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House Of True Horror


This event took place from 2007 to 2009, when I was living with my boyfriend at the time, let's call him Fred. We rented the most adorable (or so I thought) two story about an hours drive from Portland. It was everything I wanted in a place to put down roots: decent amount of land, nice area, nice layout, probably more space than the 2 of us really needed but seeing as there were talks of marriage, we didn't find it inappropriate to hope that the extra space could come to some use in the future. Add in the fact that there was a beautiful creek running through the backyard, and it was positively perfect.

Fred and I moved in without any hiccups. As he worked steady and I didn't (I am a makeup artist but during the first few weeks of moving in, it was super slow) I was left alone most days to unpack and decorate as I saw fit. I am extremely, extremely visual and didn't want his "crappy boy taste" spoiling the vision I had for this home, so I was really on cloud nine having the place to myself all day. This was our first time living together so I was enjoying playing housewife and having dinner ready for him upon his return. We were the picture perfect relationship. We never fought. Never. Yep, those weeks were pretty blissful. Until they werent.

It started pretty subtly. Hearing footsteps and voices. Feeling cold spots. The hairs on the back of your neck standing right up. I attributed most of this to just us "getting a feel for this house's personality" and left it at that. This level of activity continued, unchanged, for months. Then I began to get the feeling I was being watched. At first I thought I was being stalked (well, in a way I was) or that I had a peeping tom. I routinely scoured my property for any sign that anyone had been there. Footprints in the mud, tiretracks that don't belong, cigarette butts, etc. Every search came back empty handed. Still, the thought of it being paranormal never entered my mind because at the time I didn't believe in it.

Then, I started smelling what smelled like burning hair. When I'd ask Fred about it, he could never smell it. Around this time, I decided to take time off from work because I started having some pretty bad health issues (constant back pain, migraine headaches, and I was frequently nauseated and vomiting) and yes, I had myself completely evaluated by a physician (actually, during this time I was seeing a few drs a month trying to figure this out) and everything came back normal. So I would be home all day and intermittently throughout the day, I smelled this foul burning hair smell. It really started getting to me because I thought maybe some animal or someone kept hurting themselves (I had read a story about some woman repeatedly burning her sons arm with her flatiron. It unrelated, but that's what I thought until I realized that my closest neighbors are at least 50ft away. Then awhile after that, I started smelling rosewater in certain spots in the house. After trying to debunk these smells, and not being able to, I just decided to live with them.

But here is where things begin that I can't quite live with. One night, late at night I was downstairs in the kitchen, and Fred was upstairs in the home office. I was washing dishes in the sink and had the window open so I could listen to the soothing sounds of my beautiful creek. I had my head bowed, looking down at the sink when something from my peripheral vision caught my attention: the motion-censor light from the backyard went on so I looked up and came face to face with a pale, hooded man at my window. I screamed bloody murder, fell to the floor, and dropped the cassarole dish I had been scrubbing which was now a million pieces just beyond my knees. Fred heard and immediately rushed downstairs to find me half screaming/half sobbing and pointing at the backyard. The explanation I gave, I believe, was unintelligible but he must have heard enough of what I said to run out the back door and give chase to whoever it was. It wasn't until he ran off that I realized: not only was what I saw just a head, no body, it was also not opaque. This realization floored me. Up until that point, I didn't believe in ghosts. Well, it wasn't so much that I didn't believe as I had my own share of experiences before this. It was more that I thought, well, maybe these things can be explained by ordinary means. I didn't feel strongly one way or the other. Before this period in my life, I went through periods of strong belief, usually after I experienced something, but nothing resonated with me the way this did. I guess the right thing to say is that this experience is what truly put me in the camp of "believers".

A couple days after seeing the pale face is when the doors started moving on their own (specifically the door to the storage space under the stairs that we converted to pantry). It would open, close, you name it. I tried debunking this but was unable to. It was inconceivable that this could happen. It never happened the entire time we lived there until this point, and it never happened when there were windows open or a draft. A few times, the door would open with such force, it actually left dents in the door to the garage.

I brought up every event to Fred, who hadn't experienced a thing, and he dismissed it as an overactive imagination. We had begun to fight and bicker during this time. Not about the activity, about EVERYTHING. I had known the guy for years and we never fought - it wasn't our style. We were great communicators and were always able to sort out our differences.

It was during one of our nights at home together that he decided to introduce me to a show on TV that he sometimes watched called Ghost Hunters. Up until he introduced me to it, I'd never heard of it or any show like it. But considering what I had been experiencing, I watched with a particular curiosity. It was here that I picked up techniques for trying to communicate with whatever was in my house. I learned about EVP in particular. I had a lot of the equipment available to me because Fred went to school to learn to make movies so he had all sorts of cameras and sound equipment. While he was at work one day, I decided to whip out the voice recorder and do an EVP session. My very first session I didn't get any responses but the one I did about 2 hours after the first was clear and chilled me to the bone. It said my name, "kill her" and "die, b*tch!" After hearing that, I broke down. I was sitting in my living room sobbing and asking it what the hell it wanted.

Soon after this, Fred began drinking. Heavily. He had never had one sip of alcohol the entire time I knew him because his father's alcoholism ruined his childhood and ultimately killed his father. In fact, I would sometimes have a single glass of wine or a cocktail (its important to note that I only drank a couple times a year, only 1 to 2 drinks a night, and I have never done drugs nor was I on any prescription medication) when we went to a nice restaurant and even then I could never get him to take a single sip. The worst part is, he began drinking, driving home, then belittling me or even going as far as putting his hands on me. He was an evil drunk. And this was so not the Fred I knew. This Fred scared me to the point that I didn't want to be under the same roof with him anymore.

After his drinking was well under way, I started waking up with scratches on my arms, hips, and sometimes my stomach. It was always sets of three. Even with all of the activity going on, I still wondered if I could be doing it in my sleep or even if Fred could be doing it to me while he slept. I set up one of his video cameras on a tripod to film us while we slept to see if these scratches could be explained. What I saw shocked me. Not only did I notice that on the nights I got scratched, neither of us touched me on the affected areas (and in the case of my hips, I find it really hard to believe that either Fred or I stuck hands down my pants or up my shirt in order to scratch the skin as these weren't scrapes, they were deep scratches) but I also noticed that on the nights I was scratched, a dark shadow appeared on camera by my side of the bed. It was slightly bigger than a person would be and the silhouette wasn't quite human. The proportions were a little off but there wasn't much detail aside from that because it was just a black mass. And every night I got scratched, the door to the bedroom would open (it was off camera but in the tape you could see the light from the hall get brighter from the door being opened) and then, after the door opened, you could see the shadow cross to my side of the bed, and some nights the blankets would move on their own and sometimes strands of my hair could be seen moving on their own. My hair would tuck itself behind my ear or peices would defy gravity and lift themselves up and stay that way for a few moments. I showed the tapes to Fred and he refused to acknowledge that something unexplained was happening. I could tell by the look on his face that he was starting to believe me and that he was growing afraid, but for whatever reason he couldn't say the words.

It was at this point that my growing lonliness took over. I felt so alienated from Fred, like he was no longer on my side. Later, I came to the realization that this was exactly what this entity wanted. It wanted us to feel seperate from each other so that we were more vulnerable. I believe now that so much of how Fred and I treated each other was the result of being manipulated by some unseen force (especially considering how out of character some of it was. But at the time, I didn't realize this. The only thing I knew was how alone and hurt I felt. I decided to call my grandmother and invite her to come stay with us for a week or two. She always loved staying with us (she never stayed at this house, but she had visited) because she enjoyed the company and because she was in such poor health, she enjoyed having someone cooking for her. I didn't tell her about any of the activity because I thought if she knew, she wouldn't come stay. But on the phone she said that she would never come stay with us while we lived there. She told me she wasn't comfortable being there and that the house was evil. I decided to call my mom and see if maybe she would stay and she agreed. During her stay, she asked me constantly what was wrong. She noticed both Fred and I weren't our usual selves and we didn't get along. She told me she saw the love leaving the relationship. I never told her about how he started drinking, about him hitting and kicking me occasionally, or about the activity. On one particularly low night during her stay, I confessed everything. The shocking thing was, although she wasn't much of a believer in ghosts, she believed me. She also said she had witnessed shadows, doors opening/closing, and heard voices. She had wanted to bring it up to me but thought it must have been her imagination. Finally, someone took my concerns seriously. I didn't feel quite so isolated.

Two days later, my mom and I were in my bathroom (which along with my bedroom, coincidentally sits right above the pantry, where most of the activity centered around). I was giving her a facial and planning to do her makeup because she insisted on getting me out of the house (catching a movie and going to an early dinner) to lift my spirits. She and I were doing the whole girl-talk thing: laughing, gossiping about her jerk of a boss and idiot coworkers. For the first time in a while, I felt some of the tension ease. And right when I let my guard down, it got me. A heavy bottle of hair conditioner flew out of my shower and hit me at the base of the skull. It struck with enough force to knock me off my feet (and while I am 5'7, I am fairly thin, with delicate bones, so I guess it wouldn't take a ton of effort to knock me over. But still, it did hit pretty hard.) I fell onto my mom but the only thing I remember is lying on the floor just outside the bathroom, with my mom screaming my name. I had never seen that amount of fear in her eyes before. When I felt okay to walk, she hurried me out of the house, into the car, then ran back inside to collect our purses and odds and ends. A few minutes later, we arrived at the Emergency Room, with me confused in the passenger seat because I still didn't entirely know what had happened to me. My mother gave the ER doctor some story about how I fell, which I went along with because I couldn't recall what really happened. I doubt the doctor believed her story at first, but he certainly didn't when he lifted my gown and saw the 3 deep gashes in my shoulder blade that looked like claw marks. I didn't know they were there before he noticed them and after he did, he kept asking, "are you sure you fell?" What was I going to say, "no, doc, I was attacked by a ghost"? He found that, in addition to the scratches, I had a concussion. He told me everything I needed to do like rest/relax but not go to sleep for a few hours, etc. And when he left the room, I asked my mom what happened. She asked me what I remembered and I told her I just remembered feeling this incredible pain at the back of my neck and then the next thing I remembered was being on the floor, my mom cradling my head in her hands, and yelling my name. It was at this point that she told me I was hit in the back of the head by a bottle that flew out of my shower. She said she saw the whole thing, from the moment it flew out of the shower until it hit me. She said it was like it was slow motion. She said she tried to warn me or move me out of the way but it was like she was paralyzed. I just sat mute in that ER gurney as, understandably, it was a lot to take in. After I was discharged, my mom brought me back to her place, she thought it would be wise for me to recoup in a less stressful environment. However, later that evening, Fred called me yelling that the bathroom was trashed. He thought I had done it and called me a "crazy b*tch". My mom drove me over immediately to assess the damage. The place was a wreck. There were products strewn about (like makeup, toothpaste, etc.) And most were open and the products inside were spilled. There was broken eyeshadow and lipstick ground into the rug. The shower curtain was torn down. There wasn't an inch of bare floor except in the middle of the floor, the same bottle of conditioner that I had been hit with stood upright and there was probably about 6 inches of bare floor all around it. Everything else was ruined. My mom pulled Fred aside and told him everything that had happened that day and how the place was spotless when we left except the bottle I was hit with was left on its side a few feet from where it now stood. He calmed down a bit when he realized I wasn't responsible and the three of us eventually got the mess cleaned up. Mom left shortly after and invited me to come with, but I felt my place was with Fred trying to repair our relationship.

Shortly after, I found out Fred had been cheating on me for a couple of months. While I do believe a lot of it was due to the influence the entity had over our lives (because if you knew this guy, you would know that its so not like him to do something like that) I still refuse to tolerate infidelity. I didn't suspect it, though I should have because over time he became so closed off and guarded and dishonest. He changed all the passwords to his email, facebook, he put a password on his phone. We had always been so open and honest towards each other prior to this (we thought nothin of it to share our passwords, use each others phone or email) so it was such a shock to me. I kicked him out of the house, put all of his belongings on the lawn, and had the locks changed. I also took enjoyment from the fact that it rained that day and ruined his xbox and other things.

I finished out the lease (which luckily was up only a couple of weeks after that) but usually stayed at my moms house. I only really went back there to pack but was still tormented by voices, laughter, things moving, and shadows. I got this feeling of accomplishment from it, like it had won somehow. When my lease was about to be up, however, mom came by to help me move my stuff to storage. Not having found a place yet, we decided I would just stay with her until I found one.

The very last night I set foot in that house, it was the end of moving day. We had been seeing shadows following us around all day but were just trying to ignore it. When the place was almost empty, we started hearing sobs. It sounded like sobs from a small child. We ignored it and got the last of my stuff into the truck. Then, my mom and I went back inside for a final look around to make sure we didn't forget anything. As we were coming down the stairs we heard the sobs again and then heard the voice of what sounded like a little girl say ever so faintly, "please don't go". I asked my mom if she heard it and she nodded. Then the same voice said, "please save me from the dark man" (at least we are pretty sure that's what it said. The voice was so faint that I can't be positive). After we heard that, we booked it out of the house. I had never heard anything that resembled the voice of a small child until that point. Part of me believes it was that other being instead.

So we left that house and haven't been back since. Part of me feels that if I didn't leave then, I never would have. I've had many experiences since then and done a lot of research and I now know how to protect myself and handle those situations better. But I will never forget the time spent in that house.

Side note: I ran into a lady that was one of my neighbors when I lived in that house. She told me that the people across the cul-de-sac from me had been participating in summoning and devil worship practices. I will always wonder if this had any influence on the things I experienced in that house.

I have left the house (and the state, actually) so I don't need advice on how to deal with it. I am just curious if anyone knows what this is.

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Kiego (2 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-12)
I find it funny how many people argue back and forth about things off the topic of the initial story that's been told. Thank you Miracle for trying to stop it all but sadly it will always happen. Lets just all try and focus on the stories and save our comments for helpful tips.
Kiego (2 stories) (52 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-12) far this is my favorite story hands down. Everything about it was gripping. I'm terribly sorry for all the BS you had to endure but I hope all is well with you now. Good luck and once again, GREAT STORY (as crappy as it was to live with)
d2424 (5 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
I would of threw his clothes out to rain or shine because I done that before sorry about the awful experience hope all is well
haunted_childhood (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-10)
I don't think it's very mature to let someone's personal belongings get rained on and destroyed. I realize you were angry at your bf, but still... Its just not cool and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it were it the other way around. Just my two cents.
enchantedglades (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-18)
OP-very spooky experience, I hope you are blessed with new joys in your life, after the hurtful experiences you went through.
abbiegallon (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-23)
i don't know how you could of stayed so calm 😨 I would of ran when I saw the shadow once xx
paranorm12 (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-08)
you poor thing (I am being sympathetic not sarcastic) considering what you went through, your boyfriend cheating is horrible, he is a slob. Not to offend, but did he stay with the other girl when you kicked him out, and who was she?
waffles (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-25)
Umm... Question? Are you ever afraid of ghosts? You seem really calm in these situations, unlike me... Just last night, I saw a shadow on my ceiling above my bed. I was so freaked out! When I shined the light from my phone, there was nothing there! And when I put my phone down, the shadow was gone! I had to sleep somewhere else for the night! I still refuse to go into my room! So what do I do?! 😨
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
My Dear Little Baby Leseure,
The dust has settled now, and it has been formally established that any time someone goes on a ridiculous hissy fit style rant dedicated solely to me, we can all assume it is just you again.
Nice job. And to think, I barely had to lift a finger.
I'll bet you weren't expecting that, now were you?
No matter, the work day is over and the die is cast. Too late to go back and change things now.

Deane 😁
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)

My 'tag line' is something I mean from my heart. I try so hard to be respectful of others belief's or point of view it just seemed 'right' to place it at the end of my posts. It also is a double edged sword... As I've not included the word respectfully on some of my comments and with others I have flat out stated 'with all due disrespect meant' because of what was being responded to.

As far as your experience here goes... I wasn't assuming 'other drugs' were involved... Merely suggesting that they could have been. I've made a 'a$$' of myself to many times to 'assume' anything. As you have pointed out, you have all the information regarding the situation and if you know they weren't involved well then you know what you know.

Let's put this all behind us and move on... To much dwelling on 'who said what' is beginning to happen and it is distracting from any 'good conversation' that may still happen here.


adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
Acuteangles - I know I said I was going to leave the post, but I have to say this: Your latest comment brought a smile to my face. Life is short... You only go around once so make it count. I agree with you. Great going. And if we are going to discuss the original experience, let's again get back to investigating it. As for individuals who you think would need advice - here is something I believe - Let everyone who observes me know that they need to make their own mistakes. Don't copy mine. There are loads of mistakes to make anyway!
Hope I did not confuse you.
acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
Adsouza, I'm getting to those. I try to go from the bottom and work my way up.
acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
Javelina, actually, I did apologize in a comment I left on this very page. It was deleted shortly after posting along with the comments. I went on to say that my choice to include the emails was a mistake, and while they were rude, yes, none of them were my actual words. My words weren't anywhere near that harsh and I even wished you well. Since I am guessing you never read that, I will reiterate it here because my whole intention was for you to see it: I am truly sorry for posting those emails. I was not trying to be vicious nor was I trying to hurt you. I only posted them to illustrate that you might want to rethink your comments somtimes because of all those people you did hurt. I know I did it poorly, but that was the point I was trying to make. I doubt I would have replied to you at all had it not been the scores of emails I received because I wasn't bothered by comments of a snarky nature. And I am glad you weren't bothered by mine, I really am, because, as I said, that wasn't my intention.

I never said honesty is rudeness. I said that this whole topic, and website, even is about opinion and things that can't be proven so not to call it honesty. My whole "campaign" has been about giving people the benefit of the doubt, and if there are questions to handle them with respect and courtesy (like you started to do on my other experience). That is all I have asked you to do and when you refused, I thought it better to show you, rather than tell you, how others are affected by your rants. I could just as easily have trashed your pages to hell, posing my numerous doubts as the end-all-be-all last word in any paranormal happening, but I didn't. Were dealing with a field that is extraordinarily under-studied in comparison with other scientific fields and even in cases where it is studied, we've been left with very little, if any, verifiable proof. This doesn't get us down, though, because we have all had experiences and each one of us knows in our bones that there is a whole paranormal world out there begging to be explored. But even considering that, in accounts on this website there are details withered away by time, or some done away with altogether in the interest of conserving space. Even with the details that remain one person might not understand another's action or reaction which isn't fair either. So having said that, I believe everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. If someone tells me they believe something is this way or that, I will give them that benefit because I wasn't there. And I don't think trying to personally attack someone is the way things should be handled. For you to say I could do anything to harm a child was a bitter and cruel thing to say. The difference is, I apologized without having to be told and I even suggested you apologize (or at least leave me alone) and you did neither. So, being that I am also a very forgiving person, I will give you another chance to apologize. I have already forgiven you, but it would mean a lot if you said the words.

Its not my intention to fued with you or anyone else. One obvious undertone to this entire website is "life's too short". I would really like it if we could bury the hatchet. I do think one thing that makes it difficult is that it is really hard to communicate through text. So much of our communication is with our bodies or tone of our voice and since that is conspicuously absent from this method of communication, it can lead to things being taken the wrong way. At any rate, I would like to raise the white flag. I sincerely hope you'll accept this mea culpa because I meant nothing snide by it. Also, I would like to discuss a couple things privately with you and they are things I think you will want to hear. I would email you but don't have your address so I may be found at shhivegotasecret (at) I do hope you'll take a few seconds out of your day to hear what I've got to say. Thank you. And thank you for the insight about what happens to jane or john does. Question, if I may, how do they go about getting contact info for relatives? How can I be sure that the family was contacted? Do you think they'd give me a name of the john doe? I know it wouldn't happen if he was living, but since he passed on, I wonder if things might be different. Okay, so that's a few questions:p

And rook, I wasn't trying to perpetuate anything. Its my policy to reply to comments I receive instead of letting them go unnoticed because that is the polite thing to do. It wasn't directed at anyone in particular, just observations about mean-spirited comments in general. I was offering Ibelieveheshere my advice in just praying for the person and moving on. If you'll notice, I didn't reply to javelinas comment towards me. Nothing was intended in a 'firm tone', at least on my part. I had even asked to be left alone previously, if you'll recall. Also, I don't think its fair to assume that just because someone uses alcohol, they also must use drugs or other things. I've consumed alcohol (of course, its been a year and a half since my last drink) and I've never tried drugs of any kind, including pot. I have irrefutable proof he wasn't doing anything like that. Also, I have reasons that lead me to believe his drinking (which even though he was a jerk when he was drunk he didn't drink too often, just in excess when he did) was unrelated. As it is, there are things I have left out for personal reasons, largely because they were really personal, private things. But I would like to thank you for your kind words about the situation. Even without the paranormal aspect, the situation with him was quite enough to deal with and I sincerely hope that no one reading my experience (or otherwise) have to deal with that. And if there is someone out there with a similar situation, I hope it brings them hope that things can be fixed and they can get out. Also, rook, I hope you didn't take anything I wrote as snarky bcause I didn't mean anything that way. Maybe I should take a cue from you and end things with "respectfully" or somthing along those lines. 😁
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-26)
I agree with Rook, and couldn't help noticing last night that the comments that may actually help shed more light are not responded to, and a personal war is always on.
You hit the nail on the head Rook... As usual.
Acuteangles - Thank you for posting your experience is all I am going to leave this post with.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)

Could you just 'DROP IT!' and move on? You have 'lead the charge' on the comments being off topic. I know this is your own 'Story' but you are the one keeping the comments directed 'away from' any possible help and advice that anyone many wish to give.

There are times a 'firm tone' is needed because some 'nitwit' has posted a suggestion that, if followed, could cause more harm than good. There are other times that 'firm tone' is needed in order to be noticed over the 'din' the Lemmings are making so that common sense can be reestablished.

Having said that, while there are a couple of elements from your time with 'Fred' that may have been 'paranormal' my 'money' is on the fact that his 'drinking and possible use of other 'recreational escapes.' May have caused a lot of what you experienced. I'm am sorry you had to go through something like that.


Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
If honesty is rudeness, and rudeness is a sign of someone hating their own life, then how do you explain what you did and said in that long screed you posted up here the other night? You know, the one that got deleted? That was the most hate filled rant ever seen on this site, as others who commented about it had pointed out. Sadly, those were deleted as well. I am sure it was per your request on those though, as they were obviously tilted in my favor. This campaign of yours just about blew up in your face with all of that.
That's fine dear. I forgive your hateful lies and your words have not affected me at all. However, my advice to you is simple. Learn to handle criticism better. Because that little dog and pony show was disgusting and vile. I would hate to think what would have been the result had it been someone else you had written those words about. Someone less forgiving than myself. A lesser person may not have afforded you the luxury of absolution in their eyes.
It is your good fortune that I am such a nice person, wouldn't you agree? After all, I didn't even receive an apology. Nor do I expect I ever will. 😊

acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
The difference is though, its not honesty. Its about a subject where truly the word honesty need not be applied. That makes it sound like its fact when nothing here can be proven. And half the tme, they don't even stay on the original subject (the user's experience). And when their rudeness takes away from people getting the help they need because they have all these useless comments... That is incredibly stupid. I know I am an idealist, but its doing this website, all lost spirits, and themselves a huge disservice. Part of me does enjoy it, but probably not for the reasons you're thinking. I just wish that I could help all those miserable people so they can be happy and satisfied in themselves. But yes, I do enjoy it haha

However, just a person is friend material, doesn't mean they are spineless. It just means they don't hate their life the way rude people do.
adsouza (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
Acuteangles - My sensei once told me 'An honest foe is better than a spineless friend'
From my experience on YGS, we have some great foes here who are honest to the point of being insulting (Personally I love insults! I know - weird; but I have my own reasons 😁)
Point is learn to enjoy the pain - lesson applies everywhere.
Ibelieveheshere - Looking forward to posts from you my friend.
acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-25)
Ibelieveheshere, I am not saying this just for your benefit (because I believe you already know this), but for the benefit of anyone else who might stumble upon this page and take flawed advice. While I agree there are quite a few bullies on this site, in no way should one ever "get used to" being belittled, harassed, or insulted. When attempting to tear people down is a common occurence, it is the product of either low self-esteem or being miserable with ones life or situation. That itself is quite obvious. You know the saying, "misery loves company". That is exactly why these people try to tear people down. They single out happy, positive people and try to p*ss on their parade. It is done all over this website and it will no doubt happen to you. The key here is not to let it get to you and I sincerely hope you don't fall victim to it. And don't be deceived by thinking what's happening to me is anything remotely resembling a "healthy debate". A debate is always welcome when it is done respectfully. The tactics these people employ by insulting, mocking, or trying to degrade the poster's experience is unhealthy and speaks of an unhealthy emotional state on the part of the person making said remarks. That is also quite clear. The most you can do is keep your chin up, don't let them get you down, and pray that their situation improves so they aren't so unhappy with themselves.

In the meantime though, stay strong and stay positive. We clearly need more people like you here! 😆 ❤ 😁
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-24)
Give it some time, you will get used to it. We have debates on this forum quite regularly. It's healthy and can be quite revealing. When you come here, new as you are, it may seem raucus at times, but this is what you have to expect when you get "stories" like this one.

As often as you have described your attire in said video, it makes a person wonder what the purpose is of your repeating it over and over? Seems gratuitous to me.
Just sayin'.

acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-24)
Ibelieveheshere, thank you for your kind words and for understanding about the video. I think the nature of the video (a couple in bed, him in just boxers, me in either pj pants/shirt, lingerie, etc.) is highly inappropriate to put on this website, and I thank you for realizing that. As I previously stated, I might still have the evps and if I find them when I go through storage, I will post them asap. Thank you for reading this and for being so supportive.
Ibelieveheshere (2 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-24)
Javelina, That real mean of you say such things to Poster if you don't stop act like that why be on it's place that tell real ghost story and with open mind.

Acuteangles, Wow that scary expeience you had for months I am glad you move out of there and can't have a boyfriend who a cheat I don't like that but I understand about your private about show the Video of your expeience. Hope everything fine now.
acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Thank you, Martin. I appreciate that. Just going through a rough couple days so your kindness is not lost on me.
Martin (602 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Hi guys, by request from the OP, I deleted everything else that were related to the "deleted post" because she admitted to making an error under very difficult personal circumstances, she is sorry and ask that we forget about this momentary lack of judgement. So please, let's not dwell on it and move on. Thanks!
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-21)
acuteangles, for days I've been trying to figure out how to reply to what you wrote and nothing seems to want to come to me except I understand, and agree with, so much of what you have said. I'm sure once I post this, the words I'm looking for will come to me, but it was a very long weekend and even longer week so far, and my brain is mush right now. One thing I do want to say, though, is thank you for your very kind words. Oh, if you haven't, check your email.

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acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-19)
Javelina, question: why are you so mean?

The overwhelming feeling I got from your comment is that you are taking something personally or are offended or hurt in some way. Instead of expressing your opinion about my experience, you've attacked me personally. I can't fathom a guess as to why considering I have never been the slightest bit rude or aggressive towards you. So it got me thinking, "what could have this girl so butt-hurt that she feels the need to act out like this?" It was at this point that I remembered Andre's submission. I haven't been back since I left my comment so I thought it prudent to revisit that page. When I got there, I read through my comment and still found nothing that would warrant such a severe response from you. So, if its about my correcting you on the alcohol (and I suspect it is since that's the only thing I have ever said to you), that makes you, I don't know, unhinged? Yeah, that's it. That was meant as a simple FYI. If you're reacting to the rest of that comment, please be advised that that is your own guilty conscience since I never addressed you. And if you have something against me for that, that still makes you unhinged.

I've been perusing this forum for quite some time now. During that time, if there is one single observation I have made about you, it's this: if you don't agree with someone, you bear your fangs and go straight for the jugular. In these cases, you are snide, abusive, demeaning, and personally attack the other person. It is one thing to express your opinion, quite another to be pathologically disrespectful.

You were awful to Andre. And the funniest part was, you were reacting to things YOU misread (much like you've done to my experience, but I will get to that). You said, "Losing a sibling to pneumonia is a tragedy. You calling it creepy is what is creepy" when he didn't say that was creepy. He said the fact that he heard about it from a Ouija Board and it was later confirmed is what's creepy. I'll admit, I didn't think anything about his experience was paranormal, but there are better ways of getting that point across than making personal attacks. When you say this: "You didn't give him back the Bible, did you? Even knowing that he suffers without it, you won't give it back, will you?" you make him out to be a complete jerk (again, like you've done to me), but I didn't get the impression he was an a**hole at all. Nor did he seem to want to make it all his dad's fault. Truth be told, you only made yourself out to be a jerk. The best example of that, though, is this: "This was way too easy too figure out. Why? Because there is nothing to it, or you for that matter." Why personally attack him by saying there is nothing to him? Was that really necessary to get the point across? My mom used to tell me when I was little, "some people know no other way of building themselves up, than to cut others down." I highly, HIGHLY doubt you would say some of the things you say if you had adequate self-esteem. And I feel that way because the only alternative is that you just get your kicks that way (which makes you a sadist) and that thought frightens me. I felt bad for that Andre kid (it was obvious how much you made him feel picked-on) but even if he was making that whole thing up, I am much more impressed by that than by someone who routinely abuses others. Uh oh, you're not impressed that I am not impressed? Shucks. So I am sorry if I embarrassed you, but reading through comments you've left on dozens of others' stories, you didn't need my help.

I can find no better way to help you understand my point than by quoting a passage or two from the Comments Guidelines page. Perhaps you've heard of it? The reason I ask is that, while you seem to direct others there (acting like you own the place), you see no reason to follow them yourself. This bit should be of particular interest to you: "Ghost experiences can be a sensitive subject and is not accepted by mainstream society. People publishing their stories deserve to be addressed with respect so this web site can be a safe haven for people wanting to share their experiences. If you disagree with the authenticity and the veracity of a story, you can express your opinion, as long as it is respectful ("I have an another theory for what happened", "I do not believe this to be true because...", etc). However, you cannot be abusive toward the author ("your story is lame", "you're a liar", "you're wasting our time", etc)." This also directly applies: "We don't mind getting the skeptic's point of view, as long as you are respectful and tolerant." I personally don't mind if someone is skeptical about anything I say. I love sharing ideas and beliefs and hearing differing points of view. But I have a serious problem when someone displays the level of immaturity evident in your comments. Don't you think someone of your age should project an air of class? Age doesn't make you mature and doesn't make you a woman, attitude does. Yours makes you out to be a 14-year-old GIRL. I know I was shocked when I went to your profile and it said you were middle-aged because, going off comments alone, I was expecting a teenager.

When I went back to that page to read my comment through again, I also found the one from you. I don't know what you mean by using my one free pass? If you meant one free pass to avoid your verbal abuse, you went back on your word, lil' miss. So a very enthusiastic "tsk tsk tsk" to you.

It is at this time that I would like to address your thoughts on my experience. First, I would like to say that I would have an easier time taking you seriously if it was the first interaction you and I had. However, since I corrected you on Andre's page, I suspect you were already prejudiced against my experience; that you didn't believe it because you didn't WANT to believe it, or you did but just wanted to leave something snide and disgusting on my page, take your pick. I would also take you seriously if you gave better evidence to support your claims. Unfortunately, you left me with pretty slim pickins. You said: "Your boyfriend wouldn't believe you, then introduces you to the Ghost Hunters." Yeah, hon, as a way of making fun of me, not because he was trying to be helpful. That was just his own oddball sense of humor. Next! "The evp you recorded was pretty frightening, yet you remained where you were, then commenced to sobbing, asking IT what it wanted from you." I don't understand, is your problem with me asking it a question, or with me staying where I was? If it's the latter, as opposed to going where? Outside? If you really must know, during the session, I was moving about the house a bit and then when I listened back I froze, jaw dropped. If you are asking why I didn't move out, I think I made it pretty clear, both in the story and in comments, that I was trying to repair my relationship with my boyfriend (and he wouldn't move). That, and at that point, I didn't think it could actually do any kind of physical harm. Part of me also thought that, given enough time, he will experience something and then WANT to move.

"And, of course we have the obligatory three scratches... Doors open and shut on their own, one neighbor claiming another is up no good. "...Soooo... Let me get this straight. You are dismissing my experience because it resembles others' experiences? Did you ever stop to think that maybe ghosts, spirits, whatever, have a pattern to the way they communicate and attack? If you are going to discredit my experience because it resembles that of someone else, then by your logic, you also have to discredit every single human being for having two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

"the now non existant recordings of the events described" In the future, I sure hope you'll read things you are going to comment on a little more carefully before you embarrass yourself again. I didn't say it was non-existent. I said I was not in contact with the guy to whom the equipment belonged so I can't get it (that's if it wasn't damaged, I have no clue either way), but that if I was, I wouldn't post THE VIDEO because its too intimate. I think its inappropriate for someone to post something that is of such an intimate setting (not to mention I was quite often scantily-clad). You're not honestly suggesting I post something like that, are you? I have no expectations of peeking inside your bedroom/watching you sleep and sincerely hope you don't have similar expectations of me. You'd be seriously creepy if you did. However, if you'll go back and re-read parts you evidently missed the first time around, I DID SAY (not once, but TWICE) that I could possibly have the EVPs in my storage unit and that I would look for them. [Side note: I thought that since you are so eager to rip everyone else to pieces, your stories must really be something to behold, so I read them after commenting on Andre's. I questioned the validity of them, but did I leave snarky, abusive comments on yours? No (it must be that thing called decency that prevented me. You know, that thing you admitted to lacking? Couldn't agree with you more on that fact, by the way). And because of your behavior towards others, you could actually use a verbal whiplash or two. Ahh, but even considering that, I didn't. Why, you might ask? Because I believe everyone (even you, I suppose) deserves the benefit of the doubt. And I also believe everyone deserves respect (again, even you, I suppose).]

"the smell of burning hair": Maybe its just me, but I have never heard of this in a haunting before. It very well could be just me since I don't watch horror movies, have seen only a couple episodes of Ghost Hunters (and none of Ghost Adventures, I think its called, or any other shows like that), and haven't read a ton of the experiences here. If my knowledge of the things entities do is somewhat less than yours, I am perfectly fine with that. We can't all be perfect (gag) like you (double gag). I have heard of people smelling perfume, though, but that's it.

"Don't forget the perfect house the perfect neighborhood, babbling brook included, nice touch by the way, and the perfect couple as the cherry on top": So wait, I am confused. You're not only skeptical of my encounter, but also where I lived and who I dated? That's a whole new level of ridiculous, even for you.

My favorite bit, though, is how you assume all these other people feel the way you do. It is a tactic I see you using a lot in your abrasive comments, and its pretty sad. "a bit more credit given to those who, unlike myself, actually held their opinions back out of decency." Who are these people? I don't know if you noticed, but the response to my experience has been astoundingly supportive, and I thank everyone for that. Do you assume you are so infallible that everyone just can't help but share your opinion? I think the answer is much simpler than that and it goes back to your lack of self-esteem. You want people to think you're oh-so- right, so instead of forming your opinions around the collective, you form the collective opinion around yours. Right or not. You did it to Andre too (and others). In Andre's case, no, I don't believe what he experienced was paranormal and neither did a lot of other people. But the only one being overwhelmingly abusive (and making a complete a** out of themselves) was you. Just like how, in this case, there may be people that are skeptical about my story, but the only one being abusive is you. The common denominator here... Is you. Although I expect that you will turn this around on me and refuse to take responsibility for your errors and blahblahblah, I don't know, I have hope that you will. Call me crazy, but I have hope you will grow up and act like the woman your many years dictate you should be.

However, this comment:" Forget about the next tenants, who cares that children may suffer from your selfish negligence, you have your own future worry about, don't you?" was abso-f*cking-lutely OUT OF LINE. How dare you accuse me of being selfish and suggest that I could possibly let children suffer? What do you think I should have done? Let's hear what Javelina the All-Knowing has to say about how to get rid of this entity, shall we? Call Ghostbusters? Did you not read the part where I said I had absolutely no idea what I was dealing with or how I could have solved the problem? It wouldn't surprise me considering you didn't read so much of what I wrote about other things. I had NO IDEA what to do. I didn't know about blessing or cleansing or any of that stuff. Don't you think if I knew what to do, I would have done so instead of having to leave my home? No, you didn't because that involves thinking before you speak. You don't know me (so please don't pretend to) but if you did you would know: I am a good person. I am sometimes too nice. I volunteer with children that have physical and mental difficulties and have done so for the past two years (when I lived in Oregon, though, I volunteered with the Willamette Humane Society). And just one year ago I suffered a miscarriage. So you insinuating that I would do anything negligent or to otherwise harm a child or other living being is not only laughably untrue, but also an extremely evil and f*cked up thing to say. I have always made decisions with others in mind (sometimes to my own dismay) but that is not a concept I expect such a bottom-feeder to grasp.

I went through 20 months of hell in that house, so I don't need someone like you, of all people, to mock what I went through. I don't care if you believe me (back to that bottom-feeder bit, yeah, not like your opinion holds much weight), but for you to attack and abuse me (and others) in the way you have just shows a lot about your character (or lack thereof). Sadly, sweetheart, THAT is what leaves much to be desired.

I am not na
acuteangles (4 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-17)
Miracles, I'm finally getting around to replying to your comment. Had been meaning to, but kept having things come up. It was infuriating because I wanted so badly to tell you how your kind words resonated with me. I was truly touched by them, as a matter of fact (ok, if I am to be perfectly honest, I got a little misty-eyed but shh! Don't tell!:) )

I believe I did come out on this end much stronger for the things I went through and agree that the reason (or one of) I went through it is so I will know what it feels like to suffer in silence in a way. I feel like for children, especially young children, their parents are their entire universe. If they should experience something they don't understand or that frightens them and their parents aren't supportive, its very much like suffering in silence. I refuse to allow my children to go through that. I understood the feeling of not having someone to turn to at a young age because my parents refused to talk about anything of this nature. I brought up an experience I had to my father (something I am sure I will post on this site eventually) and heard the phone conversation he had with my mother (the result was not good) and it was made explicitly clear to me by both of them that I was never to bring anything of that nature up again. So every time I experienced something after that, I told myself it wasn't real. I think I still continued to believe in those kinds of things, but maybe didn't believe that I believed? I don't know how to explain it. And I kept pushing my instincts away until this experience. And I think that if I had to endure what I endured to possibly prevent one of my children from enduring the pain I felt (or the fear of an experience like this and uncertainty of how to handle it) because of how my parents handled things, then it was all completely worth it. Completely.

Anyway, thank you again for your kind and encouraging words. I can't begin to express how much they mean to me. I hesitated before posting this because I have seen how evil people on this site can be to one another. As much as I would hope that this forum could be mature people exchanging ideas, I saw how reality fell short. I let the few bad apples spoil my views and expectations of YGS, but took the plunge anyway and I am so glad I did since the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. I really connected to that part in your profile where you state how you are over the drama and won't let all the haters and mean people spoil things for you. I wish everyone could be as mature and dignified as you, but since that will apparently never happen I can at least take solace in the fact that the good ones are not extinct either. Thank you (and all of the decent, supportive people who keep what I believe is the spirit of this website alive) for that!
Oh, also, I was going to say this on the story of yours I commented on but I am running on two hours of sleep and don't want to forget so I will just say it here. In your comment you had said, "I believe sometimes a story comes along at the right time when someone needs it. I think your story is that story." I believe that sums up the story I had commented on perfectly. Like I said, the 1 year mark of my miscarriage was last month and I have really been in a funk about it. And then WHAM! I read your story and it gave me such a strong sense of hope about that whole situation. Before I had gotten pregnant, I was told that I have only about a %15 chance of getting pregnant and we were using protection and I STILL got pregnant with all of the odds stacked against me, just to have it all ripped away. Safe to say, I haven't had the easiest go of it and then at the 1 year mark it all just became fresh again. And you are right about how people saying things (perfectly lovely, supportive things) doesn't really lessen the sting. But for some reason, you getting that idea of words not really helping helped. And the fact that you had been through it more than once and still got your 2nd miracle gave me more hope that I will get my 1st than almost anything anyone else has said. I cried like a basket case when I read that comment from you but when I was done I felt content in my hope (actually, certainty) that I will get my miracles. What you gave me is a gift that I don't think anyone else at this particular juncture of my life could have given me. I don't know how to begin to thank you for that, so I hope my words will do. Thank you.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-16)
To be honest, I sat here with my fingers poised over the keyboard, counting all the reasons not to comment on this account. There were too many. Sorry, just cannot resist.
Your boyfriend wouldn't believe you, then introduces you to the Ghost Hunters. The evp you recorded was pretty frightening, yet you remained where you were, then commenced to sobbing, asking IT what it wanted from you. And, of course we have the obligatory three scratches, the now non existant recordings of the events described, the smell of burning hair, doors open and shut on their own, one neighbor claiming another is up no good.
Don't forget the perfect house the perfect neighborhood, babbling brook included, nice touch by the way, and the perfect couple as the cherry on top.
Forget about the next tenants, who cares that children may suffer from your selfish negligence, you have your own future worry about, don't you?
That's all very convenient, if it were at all believable. Sadly, it leaves much to be desired. Something less resembling Paranormal Activity 5 or 6, and a bit more credit given to those who, unlike myself, actually held their opinions back out of decency.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-14)
acuteangles - I read your story a couple of times and the thing that struck me was how together you are now. You have walked away from a horrifying experience and, as you said, are a better person for it. Not too many people can say that. A lot of people would be seeing "demons" around every corner after going through what you did.

What I see is a woman who has gained knowledge and as much understanding as is possible under these circumstances. You didn't let it beat you. You may have lost a relationship, but you didn't lose yourself.

I also believe everything happens for a reason. And this comment is why I think you experienced what you did, "whenever the time comes for me to have kids, I will help them and guide them through any experiences they may have."

Recently at work we were asked to participate in a project "Why Do You Do What You Do?" We were asked to put a picture and words of something that inspires us. I put a picture of my two kids and these words: "I believe every child, no matter how young or old, needs someone to listen to them and believe in them." I believe that is why I have been given my gifts... For my kids because I didn't have anyone to turn to. I also believe that's why you had to endure this terrifying ordeal... So you know that sometimes there really are monsters in the closet.

I truly admire you and am so glad you shared your story with us. I believe sometimes a story comes along at the right time when someone needs it. I think your story is that story. Thank you❤

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