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Rusty Trying To Reach Me?


It has been quite a while since I last submitted a story. But then again I haven't had any over the real encounters in a few years either.

Honestly, I started not to even submit this story because I felt that it wasn't all that significant, but what happened was pretty interesting nonetheless. It is at least worth noting.

Okay, a few days ago (this past early Sunday morning around 4am or so) I was reading through a few ghost stories on this site (I don't post anymore but I do visit this site occasionally to check out stories during my past time).

There was one I happened upon titled 'No Peace For Rusty'.

Just in case you haven't checked it out, it's about a young teenager named Edward "Rusty" Riddle who committed suicide by gunshot at Taylorsville High in Salt Lake City, Utah. I just gave a brief synopsis. I posted the title already so all you have to do is find it and read through it for yourself.

Anyway, as I was reading the person's encounter with "Rusty" I found it quite intriguing, so I went and did a little research of my own via Google to find out more info on this poor restless soul.

After reading Rusty's obituaries following the ghost story about him I was starting to feel a bit sorry for him, ya know.

Within a few minutes of feeling sorry for the guy I started to feel not necessarily a "presence", but I felt what I can describe as "energy" or "emotions" that weren't mine.

After thinking about it for a second I immediately knew that "Rusty" was trying to impress his emotions on me being as I had just started feeling sorrow for his soul and looking through his online obituaries.

After a few more minutes is when I started to feel the actual presence beginning to manifest. The area of the room I was laying in starting to become a bit cold.

At the time there was a family member (Not going to say who) laying down asleep on the floor in my room, so I definitely didn't want anything like that happening while they were around.

At that point I said somewhat out loud "No, No!", "Uh Uh!", "I'm not trying to manifest any spirits around here!" - or some things to that same effect. I then closed out of the browser tabs that had Rusty's ghost story and the obituaries I was viewing.

A few minutes after I said that the presence and energy started to fade away.

I admit, I was pretty startled because of how intense the feelings were getting, especially considering that the guy in the story experienced the SAME THING! But I wasn't like on edge or scared or anything like that.

Over the past several years I've had experiences where I would be talking to someone about spirits, especially my dad, and we would start feeling a presence around us. From that I've learned that spirits are around us all the time and you can literally talk them up, think them up, or even "feel" them up. The realm of spirit knows no boundaries.

I guess in this case Rusty must've wanted to connect with me to let me know the pain that he is probably STILL feeling for what he has done to himself. I hope his soul finds peace, but that was a pretty creepy experience. Lol.

Just thought I'd share this!

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Dee-J (12 stories) (69 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-28)
Hi Tweed,

My apologies for the late response! Been very busy this week!

What's crazy about that situation was that I wasn't expecting it to happen at all. I have read plenty of stories about a person's untimely death and also viewed their obituaries while feeling a bit sorry for them but that's where it ended. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and I didn't expect it to.

But this time was the first time a spirit actually tried to manifest while I was reading about them. I think that tells me that this particular spirit was REALLY trying to reach out to someone and is not at rest.

I think that was a good way to look at it when you mentioned that maybe Rusty didn't like being the subject of a ghost hunt. Spirits were once people too. They are not just some dumb "side attractions" void of any feelings. So what you said could've very well been a factor, who knows?

I also agree that there isn't really any info on who Rusty was as a person. Not even so much as a photo is available on any of his obituaries. So as far as who he actually was in life is left to those who actually knew him personally.

But apparently his spirit wants to let those who show some interest in him feel the pain he was suffering up to his final moments here on earth.

Since then I have spoke to Rusty (with confidence that he was around listening, as spirits are always around) and related to him that his suffering is understandable and that he doesn't need to carry the burden of guilt with him for eternity. I assured him that he is in a better place with no suffering and that he should move on to the light so that he will be at peace. I really hope he has finally found it ❤
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-24)
Hi Dee J,

I admire the amount of thought you've been putting into the how and why of it all. Pretty much agree with Lost Voyage and yourself. I've never had it happen on this intense level, really glad of that though, doesn't sound fun! Well done to you for taking control of the situation.

I read the post you mentioned and did some reading about Rusty. While I was reading the other post about the ghost hunt I wondered if Rusty didn't appreciate being the subject of a ghost hunt. I mean, just seems a bit too soon to be treating the school as an attraction. So maybe the guy in the other post received a bit of outrage mixed in with everything else Rusty experienced in that spot. Maybe some of that got mixed with what you experienced too.

There's not a great deal of info on Rusty the person, at least I could only find records of what happened and obituaries. So it's hard to build a picture of who the young man was/is. But I can't imagine any heartbroken young person wanting to scare people, not really. I'd guess it's the only way he knows to communicate what he probably wished he could have whilst living. Guess the best way to help a tormented soul would be with forgiveness from those he needs it from. But since that's pretty unattainable for random people who didn't know him, the next best thing is probably to send him back positive thoughts/feelings if/when you ever feel overwhelmed by him again.

Thanks for sharing.
Dee-J (12 stories) (69 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-24)
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11 - Thank you for the comment! I am glad you took interest in my little encounter!

I agree that you don't really "NEED" seances and such to interact with spirits, but I think that those are mere tools to help "FOCUS" the connection and interaction more. Just like how you can say a prayer without any tools but lighting a candle while doing so helps focus the prayer more. I think it's basically the same concept.

It is quite spooky yet amazing to know that spirits are always around us but everything in the universe is like a big spectrum of energy. In the physical realm we are bound by time and space but that doesn't exist on the spiritual plane.

That said, spirits often pick out people who resonate with or are most open to their energy at a given point for whatever reason.

I think looking at it from a universe perspective helps us understand why spirits often try to attach themselves or reach out to certain people. It can be scary to experience that because we have a natural fear of the "unknown" but I think in due time as our information evolves we will come to openly accept the spiritual realm more when we realize that it is just two realms intertwined!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (230 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-23)
Dee-J, great story, thanks for sharing! I agree with you about being able to draw a spirit in and interact with them so easily, and you don't need seances and Ouija boards to do it! I too had an encounter similar to yours years ago and I was merely sharing a ghost story with a skeptical friend, when events began to unfold much like your story. I will have to get around writing about it on here, but it is nice to know I'm not the only one to experience this kind of thing. Sufficed to say I'm cautious now even when I read ghost stories or speak of them. Again, I enjoyed reading about your encounter, perhaps we'll hear more if anything else happens!

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