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That One Ski Condo... In Telluride


My grandfather always told me, 'Don't medal with the dead. We deal with their passing and then we move on... As is our way.' It is our way. But sometimes a person can't help attracting them to our doorstep. Even if we are just in a momentary passing because it's like we carry a beacon of brightness that only they can reach.

This particular story will begin in a small 4 storey ski condo in Telluride, Colorado. While growing up, my family and I would always stay in the village of condos because it was directly across from a ski shop and ski lift. It made great access to the slopes off and on every morning or evening. When you entered through the front door you had to climb a first set of stairs to reach the kitchen and living room area. The kitchen was to the left side and the living room on the right. Another second set of stairs went up to the second level where the master bedroom and bath were located. Through a door to the right was another third set of stairs that led to a level with a bathroom. And finally a fourth set of stairs were where two twin beds sat at the very top. It was a memorable condo because I was only 6 years old or so at that time and loved the stairs which also included an open stairway which gave me the ability to throw my dolls off, and momentarily pretend they were flying. (I hadn't learned how to ski just yet.)

One day while I was playing on the second set of stairs in view of my mom when I suddenly came down the stairs one at a time and said to her, "They keep talking." She looked up and said "Who keeps talking?" "Them." I replied pointing upstairs. Understand I remember very little of the conversation with my mom. The only thing I remember from these events was the laughter muted by distance but sounding like it was from a long tunnel. My mom grabs me by the hand and takes me back up the stairs to where we stand just below the third set of stairs looking up. My mom tells me that she had started to say something to me, when I said out loud, "Shhh!" Silence met her ears until she looked at me and asked, "Are they gone." Needless to say I stayed on the first level with the TV while my mom did some blessings with the condo.

I'd love to say that the events ended right then and there. But it wasn't until I had at least turned 15 before she told me what had happened later that evening while we were all sleeping. My mom confided in me that she had been having a nightmare that night. She dreamt that she was viewing herself sleeping above us (I was sleeping nearby in a kids bed.) and she could see there were 3 people in the room. She described a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting on her chest and although she felt this was a dream she could still feel her chest constricting as though a heavy weight were on it. The other gentlemen were laughing around like it was the best entertainment they had ever seen. All were Caucasian with blonde or dark hair. She forcefully woke herself up and stared around the empty room sensing not a single thing. I'm not sure if her experience was caused by paralysis, but when she questioned my grandpa about it later. He had told her that there are some instances where they harass a race more than others. This was one of the scariest stories I have heard about my past alongside my mom. As I've gotten older my experiences have become less and less, I thank my dads side of the family for this. But once in a while mom and I can come across something that makes us shake our heads and continue on.

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ASH4321 (1 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-24)
'Don't medal with the dead. We deal with their passing and then we move on... I relly like this line. This story is well written and spooky at the same time I like it very much

Argette (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-21)
I always wonder about staying in places that have "hosted" a lot of different people. I wonder what else they are hosting.

I stayed in a three-story vacation home a few years back. The top floor was new, and felt like it. The main floor was OK - nothing spooky. But the lower level creeped me out. I felt ill at ease there. I took a few photos and a sensitive friend looked at them and sensed a presence there.
JennZ (72 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-21)
Great Story and Very Well written. I definitely have to go read the others.

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