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I Saw My Grandma That I Never Met


I still remember this memory. When I was 6 (I'm 14) I visited the Philipines where I visited my cousins and witness the funeral of my grandmother who I never met. It was sad because she was loved but I never got to love her. So after the funeral my family went home.

I got tired and decided to take a nap. I napped for an hour or 2. When I woke up everyone was downstairs. I know because I heard my mom's voice and my uncle's voice. I stood up and I saw an old woman on the rocking chair staring at me and smiling. She had a white dress on with a few rips and she had shining grey hair. I got frightned because I thought it was a bruha or witch in Filipino.

I ran downstairs and jumped into my mom's arms. I told her what happened and she investigated. I went with her. In the room I saw the rocking chair but not the old woman. My mom asked me this question, "Jek (Nickname) was she wearing a white dress and had grey hair?" I said yes.

A few years later I asked my mom again about the old woman. She explained to me that it was her mother that saw me. I was scared and happy. Scared because I saw my first ghost. Happy because I got to see my Grandma. I hope I see her again so I can talk to her.

Though what was weird that day was that moment was only a hour after the funeral. I have always wondered if my grandmother's spirit rised out of her grave. Well actually everytime I see a ghost I always wonder how did they reach us.

Is it from the spirit world? Did some person use a Ouija Board? We will never know until we experience it.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-20)
Well, from what I learnt from this site and other places is that spirits when leaving their bodies cross over many planes to get into the spiritual plane. Many cross over quickly, and others like your grandmother come and say their last goodbyes to their loved ones before moving on. There are also many spirits who are stuck between our plane and the spiritual plane because of any unfinished business and could only move on once it is completed; this might take a few minutes to a couple of years. The world of the paranormal is as vast as the sky and we have come a long way about learning about it but that doesn't mean we know everything. There is no "expert" in this field; some just know more than others but everyone is learning about the paranormal every single day. That learning aspect brings in a full sense of emotions. The problem is many people run away from it but I wish people could embrace it more; including the sense of fear.

As for your incident, it definitely was your grandmother coming to tell you her final goodbye before moving on. She will probably keep an on you and keep you save.

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