or so my Granddad needed triple bypass surgery to help with problems with his heart. Once he had his surgery, he was needing a lot of recovery time, so he stayed with us for 8-9 months, so I graciously let my Grandad have my room to help him out.

This meant I had to share a room with 1 of my older brothers in a bunk bed, while my eldest brother slept on the couch downstairs. My brother I was sharing with, as usual, the bossy older brother, made me have the bottom bunk for that period of time.

So one night as I settled in, I drifted off to a deep sleep, then for no reason at some stupid hour in the morning, I just woke up, no bad dream, no noises to stir me, just woke up.

It was then when my eyes adjusted, I saw a white mist at the end of my bed, when I looked closely, it took the shape of a little girl wearing a sleeping night cap on top of her curly hair, and a old fashioned night gown, almost like a christening outfit.

The little girl looked to be about 3-4 years old kneeling at my bed as if she was saying her prayers before bed time. This little girl did not frighten me at all, but more fascinated me, so I sat up to look closely at her, when she looked at me like she was startled, I then reached out to her and she gasped and disappeared.

I know for sure I was definitely awake! But the next night she didn't come back, I wish she had, she had a very calming aura, but instead I had this scary experience, which to this day still scares me. I decided I was sick of the bottom bunk and whined to my mum to let me sleep on the top bunk, she caved in and much to my brother's dislike, I got to have the top bunk for the night.

As I settled in and went to sleep. I was off again in a deep sleep, again at some random hour of the morning I woke up, but this time no adorable little girl, instead the room was just a pitch black void, absolutely empty. I couldn't see anything, hear anything or feel anything around me. I felt underneath me for the bed, around me for the walls and there was nothing there, it felt as though I was floating.

Then the only thing that appeared to me was this shape, like a big rectangle window with 4 window panes, (in my brothers room next to the bunk beds is a rather large window) there was a white light coming through it; the brightest white, but the black was so dark the light didn't light up anything, it just swallowed the light. I then started to scream for help when the light in the room was switched on by my parents, I looked at them with relief and I noticed I hadn't gone anywhere, I was still sitting on the top bunk again.

My parents just put it down to a strange room, giving me bad dreams, but I know for sure those 2 experiences I was definitely awake, I had knocked the posters off the wall trying to feel my way around in the pitch black, and knocked off the blankets and almost the mattress. I have never had another experience like that since, and as far as I know there is no history to my parents house. My brother also experienced weird things, same with my parents, but they are stories for another time. I was happy to return to the bottom bunk, and my Grandad had recovered and gone back to his home a few hours away and I got my room back.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.

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fllnangel17 (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-06)
Judging by the ghost girl's reaction to you, I'm wondering if it perhaps wasn't some sort of time slip and she perceived YOU as the ghost. If not, then I find it ironic that a ghost would be scared of a person.:)
werewolfluv (3 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-27)
I had somewhat of the same thing happen to me. One night I saw a girl with long black hair praying by my sister's bed. (my sis was sleeping) However I whispered "leave her alone" and never had the white light happen.
pigscantflyx (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-27)
maybe it could be an alien! 😕 😕 😕 who knows look it up or something ask someone who knows those stuff
champion (3 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-27)
SarahsGhost- It sounds a little like astral projection where you couldn't feel anything like floating but I'm reaching as I have never heard of anything close to your experience. I hope things are better for you now. Thanks for sharing a unique experience for me to ponder on for awhile.


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