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Heard Someone Say Hey!


I have of course had some more creepy experiences since last time I wrote. 2 in total actually.

Now, this one isn't really an experience, but I take my brothers word for it that it scared him. Anyways, one day me and my family were talking and landed on the topic of dreams. We were taking about the bad dreams we all have had, and my brother out of the blue said, "Well, I had a bad dream a few nights ago." We started to ask him about it, and he immediately started to tell us about it. He said, "Well, we were being chased by a monster." when we asked him what kind of monster, he said he couldn't remember and got embarrassed. We told him he doesn't have to be afraid, and he said "Alright, fine. All I remember was that it had big red eyes and big claws... And it was trying to hurt us." Me and my mom just looked at each other shocked. After that he insisted he was too scared to go to bed by himself, so he slept with me.

Second one- Just the other night I was downstairs resting on the couch. All of the sudden I hear a loud BANG! My dog totally freaked out. My mom was with me at the time and turned to me with eyes wide open and said "Did you hear THAT?" I shook my head yes and we both ran to the steps, which lead to our bedrooms (where I thought the noise came from) My mom asked me where the loud bang came from and I said "Well, it sounded like someone banged against one of our bedroom doors." Our bedroom doors were closed at this time. My mom just said "It sounded like someone kicked the dang door." That's a good reason she thought that, it was LOUD.

She turned on her ghost radar, (which is an app) which is programmed to show the dots where the spirits are at, and it supposedly projects words that the spirits are saying. After 20 minutes probably of trying this thing, nothing but 3 dots showed up for a while, nonsensical words projected, and after asking to, no word or touches were felt or heard. I decided I would actually go upstairs and try to talk to it.

After 5 minutes of trying that and nothing, I decided I would get my dog to go up there. He seemed scared to go up by himself, as he wouldn't even go up half the staircase, so I picked him up and we went up together. I calmed him down, and as soon he knew it was okay he immediately went over to my bedroom door and started digging and sniffing at the door. Just so you know, there was no food, drinks, perfume, his toys, or anything that he could have smelled or wanted. I just thought nothing of it. I brought him back downstairs and my mom was ready to just give up. So was I, but I told her I wanted to say something first.

I said, "Okay, I know maybe you don't have the energy to do anything right now, so when you get enough energy, I want to to knock on the door. Just like you did now." Low and behold, after 20 minutes probably, I heard the same thing. I swear I also heard someone say "Hey!" after the noise. It was so creepy. It's like someone was trying to get out, hence the "Hey!" part. I told my mom, and she just said "Are you serious?" and we started talking about it, to only be interrupted by my dad to tell us it's nothing, just the wind, (doesn't even make sense how it would be the wind) and to go to bed. I went to bed and was still freaked out. So, after all of that, my mom told me the next day that at about 4:00 am that morning she heard the same thing but louder. That really creeped me out.

Thanks for reading! If you have any advice on this please tell.

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zapamay (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-24)
[at] aussiedaz One of my great-grandmothers passed away not too long ago... But I never even hardly saw her and we were not close. It sounded like a man when it said "Hey!" though. Not sure if it matters though.

This has not happened again since then. I do not know if there is a reason it is doing it or not.

Thanks for the comment!

Zapamay ❤ ❤ ❤
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1559 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-24)
I get the impression that someone from the spiritual ream is trying to communicate with you and usually knocks and bangs on the doors or walls are the best means for them to do so... I would err on the side of caution linking your experiences with dreams of monsters the two accounts may have absolutely nothing to do with each other... I wonder if anyone you know has passed over in the last 12 months?...sometimes a ghost will find a part of your home easier to make noises than other area's...but if they pick up on your fear that may be enough for them to stop trying all together... Next time ask them to knock three times... If they are trying to communicate with you they will oblige... You could also ask them not to knock at all for a couple of days just to rule out any co incidents with expanding rafters and frames... If you find this spirit co operating I'm betting on there's a reason why?
zapamay (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-23)
[at] rookdygin Thank you for the comment!

We have made sure that there are no rodents. Trust me, we've tried to debunk many things only to find out that it could not be anything else.

I know that this app is absouloutly not accurate. I do not trust it and try to talk to the things myself and do not use any apps. I hardly think a cellphone, even a smart phone can detect these things.

From now on I will keep a journal. I haven't kept a journal since I was about 5. I never thought to even do that. It would be very interesting to keep one and look back at it and try to find patterns of expeiriences.

Thank you again!

Zapamay ❤ ❤ ❤
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-23)

I like this experience... I like the fact your Dad even tried to 'debunk' the Bang (even though it sounds half hearted). I must ask if you've had the home checked for rodents? I ask becasue of how your dog was acting... It may not have been a toy or food but a critter in the walls/floor that caused him to scratch that way.

As far as a 'Ghost Radar' app... On a 'phone'? I wouldn't put much stock in that... The electromagnetic interference from the 'phone' itself makes me think any possible results would be suspect and it's MY OPINION that an application of this nature was someones way of making money... Not a real attempt at a new 'Ghost Finding' tool.

Are you keeping a Journal? It's the best way to keep track of experiences as they happen and then look back and see if there are any trends... Time of Day, Month or Year. Types of experiences and who is having them. This may help narrow down just what is happening in your home.



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