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Small, Pinpoint Orange Light


So one night I'm just relaxing and watching television. It was late and I had the lights off so that I could just fall asleep when I started feeling tired. Around 1 am my brother and I started a small conversation, and I noticed a small, very bright orange light about the size of a pinhole, just sitting still in between two pizza boxes that were stacked on top of one another, in between me and my brother where I could see it but he couldnt.

At first I thought it may have been the recharge light from his PSP shining between the boxes, between glancing away and looking back it disappeared. It also occurred to me later that the angle his psp system was at wouldn't have made it possible to shine through the boxes, it wasn't plugged in, and the light (though incredibly bright) did not illuminate ANYTHING around it.

Roughly 20 minutes later my brother also saw this pinpoint of orange light on the wall behind me. I found it odd that we both saw exactly the same thing. We saw it yet another time later in the evening, where it fell from the ceiling and dropped into the floor incredibly fast. We have seen this orange light again about a month after this happened, only this time it was accompanied by a sickening, dark, evil (for lack of a better word) feeling presence.

This especially made me nervous as a few months prior, I found a Ouija (I think that's how its spelled) board belonging to one of my roommates in the hall closet right outside my room. I asked him to remove it, as those things make me quite nervous. A few days after it was removed I experienced slams on a few doors in my apartment, and witnessed a dark shadow figure standing outside my window looking in at me during the middle of the day. The image was burned into my head, however I did not experience that presence again until several months later during the second appearance of the orange light. The presence felt exactly the same, however I did not see the actual figure, but had strong feelings pinpointing its location.

During the second occurance I had a friend over, and he had no idea about my experience seeing the figure a few months back. He felt the presence as well, and described a feeling of exactly what I had seen those few months ago. The air in the room also became very stagnant and hot, even with air conditioning running there was no air flow.

This entire experience scared the living hell out of me, and I would really like to know if the orange light could possibly be an omen or sign of the presence, or a different entity altogether. I really don't know what to do, and this website seemed to be the most supportive and have the most information regarding these sorts of events.

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Randcan (62 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-13)
I love the color orange, but I'm afraid that doesn't mean that an orange spirit light is a good spirit. Someone played with that Ouija Board in the past, or at the apartment, without your knowledge. You need to "cleanse" the house and get rid of the evil spirit that is now haunting you. Make sure the Board is definitely gone, and have the place blessed, and take charge of your domain. You figured it out. You already knew what you need to do... You just needed someone else to say it, and encourage you. Good Luck!
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-07)
For hundreds of years anyone seeing a light like that would have known they were seeing a fairy. Though most people don't believe in fairies, no more verifiable explanations have been offered for such occurrences. We just don't know everything yet. I am not sure how the light may have been connected to the later sightings.

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