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My First Encounter With A Benevolent Spirit


This occurred this past weekend at a friend's house, it was our first visit there and it definitely made it memorable. I think the best part about this is that my husband and six month old son both saw what I saw.

The area our friends, (I'll use the first letters of their names) T and C, live in is a well known active area. Most are malevolent spirits. They live right on the butt end of Elfin Forest, just to give any one that knows the area an idea. Just on the drive there it becomes very oppressive once you hit the area. In fact we drove through something on the road, it made my husband and I shudder and he even commented "feels like I just crossed someone's grave." So we were already nervous.

T and C live in a tiny garage apartment above C's father's garage; it's very quaint, and not what I was expecting. Upon exiting the car I got this immediate feeling of aggravation. We gathered our stuff and went inside. Our friends D and M were already there, so we commenced mingling. I had this odd feeling that I needed to keep my eyes focused out the window, like I was keeping a safe eye on someone.

My friend D had brought this board game. It's a haunted house themed game, so from talking about that we began talking about personal experiences with spirits. We headed outside to eat, since their place is so small dinner was served on the lawn. I sat there with D and C's father while my husband went inside to help T with the food. I felt something come up to my side, breath on my arm and then sit down. I randomly thought of the words "crisscross applesauce" I found it odd but ignored it. I tend to have random thoughts.

I noticed my son watching the area I had felt this energy in. He kept smiling and "talking". M and C came down the stairs and as M went to sit in the chair by me out of the corner of my eye I see this white flash of something. It was about three feet tall, and I could not replicate that movement or color. We ate and then went into C's father's house to play the board game, after about an hour I realized I left my sons diaper bag in the apartment and sent my husband to get it. When he came back all of the color was drained from his face. The rest of the night nothing happened until we left. I could feel something trailing me to the car and that feeling of aggravation was gone and it was only sadness.

On the way home I mentioned to my husband that I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and he said when he went to get the diaper bag he saw what looked like a boy in a white shirt peeking at him from behind the garage. And that the energy outside was very thick and overly emotional. That's when I told him what I saw was white and about three feet tall. He then told me that while he was walking with our son during dinner, our son had started talking to "something" in the drive way. He guessed it was this kid, because our son is very different when interacting with adults. With kids he becomes wide eyed, has a big smile and is very playful. He said that J stared at the drive way, started bouncing and just started talking away. My husband said he picked up on the aggravation that I did but also felt lost. We both agreed the aggravation could easily be from not being heard. You know how children get when adults don't listen.

The spirits I usually encounter are very aggressive towards me; this was such a different experience. I wonder if because of our son this little lost boy was trying to communicate to my husband and I. I am very curious as to what happened to this little boy.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-20)
So I just realized I never added an update after the Halloween party. After speaking to my friends about what we experienced and felt they confirmed activity. Specifically that their bunny's toys are being played with. In fact that night I went to get my purse out of their apartment cause we had moved into the main house to play a board game and I could hear one of the bunny's balls being moved, it has a bell in it. The bunny's were all asleep in their cage.

I will say that after we acknowledged this little boy that air of sadness was gone. I think he just wanted someone to know he was there.
believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-28)
Trust me I know better then to ever use a board. I'm making treats for the party, I think I'll make him a special one.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
interesting story thanks for adding. Have to agree with the other comments here, try to talk to him and even leave him some thing to play with showing some kindness can work wonders.
Would say though the ouija board should not be used at all, ever!
These things are not to be "played" with and if this boy is showing himself anyway the board would not be needed he is willing to be seen chatting to him could get him to be heard too.
Please keep this updated if you can, and like gelflingfay said try leaving him some halloween candy too help him feel apart of the party who knows you might get one speical guest turn up
gelflingfay (1 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-27)
just don't use the ouji board for that. Just talk to him. If they have a board then you might be right. It might be keeping things strong there. There might also be other things lurking there so be careful this Halloween. He would probably appreciate some Halloween candy! 😉
believer21 (3 stories) (56 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-26)
I planned on asking them if they've experenced anything there. We're going back this Saturday for a halloween party.
I did noticed they have an ouji board and they have astroligical pictures. So it makes me wonder if that can be aiding in this being so strong.
I will definitly see if we can figure out a way to communicate with him.
Fanny (2 stories) (105 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-26)
I completely gelflingfay! I think it would show this little boy that you care and perhaps convince him to communicate with you.

Keep us posted when you go back again.

Fanny ❤
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-26)
In addition to gelflingfay's suggestion, you could try leaving a stuffed animal or a toy out for the boy if you are in the area again. Have you discussed what you saw with your friends that live there? Have they said anything about having experiences of their own?
gelflingfay (1 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-26)
You said you felt a "wall" as you were driving toward the house. Perhaps he was hit by a car right there. Or it was just a mark of his reach. What ever it was it definatly seems like it happened there the way it sits so heavly on that property. Perhaps a small trinket left for him next time you go would be nice. And write down what you heard. Perhaps next time you go if any he might say something again. Write that down. You just might get what he wants you to hear...

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