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While They Were Gone 2


This is a sequel to my story "While They Were Gone." I suggest that you read about the first incidents before reading this second story. Since the ghost girl has been quite active lately, I thought I would inform you of it.

Just yesterday, there was a party at my neighbors' house. Their oldest child, the girl I mentioned as being eight years of age in the previous story, had her birthday celebrated at the house. Nothing out of the normal happened for a while, but when it was time to take pictures, the young ghost showed herself in some, if not all, of these photographs. Perhaps the reason for her showing up was all the energy from the young children that attended the birthday party. If I am granted permission to share the pictures from the person who owns them, I will be happy to show them on the site.

I failed to mention another incident that happened before most of the events in my last story. The youngest son of my neighbors, born only a year and a half ago, was taking a nap with his mother asleep beside him on the bed. Suddenly, the baby boy began to cry, waking up his mother, who could not find him anywhere on the bed. The sheets were a mess, looking as if someone who had been on the bedroom floor had dragged them until they nearly fell off the bed. Then, the boy's mother felt his head under the bed! He had managed to get off the bed, which was too high for him, and got under the bed dragging the bed sheets behind him. If the little boy had simply fallen, then a thud or something would be heard, but there was nothing. It was as if he had been carried, then placed under the bed intentionally.

The last incident, and perhaps the most unexplainable one, is the one I will tell you of next. The mother-in-law of my neighbor's wife (his mother) called the household. She said her call had been answered by a girl, and it was not like her granddaughters' voices. When the mother-in-law asked for her daughter-in-law, the voice responded by saying, "She is not here, wrong number" before hanging up. The phone was later found in my neighbors' backyard, with no batteries and completely dead. Of the two phones in my neighbors' household, one of them was at my house because my mom would babysit the neighbors' children. Sure enough, when checking the list of calls, the mother-in-law's call was present.

Thank you for reading, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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snowhite (203 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-23)
I'd like to see some ghost pictures, do you mind posting them here? I know a lot of people said they got the pictures but for whatever reasons, the pictures were gone. Hopefully I can see pictures this time.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-23)
Well the lack of batteries would definitely cause a phone to go dead. So it's likely that someone stole the phone for the battery and dropped the phone off in the back yard.

New batteries can be a bit pricey, yes.

And the kid? Perhaps the kid had gotten caught up in the sheets and slowly slid down amongst the sheets. I'd have to have had witnessed the conditions of the bed and room to have given a more complete assessment.

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