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Is My Uncle Trying To Tell Me Something?


Ive been reading the experiences on this site for about a year now and I'm getting more and more interested about the paranormal.

I'd really like some opinions on my experience as I have tried to talk to my friends about it and I think theyre starting to think I'm going a bit loopy!

I'll start from the beginning...

My nan has always told me that I have some ability to see things. She has told me when I was a child I would point and laugh at empty places and the one thing that has stuck in my mind is when I was on holiday in Wales with my nan and grandad (first time there) I apparently looked up and said "thats where the bomber planes are". Now for a 4/5 year old to say that is creepy! Well I thought so anyway!

I can't really recall any paranormal experiences up until recently.

The first thing I would like some advice is this. When I first started seeing my ex I started seeing 11:11 everywhere! I would look at my phone and the time would be 11:11, I would see the number 11 in random places when I was out shopping and even on the tv, now I have researched this and apparently its quite common. This stopped when me and my ex broke up but I have started seeing it again quite alot! I have been informed they're angel numbers?

My uncle Geoffrey and I were really close, he was definitley my fav uncle! When I was about 9/10 he was found dead in his flat. He had been there for about 5 months. (He lived about an hour away and he went AWOL quite a lot so it wasn't unusual not to hear from him for a few months) there was no cause of death determined as the body had decomposed so much.

I had never really felt him around me up until a few years ago when I got with my ex. I started to hear my name being shouted in my ear when I was drifting off to sleep and feeling cold spots around the apartment and smells you could walk in and out of. I'd like to think it's my uncle doing these things, maybe warning me and getting me to see the number 11?

My dad owns a pub, we don't live there as we had someone else to run it but he closed it in January this year. I decided to stay there for a few months just to get out the family home for a while. There have been many ghost stories about the ghost at the pub but I wasn't too convinced so I wasn't too scared to stay there on my own.

The ghost has been named Fred, this name goes back many many years. I did experience walking outside my bedroom door across the landing, my hair being flicked and just feeling of being watched. When I got scared at night I think my uncle was with me as I would ask him to send me to sleep and that would be the last thing I remember. Well I have now moved back home and I'm pretty sure that 'Fred' has come back with me! My dad does not believe in the paranormal and he has even commented on the strange goings on in the house since I moved back! Such as the dog staring and growling at the top of the stairs when everyone is in the livingroom, strange bumps and bangs. I have never felt strange in my parents house and neither has anyone else, but now I'm always feeling like someone is watching me.

I don't really get to the point where I don't want to be in the house but it is a bit uncomfortable at times. I'd like to think that my uncle is with me and helping me feel comfortable. I'd really like to properly contact him but I suppose everyone will tell me not to use a Ouija board. Has anyone got any advice on how I can do this on my own?

Sorry this is a bit jumbled but I have tried to put everything down that I can remember.

Thank you for reading. Your advice would be much appreciated!

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Gemma-Lou (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-03)
thank you so much for these comments, I will definately take on board what everyone has said.
Reptilian, I will try out your advice tonight and will post my findings. My nan has said something along the lines of emptying my mind and opening it. I definitley won't be touching a ouija board. That's great advice about thinking about what I was thinking about when I see 11:11. I will be recording these thoughts down to see if I can see any pattern.
Rook, great advice thank you. I don't think 'fred' means any harm either, probably just lonely as you said. I will conduct an evp session tonight and will also keep recording while I'm asleep and will post any findings.
Thank you again for everyone who has commented, it really means a lot and I'm understanding abit more about what I'm experiencing.
Gem xx
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-03)
As far as numbers go (11:11, $7.77 whatever combination you may be seeing...) When you see them take a moment and review what you were thinking about at the moment you saw them. I've heard a theroy that stated when we see number combinations like that the 'cosmos' may be trying to draw our attention to what we were thinking about at that moment in time.

Now you mentioned 'Fred' and you mentioned that the location he 'haunted' was a Pub your Dad closed in January... This spirit may have followed you in order to not be lonely. I know I'd wonder where all the people had gone if I frequented a 'bar' and suddenly people stopped coming.

Communication? Try using a digital recorder and conducting an EVP session (start recording, ask a question...pause...ask another question...pause). Once you've ask a few questions play it back and see if there are answers you did not hear while recording. Please do not forget using a personal sheild... Always protect yourself when contacting spirits.

Thanks for shareing, please keep us updated.


reptilian (45 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-03)
A lot of ancient wisdom speaks of the need to balance three: love, power and wisdom. It is possible that when you were with your ex these three were aligned to give you the harmony needed to be sensitive to the spirit world.

Remember, there are no limits save those you make for yourself, the universe never intends to limit.
Focus on the illusion of individuality, see beyond the ego and accept all as it is without the preconcieved thoughts or judgements typical to your average human. At first you may feel a vague energy mass, a rough shape, then eventually details. Messages may come as images or as clearly spoken words.
A oiuja board is just a crutch used by people who do not understand. A true spiritual practitioner does not need it.
Gemma-Lou (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-03)
Thanks for your comments guys
Devious angel, I first noticed 11:11 when my ex used to text me most mornings at 11:11 and then I started to see it everywhere. I hadnt heard of anything about the number 11 or sequence numbers until I joked about with my mate because I had booked off 11/11/11 from work as I was convinced something bad was going to happen then she laughed and told me about angel numbers. I just find it strange that when we split I didn't see the number 11 at all and now I have started seeing it again 8 months down the line.
I do think this spirit has attached itself to me and id like him to show himself rather than him just messing about but not sure how to get him to do that.
Zalwang, I think youre totally right that I have some kind of reaction with my ex, he himself is not sensitive at all to the paranormal but I did become more sensitive when I met him.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-02)
I do not know anything for certain but I get the feeling that this is a separate spirit not related to your uncle. Were you very close to him before he passed? Did you read or hear anything about the number 11:11 that would have made you more aware of seeing it? Sometimes it is not that you see a number more but that you are more aware of it. Numbers like that come up all the time for everyone, I just think most of the time people do not notice. I have a feeling that this spirit is attached to you rather than the places you go.
Zalwang (48 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-02)
Well I m not expert and and all, oh and I am not trying to look for a fight here but isn't it strange then you start to hear things when you are with your ex.
My first guess is that you have some mental reaction to him well the hell idk.
My second guess is that he has something to with occultism or maybe it is you.
Well my guesses could be absolutely wrong.

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