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Came To Say Hello


I am a fan of this website, and this is going to be my first posted story!

The story is about my old dog, he was 17 years old when he passed (I was 18), so as you can imagine, he was like a sibling to me, and another child to my parents. He was greatly loved from all my family and friends. But sadly 5 years ago he got old and had a brain malfunction and was put to sleep.

The experience I had happened about 2 years later. We brought a puppy a fair few months after the death of my dog to keep our other dog (he was 2 years old) company as it was mourning for the loss of its friend. The new puppy, although a different breed, was black and white like our previous one. So the story goes;

I was at home, about to walk into my bedroom when as I turned to shut my door, I saw my dog, (the new black and white one) but as I was already in the process of shutting my door and only sort of registered that I had seen a black and white imagine, I carried on closing the door after a spit second of me realizing it was my dog (Basically it happened rather fast).

I opened back up my door and he wasn't there. So I called his name and he didn't come and wasn't on the landing. I heard my mom upstairs (in her room in the loft) and asked her if my dog was with her, she called down 'no, he's down stairs'.

So as you can figure out by now, I believe my old dog was paying me a little visit! This of course made me very happy but also a little sad I shut the door on him! Also I would just like to put out, this happened in the middle of the day, our landing is very well lit and our carpet is red and the walls are cream. So seeing something black and white would of course stand out like a sore thumb! I never told my mom, I thought I would sound crazy.

I just wanted to share with you how happy and nice that moment was for me to know, that somewhere, our dog is still around us. I think him being put down in an un-planned way made him stick around as he never got to say goodbye to us. I haven't seen him since, so maybe that day, he finally said goodbye to me.

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lizziebee1992 (2 stories) (37 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-10)
awwww that is a very cute story. ❤ and I bet he loves you all very much. And he didn't want to cross over with out seeing his master first.
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-09)
I also think your dog is still with you, you just can not see him all the time. They also have spirits, just like us.
raccoonbonapart (1 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-08)
Awwww, that's really sweet. Dogs can be pretty protective, so maybe your dog is still hanging around to protect you.

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