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Don't Pass My Passage


There was a woman, who one morning left her house, and never returned.

On her way to work, her car collided with a truck. The press stated that it was a 'horrific accident'.

She had no family nearby, and soon her house was up for sale.

My future brother in law bought this house...

They were very excited about their new home, and invited us to come have a look as soon as they moved in. The house was quite old, but very impressive from the inside.

The moment I entered, I felt that something was not right. The house had a very dark, oppressive feeling. It was very nice though, with a huge living area, a very long passage with the master bedroom and the bathroom to the left and just opposite is two bedrooms - one his daughter's and the other one for his baby boy.

At the end of the passage is the kitchen, dining room and another bedroom, and a laundry room. A very huge house indeed. I wondered if the spirit of the woman who died in the accident will be inside the house, and if I will be able to 'feel' her there.

Neil (brother in law) took us on a tour through the house, and as soon as we got to the passage passing the bathroom and the two bedrooms, it felt if I walked into a invisible wall of 'darkness'. It was as if I could not go further, as if something was blocking my path. This happened in the passage, between the bathroom and the second room. I could not get out of there fast enough!

On our way home I told my fiancΓ©e what happened and he laughed it off, not a believer in anything supernatural. Later that same day his sister and her husband, Lozar came to visit us.

Lozar, told us that he and his wife went to visit Neil's new house, and as soon as he entered the house he had a feeling that something is not right in that house, and he just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He said the house is definitely haunted. By that time my fiancee's eyes were like saucers, because now it was two people in one day telling almost the same story.

The next day we went again to help them unpack. I went to the bathroom and when I was finished, the door would not open. It was not locked, and there was nothing wrong with the handle. It was just stuck! I started to knock from the inside and a moment later Neil opened the door. I told him the door was stuck when I wanted to exit and he told me that it happened a couple of times with them as well.

Strange things started to happen very soon. The alarm would go off almost every night between 00h00 and 1h00. Their parrot would go berserk and the baby would start to cry uncontrollably at the same time. Neil, not really believing in ghosts, started to say that something is not 'lekker' (nice) inside the house. My fiancΓ©e got calls time and again from Neil, telling him about the alarm going off again and it started to freak him out, because the security company assured them that there was nothing wrong with the alarm.

One day my fiancΓ©e received a call from Neil who was very spooked. He hired some workers to paint the house. One of the workers went to the bathroom and came running out, very upset, because there is a long, very thin old man inside the house that is blocking his way to the bathroom! When Neil went to check, there was nobody. This caused him to do a bit of investigation. One of the neighbours told him that something similar happened when they started to renovate the house. One of the workers refused to go into the house, because he said there was an old man in the passage, blocking his way. No one else saw this old man though.

Neil found out that a old man died a couple of years ago inside the house - in the second bedroom just opposite the bathroom! Apparantly this man was very miserable when still alive, and he died of cancer. Instead of a restless spirit of a woman, we found one of an angry old man!

Neil's wife contacted a priest, who then came to bless the house. He walked from room to room, praying for the man's troubled soul. Inside the second bedroom, he talked to the old man's spirit, telling him to accept that he is dead and leave the house.

After this, all the strange activity stopped. The alarm stopped going off in the middle of the night, the parrot was happy and even more so the baby. When I went to visit again after this, the house was much 'lighter' and I could feel everything was fine, the oppressive feeling was gone. And for the bathroomdoor -

It never got stuck again...

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anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)
Thank you Yellowrose, they live on a farm now, very happy and ghost free! 😁
YellowRose (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
What a strange story, I too thought that he may not have liked the house being changed. I'm glad it all worked out for your brother in law & his family though 😁
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
Fergi - Neil and Family lived there for almost 3 years and moved when he bought a farm, they are still very happy!
Snowwhite - I also wondered if this old man could have been a relative, perhaps the woman's father...
Jav - It was quite weird to be stuck in the bathroom and there is actually nothing wrong with the door,
I realised afterwards it was probably this old man pushing it closed from the outside πŸ˜†
Shellzy - It could very well be that the renovation 'woke' him up, I never thought of that!
Bacchaerl - It did have a happy ending, thank goodness! The bird is still fine, and the baby is nou a VERY VERY naughty boy in grade 1!
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
I liked your story, it had a very rare happy ending. Sounds like a typical haunting and banishment situation to me. I'm glad the bird and baby are happy now.
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
Hi Anneke

I really enjoyed your story! 😊 It is a freaky thought being stuck in a room when the door won't open, that sends shivers down my spine! I wonder if the old man didn't like people renovating his house so he tried to scare them off? I'm glad the cleansing worked, its good to hear a nice ending to a creepy story! 😊
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
Another great post! It gave me the chills about the bathroom door being stuck, just the thought of that creeps me out! And granny is right, it shows what common sense investigating can teach us. The neighbors are the best first source, you are definetly right about that. And I'm happy to hear the house blessing did the trick. We don't hear enough of that around here. But that is just my opinion.
Thank you for another wonderful reading experience. Fergie is right, they just keep getting better. 😊

Jav ❀
snowhite (203 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
This story has a very very happy end. I like it. I am still wondering if the lady's death has anything to do with the dead old man.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
Wow Anneke, Your accounts just get better & better! Thank you so much for a memorable post. I second Granny, it is going to my faves too!
I am so glad that Niel & family had a happy ending to their story. Who would have thought, that it would have been an old man's spirit, stuck there in that house?
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
Thanx granny, yes I think somethimes the best research you can do is by asking the neighbours, who sometimes knows more than the local newspaper in any case πŸ˜†
I realy thought when I heard they are going to buy this dead lady's house, that her spirit would not rest because she died so suddenly and tragically.
In the meantime, back at the ranch, it is this old
'uncle' that's doing the haunting! 😐
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
anneke: Wow! That was a surprise, huh? πŸ˜†...I was wondering why, if it was the lady's spirit, she would feel so negative 😊...Glad the whole thing got sorted out and your family got relief... Your account is a good testimony to researching and asking questions of the best source: the neighbors!...

Thank you for posting...I've logged two faves in one day! πŸ˜†

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