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The Mysterious Man


It all started when I was roughly 6, I was living in essex, england, in this house which I had lived in all my life but it took some time before I realised that something was a miss.

I shared a room with my brother who was 7-8 and every night he would always seem to drift off before I did, I struggled to sleep a lot there was something about the room. Anyway, there were many occasions where I would be trying to sleep when my legs would all of a sudden stiffen and I would find it extremely hard to move and there was a cold airy feeling around me, but there were also a few times where I heard whispers in my ear too, I didn't hear any detail to what was being said but there was something. Then when I would finally slip off I had real bizarre dreams where I was always faced with a man (always slouched and I never saw any real detail in his face just real pale dull expression) who would perch at the end of my bed and I'd go to ask his name and he would tell me to be quiet and the dream would always end in me escaping the room and being chased down the stairs where I would find deceased relatives having some sort of party.

When I did finally join my family members the man would no longer follow but back off back towards my room it was almost as if my family members were keeping him at bay?

Anyway I moved house a few years back and he left my dreams but then a year or so ago he returned and didn't leave until I finally stood up to him, could anybody explain any of this to me to help piece together these weird experiences I've been having? Thanks.

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ChristineNicole (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
my mum passed away a few yra ago, and when it was relatively fresh I was speaking with a friends mum who is very spiritual. She told me that nothing from the spiritual realm would be able to harm me because she would be there to protect me. I don't know if this is true, I have never asked anyone before, but I deffinitely find the idea very comforting when I am scared.

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