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Now that I am 22 years old and have been sharing experiences with my fiancee I now feel it is safe to say I am not crazy. Beginning when I was a child I experienced unexplainable events:

- A frisbee I found and threw into a storm drain always ended up on my street near my house although I had tossed it many times deep into the drain.

- my first vivid memory of something scary and unexplained was something moving the handle of the closet up and down. I ran around the house to find my siblings in the other room not capable of causing this. I chalked it up to my imagination.

- feeling a weird presence lights turning off etc.

- when playing in the cul-de-sac I would hear someone call my name I would go inside my house and my mother would be asleep.

When I turned 17 and started drinking heavily and I no longer noticed it too much. But when I met my boyfriend and moved in together he started experiencing the presence. He woke up one night to something choking him and often felt it staring at him. I had become so used to it I barely noticed until he pointed it out. But what scared me was that he would wake me up to ask me what I was saying, stating he heard me whispering in his ear.

Since then we have moved in with my mother into my childhood home and have been both experiencing the super weird.

The garage is next to the kitchen with a door leading into it. Twice in one day we heard stuff topple over inside and my boyfriend swore he saw an animal in there, which there was not. Also the garage light turned off while he was in the kitchen and then turned back on.

Then one night after hours of not being able to sleep I told my boyfriend I felt weird, like something was in the room and he yelled Oh My God Me Too! We both were hearing noises coming from next to the bed like a plastic bag crumpling and a light knocking noise. He said he kept hearing whispering while he tried to sleep. I did not hear whispering but when I would try to fall asleep I would hear a distant screaming.

I heard the dog crying so my boyfriend let him in the room, when he opened the door and held it open something horrible came into the room. He felt it and yelled "Oh My God!" and closed the door. I pulled the covers over my head because I saw a large black shadow that terrified me entered the room. We then started to pray until we felt better and could go back to sleep agreeing to ignore any more noises we heard that night.

The next day we blessed the house with a bible and prayer. Before we went to bed the heater turned off for no reason and the dogs were acting weird. I think the spirit torments them because I heard a growl that did not come from them. My grandmother said that they no longer wake up in the morning to eat. I think they are up all night stressed out by this presence.

Since that night we have not been bothered and the dogs have been eating hopefully all will be better and writing about my experience will not stir things up.

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Kryodrache (3 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-03)
Those do seem to be odd events you experienced, growing up... I'll admit I've had a few odd ones, too. Hearing my sister's voice, very clearly, out of the blue, even when she was asleep... Long, boring rides on the road (when I was very young), shouting BOO out of the window happily, to watch the mountain range apparently ripple in surprise... Boy, was that memory weird... I remember it clearly, though. And at one point, I looked up to the sky... And I swear I saw the face of God up there. It was just ordinary clouds, but somehow I percieved a big, bearded face out of it. Creepy.

If the prayers and such have worked out for you well enough, I'd probably just keep at it for a few days... To me, it sounds like it takes some repeated effort to bring spirits out of your house. Most of it is the energy of willpower, I do believe, a strong emotion, or faith.

I'm starting to think those Monastary 'Prayer Warriors' of the Crusades were on to something...
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-03)
With all due respect, have you taken the time to insure that raccoons haven't managed to insure they've gotten inside your house?
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-03)
Hello Jassican22- Thank you for sharing. You've done it in a good place, for the most part. I can relate to you all too well. & What you & your boyfriend did by praying is exactly what you should have done. UHG! The dark shadow thing, the whispers, animal noises & the feeling of something being there are all things I have experienced while dealing with demons. So reading out loud from your Bible & praying is perfect to do. Sometimes things can get worse when we do this. But don't let that cause you to stop. And since this thing has gotten physical I suggest getting involved with your church & seeking help from your pastor & prayer group. I will keep you in prayer & if you should need to talk you can e-mail me at

Lotustopnotch8 [at]

I am an ordained minister & have dealt with this kind of thing for many years. I'm pretty down to earth & not overly religious. What I do is effective as far as dealing with spiritual warfare. Its something that unfortunately is an on going thing for everyone. But we have tools to battle it with. Feel free to hit me up anytime & keep us posted here about any progress or regression in your situation. There are so many good people on this site who are educated & know what they are doing. Bless you & yours. Much love.

venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-03)
Hi, I can't say story because its seems to be real. I would suggest to believe in God and post the god wallpapers everywhere in your house. It's not wrong with your house it something wrong with either you or your fiancee. I meant to say something is following you so better you should meet the priest who deal with all these things. And you should ask the entity what it wants from you. Just speak it when you fell you are not alone. But don't show your angry or fear infront of it.

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