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My Grandmother's House


My grandmother's house stands in Baldwin Park, CA. My grandmother has lived in that house over 50 years, where she raised my father and my three uncles. I have spent many weekends at my grandmother's house growing up and still visit there few times a year. As I got older I would start seeing things. Unexplainable things. My grandmother's house has a long hallway which I would see dark figures staring at me. I would get so scared I'd run to my grandmother to tell her what I had seen but she would sort of laugh it off and say I was just seeing things or she'd say 'its those darn scary movies you watch all the time, its warped your mind.'

One night my grandmother and I were up late watching tv in the living room. She got up to use the restroom and I was left sitting alone in the living room. I felt very uneasy like someone was just staring at me. I didn't dare look down the hallway since I am deathly afraid of that hallway. I just sat still and concentrated on the tv show. Trying to ignore the uneasy feeling. Just then I heard this terrible deep breathing in my ear. It was so plain I could feel the breath on the back of my neck. I jumped up real fast and there was nothing there. I remember screaming for my grandmother. She came rushing to me, and I just remember crying in her arms. I was so afraid. After I calmed down I told my grandmother what had happened, but again shed just shrug it off and told me I needed to quit watching horror movies. I was nine at the time.

After that incident I would not stay the night at my grandmother's. I still visited her but as soon as the night came I would have my father pick me up. He would question why I did not want to stay the night with my grandmother but I would just keep tight lipped about what had happened since I doubted he would believe me. My grandmother already thought I was crazy, I didn't want my father to think that way too. When I was 15 one of my uncles had passed away unexpectedly. It was extremely painful for my grandmother and she did not want to be alone, she had asked me to stay the weekend with her. I wanted to so bad but I was still very scared of her house. My father asked me why I didn't want to stay there. I finally got up the courage to tell him what I have seen and experienced in her house. My father sat there for a moment not saying anything. I thought 'Great here it comes, he's going to say I'm crazy or imagining things'. But no he finally spoke out and told me many scary stories of a dark figure that he and his brothers had seen. He told me that one night he was laying in bed when he heard his bedroom door open he sat up to see a dark figure standing in his doorway just staring at him. He yelled for his brother to wake up. One of my uncle jumped up to and yelled at the spirit to go away. It vanished. He told me this happened often.

I told him that I have told grandmother what I have seen, but she didn't believe me. My father said my grandmother is hard headed and decided to not believe her home was haunted. But that she had experienced this dark figure before as well. He told me back when he was a teenager he was in the living room with his brothers when all of a sudden he heard a loud scream coming from his mom's room. All four of them ran to see what was wrong. There is the hallway was this huge black figure. Standing right in the doorway of my grandmother's room, as soon as it seen them the dark figure took off into the end of the hallway where there was a back door leading to the back yard. My dad and my uncles chased after this thing but disappeared out the back door. My father told me he thinks it's not an evil spirit since it never hurt anyone. He told me he believes it's a lost soul just roaming around my grandmother's house.

I ended up staying the night that night, and nothing happened. Little by little I would slowly start staying the night there. I would experience little things here and there, especially the feeling of being watched every where I go in that house. But I'd just tried to ignore it and there were times I would see the dark figure from the corner of my eyes but I'd pretend not to see it. I would remind myself its just a lost soul it won't hurt me. And it never did. I am 26 now and I try and visit my grandmother as much as I can. I live in AZ now so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like but when I do, I don't stay the night because I have 2 kids that I don't think should experience what I went through.

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UntilDark (1 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
What was that dark figure shaped like? Was it a humanoid figure?

Your story is very believable. I would have not liked to visit that house too.
lynrinth (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
I read stories where people, particular young people-I think-have tried telling their parents their experiences, but all their parents did was tell them they were imagining it. But the reason I love this story is because your father experienced the same thing you did. So he totally could relate to your experiences. And he believed you. How wonderful to know you were not alone, and your father respected you enough to appreciate what you went through, too.
endofsix (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
Interesting story... Amazing how your grandma just chose to ignore the entity. Did it always leave her alone after the one incident your dad mentioned? (I have cousins who grew up in Baldwin Park, so right away it drew me in.) I wouldn't want to take my kids there either. Take care and be safe.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
A lot of people on this site are well versed in cleansing methods that you might be able to perform on the house. It's nothing particularly religious or over the top, but it couldn't hurt. It involves opening as many windows as you can to let the air flow and lighting some candles. A few prayers or incantations could help as well, if you wish. This might encourage the spirit to leave. If it's been around this long and hasn't proved malevolent, then I suppose his presence will just be something to get used to. Taking your children to the house will, ultimately, be your decision.

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