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This happened two days ago. It was at 1 am I think, after me and my brother came in after going out with our dog. I went to go to sleep (I sleep on the couch). It was only me, our cat sleeping above my head on a table and our dog sleeping on the floor. I tried to sleep but then I heard the steps on the stairs. I have never heard that before. And this time there was like someone first walked down the stairs, then turned around and walked up and then turned around and walked down again.

After that I heard one or two voices talking. It sounded like kids and it sounded like they where in another room of the house. It might have been the TV but when I listened to the TV it didn't sound like the way I heard it. So I went up and opened the door to my little brothers' room, but they were sleeping. I watched a movie and after that when I tried to sleep I heard three or four footsteps walking in the living room at my direction. It was creepy as sh*t. Then I started to feel uncomfortable so I watched another movie and fell asleep.

I might as well tell you about things that have been creeping me out over the years. When we first moved here, every night I could hear the faint cry of a little baby and my youngest sibling isn't even that young. I have and still are hearing things sometimes when I go to sleep and sometimes when I wake up and don't go up. It is different things and it's hard to explain what it is, mostly it has sounded like a really angry electric razor, but not exactly like that (like I said it's hard to explain) and it sounds like it is right next my ear and it's really fast like not even a second long. It is different sounds.

I have confirmed that being near an animal stops the sound, because one time when I kept hearing it I took our cat and laid him beside me and it stopped, one time when I woke up I expected it to sound like it always did, but it didn't so I looked around and found our dog laying beside the couch where I sleep. It doesn't sound so much anymore though. I also want to tell you about one time when I was lying on my side on the floor and I felt like something was pressing on my chest and I could hear little kids singing "la la la la" for a couple of seconds and then it stopped. Also for some reason I have had sleep paralysis when I'm on the side.

Thanks for reading and sorry for any bad grammar.

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my_favorite_number (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-15)
As I said in my first story, my dad's friends brother died below the stairs. And one night my brother heard knocking on our glass table. He knocked on the table and something knocked back. Then he asked if someone was there and said one for no and two for yes or something I don't remember, and someone knocked after he asked.
mysterPOO (63 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-13)
Infact I could not figure it out.
I guess it is a friendly/child spirit and it is harmless.
Just try to talk to it if you heard it again.
Maybe you could ask them who they are or where are they from, etc.
Thnks For Sharing Your Story...

-mP- 😊

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