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Was My Dad Visiting His Granddaughter?


Although I have been a reader of the stories on this site for a while, this is my first story. It may not be amazing but it was a very scary experience. Here goes...

Back in 2008 (when I was 18) my dad became seriously ill, as it was just me and him in the house I became his care-giver. As he got worse he was in and out of hospital and finally lost his battle with the illness in 2009. 3 weeks after the funeral I found out I was pregnant with my daughter (now 19 months old) we moved into our new flat when I was 6 months pregnant. I have always had paranormal experiences since I was very young and felt as soon as we moved in that there was something there with us but never felt it to be a bad energy. Well on to the day/night of this experience.

My daughter had just started walking and went to a photo of my dad and said "cuddle grandad" then laughed and went to the bedroom. I found this weird as she would never normally take any notice of the photo. Later that night she kept crying for grandad (bear in mind that I didn't find out that I was pregnant until 3 weeks after his funeral) so I got her in the bed with me and put on a dvd to settle her.

After a while she sat herself up, looked and pointed to the bedroom door and called for grandad again, so I looked over to where she was pointing and there was the shadow of what looked like a man just standing there! This really scared me and like a kid I pulled the bed cover over us and looked away. When I looked again the 'shadow man' had moved to my daughter's cot then came to the bedside where she was sitting and kneeled down beside her! Although while this was happening it didn't in any way feel like a bad energy, I found very disturbing/scary. To this day it is still stuck in my mind and I can't help thinking was it my dad visiting his daughter and grandaughter?

Well that was my first story I will try replying to any comments left.

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teenagewitch21 (5 stories) (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
thank you for reading 😁 yes it is comforting but at times quite scary, my dad was a bit of a joker and always did say to me that when he died he was going to haunt me so because of that its no surprise. It is a very nice feeling to know he is still here thou and that death isn't just the end of everything ❤
MizMiMi02 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-20)
What a great story! It's always nice to hear of family coming back to "check in" on ones they never got to see. I hope it's comforting to know that he's there with you. I disagree that it was a demon as I (me, myself and I ONLY) have stated before that I don't believe in them. As zzsgranny stated, your feeling told you everything you need to know.:)
teenagewitch21 (5 stories) (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
to zzsgranny from what I can recall this happened around july/august. And thinking about what you said this makes me think more that it was my dad as yes my daughter had her first birthday in july plus my dad's birthday is/was in august
teenagewitch21 (5 stories) (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
also to JBarum yes I did used to have a cat, I had him from the age of 5 and died last year. But when he was alive he seemed to pick up on things aswell even with things that happened when I was younger (I will put in another story) and was VERY protective over me (more so after my dad died) and my daughter. 😊
teenagewitch21 (5 stories) (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
thank you so much for your comments ect I wasn't expecting even for my story to be published on here lol. I think yes it is lovely if it is him (which I'm quite sure it is from the way my daughter is when she "sees" him) that they both see each other and she seems very happy when this happens. But on the other hand readint the comment from Freshprice does make me think I will be keeping a very close eye on her. I do hope I see him/it again soon thou so that I can try talking to him/it. Xx
XxoBethanyoxX (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-05)
Hey, I'm Beth.Right, You know how you "say was it my father", there is a good chance it was. Why not if you see it again try to ask ir a quistion mabye, I know its scary for your daughter, and obviosly you but, maybe it could help xxx Lots of hopes Bethany
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
teenagewitch: I think your statement that the energy didn't feel bad is very telling about this entity... If this were a malevolent or evil spirit, (or dare I say D-word 😆) you would have known... I think you may have been scared only because of the adrenelin rush, and that's really a normal reaction 😊...

You said you felt something there from the time you moved in... What was it about the entity that makes you think it may be your Dad?...Was the timing such as to fall on an anniversary, birthday, etc?...I just think you sensed a connection somewhere...
Freshprince (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
Altho I agree with the rest of the comments below do be aware that demons are known for playing tricks and will trick you into thinking your seeing you father when really there just looking for an entrance in to your life/ your daughters.
JBarum (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
If it were a malacing spirit either you or your daughter would have known. Also, I don't know if you have pets, but they are good sensors of spiritual energy as well. Most likely it's just your grandfather. He never got to see your daughter before he passed and is doing it now. Until either you or daughter get bad vibes, I wouldn't worry about it.
teneki (10 stories) (140 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
Children tend to be very good judges of spirits. If she wasn't afraid of it, it more than likely was your father.
ardena (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
I think you shouldn't be afraid.
It's a beautiful thing if your father comes and sees his grandchild, isn't it?!
Even though he isn't here anymore, that doesn't mean that he can't love...

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