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Heard Clearly My Husband Call For Me But He Didnt


My husband and I were at the car wash and went inside to wait for our car to get done.

My husband went to the bathroom and I was sitting around the corner a ways. After a couple minutes, I heard him yell "babe"...I turned my head a tad in that direction as I wasn't sure if I really heard him.

He then said "babe" again, a little louder, so I turned my body towards that direction and wondered if maybe he needed toilet paper or something and right then, he yelled louder "Angie" (the progression of babe, babe then Angie is pretty normal in our home if he is trying to call me over to wherever he's at)

So at that point I knew I needed to go check and see if he is ok... I walked over to the men's bathroom and yelled through the door..."yeah?" response, so I say it again. Nothing. So I say "hello?" A little louder. Nothing.

So I went back to where I was sitting, text my husband to ask what he needed.

He came out and he said he never called me and didn't hear me yell through the bathroom door. (I wasn't too loud and he said their was a fan on in there too)

Any thoughts or ideas? This has got me so confused as I heard him clearly. I really would like anyone's input or if they had that kind of experience.

I have been trying to look online to get any kind of answers to help me figure out what that could have been or what it meant and why it happened? I can\'t find anywhere that has anything like what just happened to me today except a little bit here.

What was that?!?! Is it a ghost? If so, why and how did it sound like my husband? And why did that even happen?

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MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-12)
Angeee10 - New person! Welcome. About this experience, it could have been a mischievous, attention seeking paranormal critter, or as you said that the progression was normal for you to hear, maybe an auditory memory ambushing you? I don't know enough about you and your sensitivity to say one way or another if picking up on paranormal activity to hazard a guess. As an example of a memory ambush. My oldest living son told me the other day he thought he heard me tell him to leave his shoes by the door and when he looked for me his father told him I was out of town that day. When he relayed the conversation he'd heard, it was one I recognized from when he was a kid. I used to always have to tell him "Leave your shoes by the door." I haven't had to tell him that in over 10 years. So clearly I'm not a ghost, and it was a repeated refrain, and a mix or overlap of the past and the present. He said his mind was playing tricks on him and called it a mental glitch. LOL My son is the ultimate skeptic. He has never wavered in his belief that Paranormal means abnormal and people who believe in it need shrinks. But I love him anyway. Didn't help you much, but I did enjoy your retelling. Thank you so much for sharing.


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