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Reminiscence Of A Past Long Concealed


As I am waiting out this "Witches curse" that you can find out about by reading my earlier story, I've decided to pass time by recounting an earlier ghostly encounter I had experienced.

Long ago when I was about 7, I lost my Grandmother to pancreatic cancer. Everyone in my family was upset, but I had always felt closest to my grandma and I felt that I took it the hardest. Even now I still remember bawling like a huge cry-baby at the funeral. It was so bad that my dad had to take me home early because I was disturbing everyone else hahaha.

However about 7 years later when I was 14 I had decided to go back to my grandmothers' grave to sort of... I don't know... Talk to her. I felt so silly, speaking to a grave... But I had hoped that she would be able to talk back to me somehow. I visited her grave and left her some...I'm not sure what they are called actually. These flowers were pretty much roses, however they were Pink and very soft and they smelled wonderful. Grandma knows best I guess. After saying a few words (I was going through some problems at home and didn't know who else to turn to... Than a GRAVE) I felt some sudden urge to go back to grandma's home, which now belongs to my uncle. I decided to spend the night as the house wasn't too far away from home. When I arrived I had set up my bed along with my radio and laptop. However, as soon as I entered the home I felt...good. It was odd; I felt that it was just childhood memories getting to me, although slightly abnormal.

Oh how I missed my grandmother, I began to think about all the times we spent together. This led me to her bedroom which still had a few of her belongings in it. The room was rather large with a large king sized bed, two dressers, a large makeup mirror, and a rocking chair in the corner. It felt rather empty and I began to move across the room. I believe it was about 6 P.M. As I began to walk across the room I thought I felt a sort of cold rush in the room. I brushed this off as the Air conditioner; afterwards I felt this strange feeling. It was one I've never felt before.

Now a days I recognize this feeling as a sign that a paranormal presence is nearby. At the time I was naive enough to brush it off as nerves. That was until I passed the make-up Mirror. I was so shocked I wanted to scream. My grandmother was in her rocking chair. She looked... Pale and smoky. I could kind of see through her. I couldn't tell if I was paralyzed with fear, sadness, or joy. I just wanted to hug her. But I felt frozen.

She had this look of happiness upon her face. She had the same smile she always had on her face and she was looking at me, as if she was proud. At this point I wanted to cry (I know I'm such a baby). I wanted to turn around but I was afraid that she wouldn't be there. I placed my hand on the glass and I lowered my head. I sort of began to feel sick. I loved her so much. But I knew, deep in my heart that she couldn't have been there. That she wasn't alive and wouldn't come back. Whatever this was... I felt that it wasn't her. However she just sat there...smiling...then she began to speak.

I couldn't hear her, but she was clearly mouthing words. My eyes were so teared up I couldn't make out what she was saying. Soon she began to turn her head, and tears ran down her own face. At this point I felt the opposite of what I felt before. I felt that she knew that I didn't believe it to be true. That I WANTED her to leave. She began to fade and I screamed out "DON'T GO!". I quickly turned and ran, but as I feared... She wasn't there. I fell apart on the rocker (luckily my uncle wasn't home to see this) and I bawled. However I felt a sort of pressure on my shoulder. Like someone was patting it. I placed my hand where I felt this and felt reassured. That she was with me.

Nowadays I have become more sensitive to spirits. I'm no form of medium whatsoever, and I can't truly detect or track down spirits with some form of sixth sense. But I always know when a spirit is nearby, such as if it's in the same room as I. I will on occasion see stronger spirits that appear as shadows or blurs. Paranormal events seem to follow me, but I feel that my grandmother is here... Protecting me.

When things get really bad, such as a shade attempting to wrest control of my home, or even my own body from me- I can rely on one power to protect me from anything. No it's not my grandmother. It's me. If my own will, can rise up against the will of a typical shade- then it has no power over me. Now demons are another story and I hope I won't have to deal with one for a while. But I know that my belief, believing in myself and the people around me that I love and that love me- will be strong enough to get me through the trials that face me in the future.

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Mannerizms (10 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-27)
I find this story interesting! Thank you for sharing with us! I'm just waiting until Monday so I can start posting the stories I myself have had! But I will tell you I was just as close with my great grandmother (my grandmother died when I was four) So when she died I was devastated and I swear I can still hear or feel her hug me when things get really stressful. So glad to hear she was able to comfort you from beyond! ❤

Blessed be!
SpiritOfTheWorld (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-27)
idk if this is a ghost but in the past I was sad a lot. I could not control the anger of the people in my life ruining me. I felt lonely and sad that there's no one there well I would go out to the woods to walk and I kept feeling like something was either hugging me, staying really close to me, or holding my hand. What did I experience then?
Diaz-Barnes (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-24)
your truly lucky and I love reading what you write keep posting new ones ty 😁

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